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What dress to wear for a cocktail?

A cocktail party , a term now a little outdated, means a reception given as a wedding, birthday or even a garden party. This type of opportunity arose after the First World War among the French bourgeoisie. It is often held before dinner...

What style to attend a themed wedding?
Finding an evening dress is already not easy. Do you think that for a themed wedding , the task will be even more difficult? We love weddings because it's an opportunity to party and get ready. A wedding, a ceremony...
How to dress with a straight H body shape?

Fashions have always wanted to convey images of the "ideal body" which lead some women to have complexes about their figure, even if this tends to evolve. To be comfortable in your body is first to accept yourself, because each of us is unique.

How to be chic with a sweatshirt?
The sweatshirt and the hoodie are the fashion essentials that everyone owns, regardless of generation. Easy to wear and combine, we tell you all about the styles to adopt with a sweatshirt.
Caring for a viscose garment
In general, heat is the element responsible for the phenomenon of shrinkage of clothes. Better to wash in cold water to avoid shrinkage of linen. Indeed, if clothes tend to shrink in the washing machine, it is because they are usually washed hot.
Business Dresses
Our collections of business dresses for women are available for all daytime occasions or for business meetings in the evening.
Business workwear dress
The business dress embodies a feminine ideal while emphasizing sobriety. She is the perfect blend of elegance and professionalism. Also called office dress, it guarantees you a professional and impeccable look. The barrier between chic, class and the excessive remains very weak. Prefer an outfit in which you feel comfortable and also opt for a dress code adapted to your job.
Why buy in pre-order?

The pre-order system on online sales sites has been gaining momentum in recent years and even constitutes a business model in its own right for certain brands. What is the pre-order system and how does a pre-order sale actually work: We tell you everything about this responsible ordering process and how to pre-order without stress.

What type of pants for my morphology?
Choosing your pants according to your morphology is not easy. And yet a wise choice will allow you to highlight your silhouette. Follow our expert advice to choose the perfect pants.
How to wear the chic women's jumpsuit in winter
In uninhibited fashion with trainers for a casual chic outfit or even in elegant fashion with heeled boots or stilettos, jumpsuits can be worn all year round dressed up or casual, oversized or fitted depending on the circumstances.
How to choose a women's jumpsuit?

You are invited and you want to get out of traditions as well as your comfort zone with a modern touch? You don't like dresses, but as a guest at a ceremony the tailor looks too professional: Opt for a chic jumpsuit , feminine and ultra-comfortable clothing for all your events and your weddings to be selected as a guest!

Choose the material of your winter coat
Do you need a coat? To do this, it is good to choose quality fabrics that will keep you warm all winter long to avoid unnecessary layers of clothing.
Which model of coat to choose according to its morphology?
Choosing your coat according to your morphology is not always easy. What coat when you're round? How to wear the long coat when you're little? How to choose a coat when you are tall? We will take stock in this article, on the trends of the season to wear according to its morphology.
How to wash silk without damaging it?
Many questions arise when caring for a silk garment, starting with Does silk wash? Yes it is possible but with some precautions. This article aims to answer common questions you have about caring for your favorite piece of silk. Which product to wash silk? Can I machine wash silk? or How to iron silk?and many other questions.
How to dress casual chic woman?
The casual and chic look has become a must have for women's clothing to have in your wardrobe absolutely in your dressing room. it excellently illustrates the Parisian style envied by all women in the world: the little nothing that does everything that makes women in the world pale with envy. But how do you manage to have a casual chic style without looking like it?... Mystery! So how to dress chic and casual? It's easy, you'll find out: We tell you everything about this legendary look that the French decline like no other!
Which textile materials for your clothes?
Here is our little guide to textile materials that will allow you to recognize and choose your clothes with a look at the materials with which they are made and the production conditions for wise consumption.
A marriage? 5 rules to follow to be the perfect guest

Are you invited to a wedding? Our advice and ideas for finding your ideal, trendy and chic cocktail dress for a perfect and unforgettable ceremony

Interview with a fashion designer inspired by the IKI style

Interview: Discover how the French couture brand draws inspiration and creates its collections: between Eco-responsibility and creativity, the designer reveals what inspires her collections

The Kimono jacket

Find out how to wear the kimono? In jacket mode in a chic or rather casual bathrobe spirit, this traditional Japanese garment goes with style.

Find the ideal style that sublimates your silhouette
Identifying the clothes that fit you perfectly and highlight your figure is not so simple. The first step is to identify your morphology. according to your shapes, we help you and advise you on the type of cut and materials...
What chic ceremony dress is ideal for rounds?

The wedding announcements begin to rain and even before receiving the official invitation to the ceremony, the puzzle of finding the ideal outfit begins to torment you. What style should I choose to highlight my small shapes or to attenuate them? Don't panic, there are plenty of wedding guest dresses for plus size and curvy women.