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The casual chic fashion trend

How to dress in a casual chic look?

What is casual?

oversized blue checked cotton poplin shirt with long sleeves

We can say that the casual look is THE style that all women are looking for today, very fashionable and trendy. It corresponds to a very feminine, relaxed look and is in total agreement with the lifestyle of working girls and business women who are often in high demand, very busy and who have no time . Feeling comfortable and elegant is the trend of the moment and this is likely to continue for a while!

The casual look is a hybrid style that lies between casual and chic. Forget unpleasant materials and heels to appear dressed every time you go out. This look was born as part of the changes in consumption and lifestyles of women who have their place firmly anchored in working life and who multiply personal projects. Between personal and professional life, this look combines casual pieces with more formal pieces for a comfortable and cool look.

Working women are the inspiration for this new look. The casual look has no age or appropriate body shape, all women are in the spotlight. Blazer and sneakers are within reach of all working girls and bring that touch of modernity without going overboard so that you look your best at all times. A current, young and trendy style created by the gap between elegant and casual classic pieces!

It's the perfect basic style to be classy without being stuffy. It gives you that chic and elegant look naturally. Thanks to the casual look you will feel well dressed every day, for your shopping, at work, an evening with friends or even an unexpected meeting with your little family anywhere and anytime!

The key pieces

• the long wool coat that we love and which goes well with our best tops. Your accomplice in the coolest days of spring but also your little extra that enhances your outfits.

• A trench coat with its matching belt that suits both men and women. This unisex side that we see everywhere, especially with androgynous models increasingly in the spotlight, is perfect for enhancing your super casual look.

THE cashmere sweater , which we all dreamed of stealing from our mother when we were young and which we now have in our most beautiful wardrobe, with its ultra comfortable material which we wear in spring as well as in winter. We don't ban the sweatshirt either because it can quickly become too casual, but we prefer the cashmere sweater which goes with everything, for everyone and at all times: Indeed, the cashmere sweater has no age!

• A black blazer to give you that sartorial elegance in all circumstances: It is the basis of the outfits of all working girls , simple and effective. We pair it with everything, in the evening or during the day, jeans or a cocktail dress.

The iconic basic little black dress , simple, comfortable and easy to wear. We have all already adopted it for its comfort. We can no longer count how many times it has been declined, long or short, and with a very varied number of accessories with which we can enhance it. This is our favorite of this selection.

Dress pants , or silk jogging pants, if you like to have a dressy look. If you are more comfortable in pants to go to the office, opt for chinos or leather bottoms combined with a t-shirt and a small cardigan for a casual style. Absolutely avoid pants that are too tight or too tight in which you will not be comfortable!

• Jeans that make you look your best. Jeans are considered a casual item, easy to mix with a little printed top: the patterns are very trendy, a bag and a pair of branded sneakers to stay up to date.

• The cotton sailor top can be worn alone in summer and with a cardigan in spring, but it can also be worn under a jacket in winter: whether it's a black leather perfecto, a camel trench coat or a black blazer.

• A white or sky blue shirt: avoid colors or prints. This is the outfit item to adopt for a comfortable but smart casual look. The shirt is the essential top that suits both women and men (even if we prefer them with their little polo shirt and chino pants).

• A timeless leather handbag. We will only have one comment: the colored bags add their little touch with their electric or romantic side. Let yourself be tempted to discover the mini bag trend.

high waisted sailor pants in navy viscose ideal for h shape

Dress chic and casual for a weekend

Subway, work, bed… this endless sequence that you have managed to put on pause for a few days. Since 2020, the word that comes up most often is “casual”. Are you getting ready to go away for the weekend? What better scenario than a getaway and looking attractive while looking good in your clothes? No doubt!

Immediately put in your suitcases the timeless pieces of your wardrobe such as your long coats made in beautiful fabrics, a few unisex pieces, such as a white shirt (from your man if you don't have one for a sexy casual look in a dress shirt, cigarette pants, blazer and basic white t-shirt and add chic accessories to enhance your casual look like pumps, jewelry, handbag, etc.

The key pieces

1. The white blouse

Having a white blouse in your closet is the essential of any good casual wardrobe. If you don't like the idea of ​​white, stick to light tones like sky blue or cream. Being considered as the great basic like the polo shirt for men, it can be easily combined with a skirt and brings a chic touch to your casual outfit to obtain THE casual chic look .

white cotton poplin shirt with long sleeves and long back

2. The best

An inevitable piece to adopt because there are all styles and for a small budget. We all have that super comfy t-shirt. Circumstances will lead you to pair it with jeans or a skirt to create your casual look. For cooler evenings, a cardigan will complete your casual outfit as well as a pretty pair of shoes, whether for a professional meeting or an outing with friends!

simple white cotton top with flared pink cotton skirt for a casual look

3. The sailor top

With the arrival of summer, our thoughts turn to the sea and beautiful beaches. Often synonymous with relaxation and vacations by the sea. These navy and white stripes give your outfit a breath of lightness and relaxation representative of summer. It's the ideal fashion piece to convert your outfit into a casual style.

4. Wide pants

You're going away for the weekend, if there's one item you won't forget, it's wide-leg pants. Synonymous with casual outfit, easy to combine. Its versatility makes it a must-have as a centerpiece in your casual wardrobe. Be careful, if you wear wide-leg pants with a sweatshirt, the look becomes too casual.

wide pants in stretch cotton, high waist, beige color, casual style

5. Dress pants or skirt

A beige, black, gray or navy blue stocking is the essential element to accompany all the other elements of your wardrobe for all occasions. Those with a wide shape will give the impression of lengthening the leg when worn with a fitted blouse and belted at the waist. Perfected with a cardigan or a chic shirt, a more fitted shape will help give you a more professional look.

The pencil skirt or the A-line skirt are really very professional. Opting for a pencil skirt is more formal and slimmer a lot, while an A-line allows you to hide some curves discreetly and elegantly.

pink embossed silk skirt knee length casual chic look

6. The black dress

The eternal little black dress, still very popular as one of the items that must be adopted by all those who care about their dress appearance for all occasions and to correctly combine the pieces of your wardrobe. Whether you choose to purchase a black sheath or wrap cut or a slightly short cocktail dress, be sure to grab the style that will perfectly match your personality and the upcoming going out occasion (If your initial choice was a big XXL sweatshirt, leave it at home!).

7. The short jacket

There are many different jackets with many colors that you can choose to complement your wardrobe. However, a short fabric jacket is a very practical piece to have on hand. Combined with jeans or a casual dress, it gives you freedom when you finally opt for the casual style. Don’t hesitate to choose a printed jacket to wear and pair with patterned clothes.

navy blue velvet jacket and its silk details with butterfly pattern

8. Knitted sweaters

The fine knit sweater is the iconic top for both summer and winter, it's always a good solution to have one on hand! This idea is a classic and iconic choice through which we feel elegant and comfortable, while remaining classy. Combined with a dress, a skirt, jeans or dress pants, a sweater or even a fine knit cardigan brings a touch of refinement to your entire outfit. Opt for sneaker-type shoes as an accessory to give your outfit a facelift.

9. The Trench Coat

It is often essential to be able to protect yourself so as not to ruin your outfit and be embarrassed on rainy days. The first step is obviously to start by buying a classic trench coat that can be combined with your well-cut pants, your most beautiful dresses or skirts both during the day and in the evening.

To conclude, to try it is to adopt it. The SAULE, MISCELIA and KURTA Anahide Saint André tops will be perfect for your conversion to Casual chic style. Their striking color and their appearance of simplicity although of a complex and luxurious design can only enhance you. Don’t hesitate to check out our collection and find new gems for your wardrobe!

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