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    Cocktail dress: specificities and differences

    It was in the 1940s that the cocktail dress was a classic outfit that had its greatest success, mainly thanks to major Hollywood celebrities who used this dress code for late-night events . For a birthday, a garden party, a vernissage or even to go to the office while being chic and relaxed, this is the ideal dress for small and big occasions . The cocktail dress is associated with elegance and femininity. Whether it's a daytime or evening event , sober and elegant , sophisticated and relaxed, it allows you to keep a natural chic woman 's look without being too much . It is therefore generally worn for semi-formal meetings, however, it can also be a fashion ally for more specific parties . It allows you to remain elegant in all circumstances.

    How to choose your cocktail dress?

    The cocktail dress is more formal than lunch attire, but less stuffy than attire required for a reception. Historically, the cocktail dress arrives more or less below the thighs but over time it has become shorter. Coco Chanel launched the first cocktail dress in the 1920s. Special events are an opportunity for all women to showcase their femininity. In the 1960s, this dress very often was black, but with a simpler bang than the evening dress .

    Opt for the chic little black dress

    She is the asset of women in any occasion . To go out in the evening, attend a ceremony , have a private view or even go dancing. The charm, elegance and sophistication of the black cocktail dress allow you to sublimate all shapes. It brings a touch of modernity and originality. It allows you to feel desirable and strong in character, you will not go unnoticed! It does not need a thousand artifices to be sublimated, it is interesting to bring a touch of color on black such as red, pink, blue or even white; such as the Anahide Saint André dresses whose secret lies in their delicate lining. Made of a viscose blend crepe , a slightly thicker fabric that has a very beautiful, very distinguished fall, straight cuts or mid-length sheath dresses , round neck or neckline with, or without, sleeves are essentials in your wardrobe in a long version. or short according to your preferences.

    Cocktail dress or evening dress

    The cocktail dress is often considered the simplified version of the evening dress . Generally worn above the knee or slightly below, it allows you to feel comfortable and give a feeling of lightness thanks to the materials often used such as satin or silk . It is representative of lightness and elegance, regardless of the color. The chic evening dress is much longer than a cocktail dress , and usually reaches to the ankles. The extent of the dress is to be chosen according to your anatomy. A mid-thigh length dress is wonderful for a woman with nice legs, while a knee-length formal dress is perfect for everyone.

    The cocktail dress to your style

    Ready-to-wear refers to a piece that has already been created, so an already made dress that is just waiting for you. It is possible to personalize it as well as to make alterations. Made-to-measure, on the other hand, refers to a unique and exclusive order between the client and the designer. Anahide Saint André offers these two services and performs half measures by making the corrections desired by the customer on the products of his choice. During the fittings, the modifications that respond to the anatomical particularities as well as to the tastes of the clients are made. The Anahide Saint André collections are designed and manufactured in small series or made to measure in our workshop in the Paris region with unique materials . A wide choice of shapes and colors is available. Plus size cocktail dresses are also available in made-to-measure as well as evening dresses .

    How to wear the best cocktail dress?

    There are different styles of cocktail dress , depending on the morphology , the circumstance as well as the preferences, the panel is very varied. Whether it is for a wedding or a birthday party , the style of the dress will not be the same. The tight-fitting dress is particularly suitable for slim waists and generous busts, while rounder silhouettes will favor fluid models for a lighter and harmonious effect as well as an airy color. For the more daring, bare backs are sensual, worn with a discreet neckline. Noble and elegant materials such as silk give a unique character to these pieces. The primary approach of the Anahide Saint André brand is to use luxury materials that are unusual on the market in order to perfect its product while respecting the luxury of raw materials.

    Choose the cocktail dress for your morphology

    Before buying her cocktail dress , it is important to know her anatomy and her measurements to find the most suitable model. For H, or rectangle, morphologies , which is a type of silhouette with little marked shapes where the body follows a straight line, with the same width of the shoulders at the waist and hips, light fabrics with a fluid cut will sublimate the strokes with an effect of lightness. Figure 8 morphos , considered a feminine ideal, have rounded shoulders that align with the curve of the hips. The body is harmonious and the size is well marked. Well-marked dresses highlight the silhouette. As for V-shaped body types , which are characterized by a larger volume on the upper body where the shoulders are broad and the chest quite large while the hips and legs are thinner, dresses with flared cuts allow you to readjust and balance the build making a more harmonious effect with a wide skirt. Finally, the A-line morphos , which are characterized by a chest, shoulders and belly that are thinner than the hips, buttocks and thighs, should emphasize their bust with special details or a nice collar.

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    Which cocktail outfit for which occasion?

    Ceremonies provide the opportunity to dress up in an elegant and festive way, and can give you plenty of room for creativity. The most popular fabrics are taffeta , satin , but also cotton satin or silk . The cocktail dress is suitable for a professional environment, but can transform into a dress for the evening or as a guest at a wedding . Just add accessories. For weddings, the princess cut is very often used. The flared cocktail dress also has its effect, mainly with materials like chiffon or lace which are suitable for dressy occasions in order to give a glamorous but elegant appearance. For business evenings , elegance is essential. The sheath dress is particularly suitable. The shape can be rather figure-hugging, low-cut or open back, depending on preference. Anahide Saint André 's cocktail dress in navy crepe and yellow silk crepe is original and comfortable. It emphasizes elegance and audacity with its yellow silk crepe.

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    Accessorize the cocktail dress

    To perfect your cocktail dress , do not hesitate to decorate your outfit with various accessories . For an informal evening, accessorize your cocktail dress with a little jacket, flat shoes or heels with light jewellery. For a wedding outfit , prefer a beautiful hat with a pocket square which will sublimate your look. For a dressy evening , combine a silk or satin stole and a velvet evening clutch for example, this will sublimate your outfit as much as possible. Finally, for an outfit for a professional meeting , the chic cocktail dress will go perfectly with a pair of pumps.

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