robe en popeline de coton avec les poignets noués bleu cobalt

Create a complete look for women at the office?

The professional look for women, like any outfit in general, concerns clothing, but also accessories. There's nothing like an ordinary look to discredit yourself in the office. The goal is to master the art of “dress for success” and bring new pieces to your wardrobe. Of course, it will be up to you to determine the company dress code and what you like to wear to the office.

Accessorize your professional outfit

Our best advice in general: “avoid bags, jewelry or other pieces... that are too flashy and attract too much attention.” You should always keep in mind that the end result should be elegant, chic and feminine for going to work.

Style mistakes to avoid

  • Shoes to wear in a professional environment: They must be clean and in impeccable condition if possible. If they are holed or damaged, they give a neglected image. In the same way as your outfits, they give information about you to outsiders. Another piece of advice is to avoid wearing them just for the aesthetic. Ladies, your heels don't have to be very high. Save your stilettos for other occasions like your evenings. In the office, there is only one choice: “comfort above all”. If your company is not too formal: sandals or even sneakers may be allowed.

  • The question of jewelry: it is preferable to be sober and discreet in your choice. As with shoes, refrain from wearing necklaces in poor condition. Long, flashy earrings and loud bracelets can easily distract or even distract the attention of your colleagues. Favor fine and refined pieces. The pearl necklace is generally your best ally in the professional but very formal world, opt instead for a fine chain.

  • The message t-shirt: in everyday life, the concert t-shirt, the top with humorous messages, etc. are generally very popular. But at work, certain phrases on t-shirts are not always welcome. However, there is no problem for t-shirts with discreet writing or minimalist messages. Chic and discreet, it will be perfect for work.

simple white cotton top with flared pink cotton skirt for a casual look

The different cuts of dresses

Your dress must be of a reasonable length (just above the knee or longer). For the material or even the style, focus on classics that follow office dress codes. Choose long sleeves or short sleeves (in summer). Don't hesitate to complete your business look, to dress in an elegant and timeless way. Here is a list of the least appropriate clothes to wear for the office:

  • The bodycon dress has a very tight or at least very close-fitting design. It follows the curves of the body to highlight them. You will understand, because of its very sexy side. The bodycon dress should be forgotten, this style is more suitable for an evening than for a professional meeting. If you absolutely want to wear a fitted garment that highlights you, opt for the straight cut. With a belt fitted at the waist, it will be just as perfect.

  • Animal print dresses are not for work: prints in general are not unanimous, and even less so in the professional world. Focus on other prints like floral or geometric ones. If you really want to wear animal print, do it with a small touch like on a handbag for example.

Remember that the rules we offer are very general. There are specific cases, it's up to you to adapt your work outfit according to the company atmosphere and what you like. To sum up :

  • Avoid very sexy outfits at the office: transparent lace, mini-skirts, sundresses, high-heeled string sandals, excessively pronounced necklines...

  • Looks that are too casual are not allowed: ripped jeans, shorts, leggings, jogging pants, caps, flip-flops, etc.

  • Be impeccable: forget about clothes that are too worn or stained. Take care of your appearance with ironed and clean clothes.

navy blue silk kimono style top dress

Our practical advice for work:

  • The tights for your legs. To look like a business woman, it is best to forget the “bare legs” style, so opt for tights. When you have chosen the pair of shoes to accompany your office outfit. All you have to do is choose the tights to go with everything. For the office, you can choose tights: opaque, plain or transparent.

  • The subject of tattoos: depending on the nature of your position or the image that the company wishes to convey. An employment contract may prohibit certain outfits. Under no circumstances should you be discriminated against. Tattoos are not yet well tolerated although the situation is slowly changing. Nowadays, tattoos are more or less accepted, it is still preferable not to touch your face, your neck or even your hands. These are areas where tattoos will be more difficult to hide.

  • Take care of your nails: Taking care of yourself is always a good idea, especially in the office. Where an impeccable appearance expresses confidence and self-control. Having clean nails is part of looking professional. Opt for a simple and delicate manicure that will please you and improve your appearance.

  • Take care of your hair and makeup: in the same category, your beauty must be distinguished and feminine while being effective. Stay natural when it comes to your hairstyle, but also your makeup. Your hair should be styled so that it is neat and clear of your face. Your makeup, for its part, must remain as close to natural as possible.

  • Wear mostly neutral colors: if the cut and style of the clothing have a “business” look, don’t hesitate to add a little softness with colors in pastel tones. You can mix two or even three colors at most. For maximum safety, choose: black, gray, navy blue, charcoal, beige, white and cream… However, if the style of clothing has a “business” look. Don't hesitate to add a little softness with colors in pastel tones, perfect for wearing to the office.

low-waisted pants in gray cotton and linen worn with the orange pamplone shirt tucked in

Accessories trends in 2022

Trousers, skirts, shirts or even blouses to go to work... We reveal the key pieces of the year 2022!

Our selection of shoes suitable for going to work

We have selected certain models to give you ideas to adopt next time at the office:

  • Square toe pumps or colored pumps, an essential basic

  • A pair of white sneakers

  • Wedge espadrilles

  • Boots, ankle boots, low boots or derbies

  • Mules with small heels

  • Moccasins

The basics to have for a business look:

Fashionable pieces to have in your wardrobe to create impeccable work outfits!

  • The shouldered blazer or the lapel collar blazer

  • The fringed jacket, the small jacket with wide sleeves or the blouse

  • Flared pants fitted at the waist

  • The midi skirt or pleated dress

  • The shirt under a sweater or the spring-style floral blouse

  • The fluid pantsuit set from unicolor for women

  • High-waisted black pants, a great office classic

  • The flowing V-neck blouse

  • The denim pantsuit to dress a woman

Summary of professional accessories

The professional-looking pieces to favor are:

  • Discreet heeled moccasins

  • Tights, preferably opaque, for your little legs

  • The chic bucket or half-moon bag

  • A pocket-sized bag

  • A handbag, leather or fringed, which are very trendy this season

  • The little bag

  • Wide belts

  • Scarves as a belt or in the hair

  • Pearl jewelry or simple and discreet ones

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