Collection capsule réalisée en collaboration avec Aude Sarkamari. Aude porte une top emmanchure américaine en soie noire effet dévoré et lurex et un short bleu marine foncé en popeline de coton? idéal our une soirée ou un cocktail
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    wedding ceremony dress

    Dressing for an event can be a real headache, especially when it comes to finding the perfect collectible dress ! How to choose the right dress and avoid disaster? Long dress, mid-length dress, short dress, cocktail dress, skater dress, flared, asymmetrical, plus size... Which outfit should you choose? Which will best match my event for a girl or a woman?

    Ceremonial dresses: what trendy look to adopt?

    The dress that we will wear for all the beautiful occasions. It is, by definition, the dress for a pretty girl who is chic , elegant and feminine at the same time. This must-have piece will necessarily go through the dressy wardrobe of your locker room... Company evening, cocktail party, gala, student ball, girls' evenings can arise at any time, regardless of the season. All excuses are good to discover the ideal dress for girls .

    The trendy models for a ceremonial dress

    Are you a girl and are you desperately looking for a collection dress for a very specific occasion such as a baptism or a party? Bet on a timeless chic piece with an incomparable design! Whatever the circumstances, it will always have its little effect , whether it is in lace, ruffles, embroidery or even tulle. Good news girls! Discover the few references of collections that we offer:

    1. The pleated mid-length dress or the skirt for a sensational outfit

    2. The long satin sheath dress with round neck and short sleeves, colored in coral, duck blue, azure blue, red or even with sequins for a chic and refined effect!

    3. The softer long chiffon dress with powder pink colors, pale blue or cream like beige on embroidery or lace for a princess effect .

    4. A straight dress, v-neck, sleeveless , blue with a fabric like silk crepe on top

    5. The essential little short dress with a ruffle (large or not) will benefit plus size women in the photos!

    6. Crossovers are very trendy for small and large girls.

    7. The short or long satin or sequined model, or the tailored shape, will be of service to plus size women .

    8. The marquise dress in satin, stretch ottoman or a bustier is gradually coming back but because of their length are not suitable for all events.

      Avoid big prints, big belts if you have generous curves.

    Dresscode: the best asset to choose your dress!

    The first step to take is to inquire with the organizers. The majority of brides and grooms may be keen to implement a dress code depending on the party atmosphere they want to give their wedding and avoid white. This instruction will allow you not to be out of step with the rest of the guests. The dress code is not a constraint but good news! Thanks to the indications, the dress code will guide you in your perilous choice to find the famous collection ceremony dress .

    As you will have understood, "the atmosphere" is the most important factor to take into consideration when choosing your dress. If you don't have any information, it's up to you to try to determine the type of wedding so you can dress accordingly.

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    Adapt your ceremonial dress according to the occasion

    Apart from the dress code, you must take into account the fixed theme and the request of the bride and groom. For example: a blue, bohemian, hippie, vintage wedding... You will have an overview and you will be able to adopt the ideal style of dress ! Of course, it is also essential to take into consideration the time of year or even the “traditions”.

    A guest dress in the theme

    A set of traditions are to be taken into account. Certain colors, such as black, are considered taboo in some cultures. Also avoid white, which is reserved for the bride. The most “ suitable ” colors for a ceremonial dress are generally softer shades such as pink shades, coral… And if you absolutely want to stay in dark shades, navy blue is a color that remains refined, no matter circumstances ! Are you still hesitating about the color? Why not find the compromise ? Opt for a jacket of a different color than your dress.

    The place that offers and proposes ideas

    • The place of reception: do not neglect it , take it into consideration seriously. For what ? Quite simply to dress according to the context . The long dress will be more suitable than a short satin skater dress for a formal wedding or a knee-length evening dress for a girl at a more casual ceremony. Depending on the location, pay attention to the choice of shoes. High heels can sometimes be your enemy.

    • The time of year: adapting your clothing to the temperature is an essential detail . If the ceremony takes place in the summer and you tend to sweat. Some materials will not be suitable, in order to avoid the disaster that will allow you to say goodbye to halos under the arms and don't forget the sleeves in winter!

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    After determining the type of dress suitable for the circumstances in question. There is only one detail left to refreeze: the design, cut and style you want! A flared cut, a neckline, bare shoulders, bare back? A number of elements will need to be considered. Are you more of a girl with "round" or "short" legs? So that you can discover and choose the ceremonial dress that will highlight you the most !

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