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    Homewear, a new trend

    The lifestyle trend for women of the moment, women's homewear, takes us towards more casual but trendy indoor clothing. The successive confinements forced us to stay indoors and gave way to a new fashion: women's homewear , a term that defines the most beautiful interior looks in comfortable materials. We tell you everything about this style of interior for women: Discover the secrets to reconcile your comfortable and stylish clothes while staying at home, but also pleasant to wear during the day outside.

    What is women's homewear?

    This fashion style corresponds to all the comfortable and chic outfits to put on at home in falsely neglected fashion. You can even adapt your wardrobe must-haves like pants or jumpsuits into cool comfy mode. Combining comfort, quality and a soft, warm fabric are the new aesthetic codes for working from home every day of the week like a casual Sunday: there's nothing wrong with that. But it goes further, this loungewear trend is breaking out of the ranks and all women are also wearing their housewear outside. These indoor clothes, or homewear sets , bring more style than it seems: the proof is that the catwalk collections highlight your pajamas like the new tailored suit of the moment.

    Bathrobes, pajamas, babydolls, tracksuits and lingerie have all been experienced in these new in-house collections that are so pleasant to wear. Discover this selection of casual items and cuts for a homewear set that combines softness and sport. The elegant version of jogging, comfortable babydolls, as well as the majority of women's clothing are presented in cool chic fashion on social networks. These homewear sets boast a natural and durable character and can be worn in the evening or during the day, at home or outdoors. Fashion bloggers and influencers have used it and chosen to make homewear the new "casualwear», the must-have that gives us all the irresistible desire to adopt it.

    Comfort for any occasion

    The jogging pants and the t-shirt are in the list of key pieces for women not to be missed for our interior outfits . Confinement has succeeded in convincing the majority of young people of the comfort and convenience of wearing jogging pants .

    The sportswear sets then live their moment of glory and become the essential of your daily life. Usually, jogging is worn with a t-shirt and sneakers. But, to add some chic to your outfit, it is no longer forbidden to wear certain jogging models with a blouse, sandals or derbies.

    The night clothes

    The lightness of the silk and lace top of your pajamas makes your companion fall backwards. Comfortable and very pretty, this piece highlights your body. So, in this life after confinement, you no longer want to part with it. Combined with a nice sweater, this interior style is no longer just for the night, and is worn to work without being too daring. Your silk top goes comfortably with jeans or why not with the bottom of your pajamas, satin pants. This style is in vogue so dare and stay casual in style at any time of the day.

    The big brands are appropriating homewear

    Trend on the catwalks and in the street

    This penchant for homewear collections is not limited only to underground style. Fashionistas, influencers and mainly fashion designers adopt it to offer interior outfits that are too comfortable . It is not uncommon to see models parade down the catwalks dressed in babydolls, pajamas and original jogging pants . Stars are also drawn to this phenomenon and fantasy.

    You'll notice photos of Hollywood's greatest actors parading through the streets in simple, casual outfits. The sexiest exhibit themselves with a pajama shirt. These homewear collections combine a pretty little satin shirt with jeans or other business pants to take away the scruffy side of the style. The set is perfectly connected and refers to a city look ready for all circumstances.

    Chic in homewear

    The ideal rooms

    The special cocooning collections are arriving in your cupboards. The creators, bloggers and fashionistas will make your heart capsize: between comfortable pajamas , chic lingerie, satin bathrobes or even very warm silk t-shirts , interior outfits take the lead in your wardrobe. You can complete your look with a single strong piece or, on the contrary, be all the rage with a classy night set that is ideal for the day.

    The babydoll

    Unbeatable among cocooning items, women love this chic and feminine piece . There babydoll paired with a kimono that perfectly replaces the dressing gown: a sexy choice that does not fail to seduce. Its lightness makes all its charm its charm. Its comfort is no longer to be proven. Thus, the babydoll fits perfectly into the closet of fans of interior pieces. Combined with a woolen jacket or a kimono, it can be worn easily for work without showing off too much.

    Exit the dressing gown

    The kimono dethrones the old-fashioned dressing gown of our grandmothers: This trend has occupied the podium for a few years. With the adoption of the kimono in our daily lives, fashion is now paving the way for the revisited bathrobe. These seductive and comfortable pieces are revealed in all styles, with geometric patterns, flashy colors , or patterns of all kinds, in warm and intense colors.

    How to dress well with homewear?

    You can make the choice to stay elegant even while being at home thanks to the new homewear clothing cuts . The first step to adopting loungewear on a daily basis is not to neglect yourself. Take care of your appearance by putting on perfume and why not a light relaxing make-up. Also, get quality and aesthetic homewear, plain colors are the prettiest, avoid large prints. Opt for interior clothing designed from noble materials such as silk, lace, satin or cashmere… Avoid the dressed-up look. Prioritize simplicity and comfort, and be falsely sophisticated while being discreet.

    The chic babydoll spirit or chic interior dress can be adopted by each of us. You just need to show imagination, creativity and a little passion to find the association between nightgown, leggings, sweatshirt, respecting the softness, elegance and relaxation that best suit your personality.

    Interior looks are finally democratizing the look at home and workwear and keep us warm and soft in elegant cuts.