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How to Choose the ever best evening jumpsuit

Are you invited to an event and want to step out of your basic look and out of your comfort zone with a modern touch? You are not particularly a fan of dresses: opt for a chic jumpsuit, the feminine, modern and ultra comfortable garment for all your evenings and your weddings to select! For women who would not be comfortable in a dress or skirt, the jumpsuit allows you to be comfortable while remaining chic and elegant and above all very feminine. If you tend more towards a tomboy look, the more structured suit jumpsuit will be perfect for you. It is therefore time to stand out by shaking up the codes of the good old cocktail dress and adopt this piece to go to a wedding or an evening.

Navy blue cotton poplin playsuit for o-shaped body types

Go to a wedding

The traditional pantsuit

We go for the pantsuits in light and pastel shades which will bring softness to your outfit. Indeed, pastel colors are soft shades perfect for a wedding. These are the most suitable colors for a traditional wedding. The choice of a light fabric and a cut with flared legs will bring a sophisticated touch to your look. Pair with heels and you're done. If light shades are not your friend, choose midnight blue, navy blue or red which are chic and very elegant. We of course try to avoid white which is reserved for the bride and groom.

Wear a romantic style jumpsuit

We can no longer count the number of country weddings in the countryside in a romantic/rustic setting. But how to dress for a wedding in this theme? Which combination to choose? If you want to blend into the decor, turn to a light floral jumpsuit. You will be completely in the theme with this bucolic and romantic style outfit with pretty floral prints. Opt for more or less large patterns depending on your body shape, in fact curvy women will favor light and medium-sized prints like a pretty Liberty, the same for small women. Large patterns quickly compact the silhouette.

Opt for a colorful combination

What brings more happiness than a wedding that takes place in the middle of summer season with all these colors and good vibes. The bright colors will look perfect on your pantsuits. The colors green, pink, yellow, orange and even red are timeless! Wear a fitted jumpsuit that structures the body. If you are comfortable, go for a short jumpsuit while being careful to opt for a chic and glamorous model and not a beachy and lazy one. At Anahide Saint André, if you like a model you can choose the color and pattern you like!

A glamorous evening jumpsuit

There's always a bit of pressure when you're invited to a chic and glamorous wedding. We first turn to evening dresses but ultimately we want something more modern and original. Therefore, we obviously recommend the evening pantsuit with some sequins. For those who want to be daring, but who prefer to remain soft, jumpsuits where only the top has sequins or other embellishments such as lace as accessories are very trendy pieces and totally in keeping with the theme. Why not try satin evening jumpsuits and choose plain black or nude colors for iconic pieces.

Evening with loved ones

Are you going out and need a trendy, chic, but comfortable outfit that changes from evening dresses? The women's jumpsuit is the favorite of fashion influencers, but it's also ours! Most models of women's wetsuits are very comfortable. It can be worn chic or very elegant. Our DRIAS playsuit in navy silk crepe and lined with silk is very elegant. It is worked with two large unstructured oblique folds which gives it its original and iconic side.

Black, our ally for the holidays

Nothing is more elegant and sober than a black fashion piece. But why stop there when we can add our touch of rhinestones and glitter. We choose a model with feminine details like lace, a little transparency or even feathers. Playsuit or jumpsuit, black will bring out the different accessories you wear. No more monopoly on the little black dress!

Romantic evening

Romantic, original or bohemian look? More rock or business woman? Wearing the jumpsuit allows you to sport all styles! Being both comfortable and elegant is the holy grail. Is the party taking place at your place? a light playsuit with your most beautiful heels and you will be the perfect host! Do you prefer to go outside with your sweetheart? do not panic. In a small family restaurant, take out your pretty colored pantsuits to make you look good. Think of a piece with a pretty top to play on an original style without going overboard. Flowy materials can be good if you plan to eat well! Add to that a nice pair of shoes, sneakers or heels depending on the look you want to have. For a more famous restaurant, in addition to the pretty evening dress, you can choose the equivalent of the little black dress in a women's jumpsuit and adorn yourself with elegant accessories for a sober and elegant look.

Evening with friends

No need to scour the stores looking for the perfect match. If you have been well advised, you will choose to purchase THE jumpsuit to dress you. Take care of your appearance no matter the outing with quality sets. There are not only evening or wedding jumpsuits, you will find what you are looking for when it comes to chic women's jumpsuits to replace your dresses. You can opt for a playsuit and heels if you're comfortable. For a dancing evening, why not an ensemble with lace, a belt and a suitable neckline. If you follow streetwear trends, the women's worker-style combination with a pair of white tennis shoes will be perfect for your evening with friends. Original and super trendy in a casual chic look. If you want to be sure that the model is suitable for your body shape, see our article on how to wear women's jumpsuits correctly.

The professional evening

pink cotton poplin playsuit for o-shaped body types

Chic evenings

We have all already been faced with that professional evening for which we don't want to dress too much but we have to remain chic and elegant. The dress is chic but it is not necessarily the clothing in which we are most comfortable in a professional environment, especially during an evening. The outfit with pants can seem too severe or not dressy enough for an event. Even when worn with heels, it's still a bit basic and won't make your outfit stand out. Fortunately, the jumpsuit is the happy medium model that is the perfect compromise. The choice suitable for all body types but also for all looks. The jumpsuit is feminine, chic and very business woman. Choose an atypical, asymmetrical top with light details and especially not coarse ones like lace or light ruffles. If your body type allows it, opt for a strapless top combined with a jacket. For this evening we put on a beautiful pair of heeled shoes, we dare to wear heeled sandals or high heel pumps. A model with a belt highlights the waist and allows you to play with volume.

Evenings with colleagues

No need for little black dresses or gala-style evening dresses for a dinner with colleagues or a going-away drink. Wearing a women's jumpsuit in a casual chic look is very trendy. With a casual model you will be comfortable and you will be able to enjoy your evening to the fullest! At Anahide we are fans of the casual chic look, you can combine our playsuits with sneakers or heels depending on the style you are looking for. No need for lace or big details for an evening with colleagues, really focus on comfort and prefer solid color jumpsuits. Your wardrobe will thank you for this trendy choice which will allow you to play with the accessories you add. Why not wear a pretty belt or big earrings to break up the casual look.

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