Quelle morphologie pour porter une combinaison ?

What body type should you wear a jumpsuit?

The women's jumpsuit is one of the pieces that all fashion influencers wear, displaying a chic and casual style. Enough to make you want to buy a wetsuit. The jumpsuit is the perfect and practical new item of clothing to wear. It's an easy piece to wear, if you like the jumpsuit in summer, it can also be put on when the temperatures drop. In casual mode with sneakers with a chic and casual combination or even in elegant fashion with heeled ankle boots or stilettos, women's jumpsuits can be worn all year round dressed or casual, in an oversized style or adjusted according to the circumstances.

What combination for your body shape

Choosing your outfit for an X Morphology

Your shapes, also called hourglass shape, are harmonious, sensual and feminine. Your upper body is aligned with your hips and your waist is defined.

A marked size

We choose pieces that will highlight your feminine shapes and above all your waist is thin. Depending on your events, you can choose a tight-fitting jumpsuit. If you are slightly curvy, opt for high waists which allow the fabrics to fall on your marked waist and hide the stomach without molding it and therefore hiding the small unsightly bulges. This will also lengthen your silhouette. Our tip for choosing the right combination? Anything too tight should be avoided. Dark colors also usefully soften shapes.

Navy cotton poplin short jumpsuit with butterfly sleeves, back view

Choosing your outfit for an H Morphology

Your bust and pelvis are aligned, but your waist is not really outlined. Your shapes, called rectangles or straight, allow you to find several little tips for dressing easily.

A common morphology

The H silhouette is well known and you have certainly seen it on your screens since it is that of many models and film actresses. You are a slender, slender woman. Overall, it's a pretty common size and you can get away with pretty much anything except clothes that emphasize your lack of size.

We absolutely ban clothing that is too fitted, such as a belted wrap-around, but also looks that are too loose or too flared which will make you look excessively and unnecessarily wider. For h-shaped silhouettes, never wear belts tight at the waist. Be careful not to elongate the silhouette too much.

Choosing your outfit for an O Morphology

You are O-shaped or round: either you have a generous chest and plump buttocks and rather rounded shoulders. You are round and voluptuous, it is a build that supports many styles. You can create great looks by playing with styles and colors.

Adapt to your body shape

Let go and assert your feminine silhouette as well as your personality by playing with monochrome outfits and black jumpsuits that will camouflage your enveloping corpulence. Choose to enhance yourself with clothes that make you taller and slimmer, you will be at the top level. Whatever your desires, knee-length or midi, the fluid outfit is the essential feminine piece. Opt for a long jumpsuit, it will lengthen your silhouette.

Navy cotton poplin short jumpsuit with butterfly sleeves, front view

Choosing your outfit for a V-shaped body shape

A slender build, your shoulders are much wider than your hips, your type is also called inverted pyramid or inverted triangle, which gives you a rather sporty look. Your goal is to highlight your body by slimming your shoulders.

Balance the silhouette

Whether you are strong or thin, with an inverted triangle body type you must balance the upper body in relation to the lower body, so you must strengthen the volume starting from the hips. It's a great opportunity to play with shapes and models to be at the top level. These models will lengthen the silhouette.

Our tip for choosing the right combination? We absolutely avoid all pieces that widen the build and shoulders such as shouldered styles, large collars or even boat necks and of course horizontal stripes.

Choosing your outfit for an A-shaped body shape

You have a pretty A-shaped silhouette, that is to say a small, thin back and more pronounced curves towards the bottom of your body. Your build, also known as a trapezoid or pyramid shape, is the most common among women. The question will be how to highlight your figure.

The opposite of V silhouettes

Having a V-shaped body shape, or also known as a pyramid, means choosing to wear outfits opposite to those recommended for women with a V-shaped body. Your upper back is much narrower than your pelvis. For example, choose outfits that draw attention to your bust. To respect a certain harmony, preferably choose boat necklines which reinforce the build or a V-neck if you have a small chest.

You should avoid horizontal stripes, length right at the hips, a total look that is too tight. Details that thicken the hips: side pockets, pleats.

How to choose your combination?

Combination for X Morphology

Trouser and playsuit combinations are the little darlings of our wardrobes. For what? Because they are trendy, comfortable, elegant and practical: you no longer have to waste time finding the top that matches your bottom. They can be worn for a relaxing weekend as well as for New Year's Eve.

To choose the right combination you can turn to all the models that appeal to you by accentuating your waist using a model marked by a belt for example.

Pink cotton poplin butterfly sleeve short jumpsuit with pockets on each side, front view

Our models such as the Papillon playsuit are perfectly suited to X-shaped silhouettes because it is a fitted model which allows you to highlight your waist. The fairly flared bottom allows you to play on shapes and volumes and the top with a slight V-neckline to elegantly flatter all breasts.

Combination for Morphology in h

For H body shapes, the suit is quite easy to wear thanks to the fact that the build and hips are the same width. By opting for a suitable jumpsuit, you will no longer need a dress for your evenings or your chic working girl days.

Wear a jumpsuit with a belt or elastic at the waist to tighten it. Prefer a jumpsuit that has a rather straight or wide pants cut. Avoid tight-fitting clothing which will accentuate the block effect. You can wear your jumpsuit with heels to lounge around. A playsuit to show off your legs and a V-neckline will clear your neck and not add volume to the bust. The fitted denim jumpsuit is the ideal and trendy combination with its vintage side.

O-Curve Suit

Choosing a model that doesn't flatter us: This is what we often face, unfortunately, when we don't know how to choose a suitable cut. Choosing a suitable cut when you are curvy can seem complex. Rest assured, both playsuits and jumpsuits will suit you perfectly.

To start, with a figure 8 body, we will choose a jumpsuit with a belt at the waist and which have a rather light material. We are not going to choose an excessively tight-fitting jumpsuit, strapless jumpsuits, those with stripes or those with thick material. Long jumpsuits and black jumpsuits will be your allies.

DRIAS short jumpsuit in silk crepe with pockets on each side

If you choose to wear a chic jumpsuit, you can add a blazer and a pair of sneaker type shoes. Chic and casual. For a summer outfit with a playsuit or a flowing jumpsuit, put on a pair of sandal-type shoes and accessorize your look with a small bag to be stylish while being comfortable in your ideal jumpsuit.

V -Silhouette Jumpsuit

To find the perfect pantsuit when you have a V-shaped body, you will have to turn to fluid materials that will not accentuate the volume of the build or the narrowness of the hips like the denim jumpsuit. In terms of sleeves, you can opt for long or short sleeves. However, you should avoid straps that are too thin and bustiers. For the bottom, prefer a carrot cut without it being tight. If you have a defined waist, don't hesitate to choose belted models.

For sunny summer days, you can obviously select a playsuit that is sure to have an effect. Same advice as for jumpsuits, we will stick to fluid and comfortable jumpsuits made with linen, cotton or silk. Avoid synthetic materials which, in addition to being bad for the environment, are unpleasant to wear.

Jumpsuit for A-Silhouette

Jumpsuits and playsuits are ideal pieces because they are practical, comfortable and, by accessorizing them well, can be worn on different occasions.

For A-frame builds, jumpsuits are easier to wear and therefore preferred because they allow you to highlight the waist as well as the head position without accentuating the volume of the hips and thighs. V-necks, asymmetrical tops revealing one shoulder and short sleeves are also elements that embellish a pyramid silhouette in a jumpsuit.

Pink cotton poplin short jumpsuit with butterfly sleeves, back view

For design, choose solid colors and it is better to avoid all patterned combinations because as we know, prints tend to add volume. If, despite everything, you still want to wear patterns, separate your jumpsuit with a pattern for the top and solid-colored bottoms. In terms of materials, it will be ideal to favor fluid materials and put aside anything that is thick like velvet or tweed.

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