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Go for your trendy pants

Many of us don't know how to choose the cut of women's pants that will suit us perfectly. Wearing stockings that don't have the right cut, the wrong color or even a material that doesn't suit us can quickly become hell for all women. Choose the right model, whether it's high waisted, flowing pants, black or white, we will give you all the necessary information so that all women can shop with peace of mind. We will show you our collection of pants.

how to wear women's pants with a bridge?

Among the essential models of women's pants in the wardrobe, women's pants with a bridge are undoubtedly the most elegant. We put it on during the day and in the evening and in all circumstances. With its modern look and a bit of vintage, it adapts to all styles from the most sophisticated to the most casual. Far from the strict image it conveyed, high-waisted women's pants with a bridge are back in trend. Navy colors or bright colors, opt for women's pants with a bridge because they are the model of pants to have in your wardrobe.

high waisted sailor pants in navy viscose ideal for h shape

how to wear straight pants?

Straight pants suit all body shapes and styles. It suits all occasions with a shirt and at work, a silk top in the evening, a t-shirt or a silk sweatshirt to be casual during the day. It's simple: these women's pants are used for everything, even to hide small flaws. This cut is suitable for curvy women, except those who are petite. Finally, with a pretty contrasting belt, choosing straight-cut pants will flatter the waist!

high-waisted red cotton straight pants

How to wear wide pants?

The best way to wear wide pants is to combine them with a plain, neutral-colored top or with a nice cotton shirt. Regarding length, it is very fashionable to wear lengths that reach the feet. Opting for wide pants means opting for a casual chic look. This cut will suit you particularly well if you are tall. If you are short, don't hesitate to pair it with heels, it will lengthen your legs.

wide pants in stretch cotton, high waist, beige color, casual style

Choosing the ideal pants

Which pants for women with a belly?

The straight cut

It probably is the ideal pants when you have bulges on your stomach ! Its fitted shape gives an impression of length to the silhouette. It is basic, simple and effective and can be worn with basic tops! The only golden rule for choosing it well: take it high waisted! It encompasses the hips and stomach.

How to choose the right length for women's pants?

The straight style is not difficult and adapts to your desires. You can wear it very well by revealing your pretty ankles with pretty flat sneakers. You can also decide to adopt the “dad” style, a much longer cut. This falls over the shoe for a looser effect.

The wide cut was rather short, that is to say mid-calf, in its beginnings. Today it is worn more extended to the feet or at least to the ankles. Its goal: to lengthen your sublime legs. Its length is a great asset for slimming your figure.

Opt for high-waisted or low-waisted pants?

High-waisted pants are suitable for all body types and perfectly highlight them by highlighting the waist. However, comfort remains one of the basic criteria and sometimes, a long t-shirt is essential! Whether on jeans or suit pants, the high waist is much more comfortable!

Low-rise pants are quite difficult to wear, but they are a big trend this season. It does not highlight all body types. This cut is very flattering on tall women or those whose lower body is longer than their upper body.

Come and discover our collection of pants!

low-waisted pants in gray cotton and linen worn with the orange pamplone shirt tucked in

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