robe en soie gaufrée bleu indigo avec fines  bretelles pour cocktail et mariage

Which cocktail dress is right for me?

The cocktail dress is one of the essential pieces of your wardrobe. It accompanies you in your daily life or for an evening . The cocktail dress is feminine, elegant clothing, suitable for being classy without being formal. But how to choose your cocktail dress ? In this article you will find the guide to the different styles of cocktail dresses to choose the best one and our advice to help you dress with them.

Historically, the cocktail dress defined a long dress worn at cocktail parties . Today, the term is used less and we prefer the names evening dress or ceremonial dress .

Which cocktail dress?

Wear a cocktail dress according to the environment of the evening

Choose a cocktail dress according to the location of the ceremony but also, and above all, according to the season. Choose a warm material for a mid-season, winter or outdoor event . You can adapt to outdoor events for example with a stole or a jacket . Choose a model with a pretty light and airy material in summer. So take the time to choose an ideal cocktail dress model to be comfortable throughout the wedding or occasion . The evening dress is worn a bit like makeup. This must be adapted to the event , your temperament and the heat.

The ideal detail to suit your desires

Are you dreaming of a strapless cocktail dress , a large neckline or a dress with a crossover neckline ? Do you like bare shoulders or do you tend to be self-conscious about your arms? We love backless cocktail dresses adapted to your body shape . The perfect dress should fit your figure for the ideal effect. If you have beautiful legs, we go for cocktail dresses with slits on the front or on the sides. You need to choose a cocktail dress that will highlight your assets.

Chic in color

Choosing a cocktail dress also means choosing the color of your perfect dress. You need to agree on a color that will enhance your complexion. We try to go beyond traditional black and white and dare to use a little brighter colors ! It is better to choose an evening dress whose colors will suit your complexion.

If you have dark or tanned skin, choose a white dress or a red dress . We really like corals and yellows which will highlight your natural tan. It is better to avoid dresses that are too dark and brown colors or black dresses that are too close to your skin tone . If you have white skin, opt for dark colors or bright colors !

dress for ceremony and wedding but also cocktail in red viscose and flared sleeves

Choose a subject

A pretty muslin , a flowing silk , a large satin , the choice of lace or poplin . Do yourself a favor, we don't wear an evening dress every day. It is important to choose a quality fabric for a style of dress suitable for a ceremony . We don't want a cheap dress .

What are the different types of cocktail dresses?

The fit-and-flare dress

The fit-and-flare dress is fitted at the body and tightened at the waist. Its airy flared skirt provides an effect of lightness and movement when traveling. It is the ideal item for women who combine work and evenings , because it is elegant, classy and basic at the same time. This dress will be excellent for V, X, H, 8 and A body shapes as well as petite, slender and curvy figures. They benefit the majority of body types by hiding certain “defects” of curves such as a very high or very low waist or even little marked ones as well as fairly developed hips or thighs. It is suitable for all occasions thanks to its light style. For curvy women , prefer flowing fabrics which will hug the curves without adding volume. However, this dress should be avoided when you have a fairly long bust or short if it is marked at the waist, because the marking at the pelvis accentuates the volume of the hips.

flared upper dress in comet black viscose and lower dress in aurora pink embossed silk

The straight dress

This dress cutout is timeless and comes back every year. Its straight cut, often slightly fitted, is flattering and boosts self-confidence by making the silhouette immediately sophisticated and mysterious. The dress with or without sleeves, fitted or not, is perfect for all evenings . Indeed, these dresses , both simple and refined, are for all occasions thanks to the simplicity of the model which is modular by adding more or less sophisticated accessories which allow it to adapt to all circumstances. The V and O shapes are attractive for this cut, it evens out the parts of the body in order to create a homogeneous appearance of the curve. However, it should be avoided for H body shapes and it accentuates the curves of 8 body shapes by hiding the more pronounced pelvis. Opting for the V neckline is something that adds a touch of elegance to the dress .

The elegant wrap dress

The wrap dress , elegant, simple and emblematic, is often present in boutiques in Paris. Its V-neckline crossed at the front and tied at the waist brings freshness and lightness to the dress . Perfect in summer with light, pastel or bright colors, it is the absolute companion for all evenings , even weddings , without overshadowing the bride . It is particularly suitable for morphos in H, O and especially 8 ! Indeed, the curves will be to their advantage in this cut which will hide the protruding belly . It is suitable for all sizes, stopping above the knees and enhancing the lower body. It refines the silhouette and highlights the chest.

pink flared dress with wrap neckline and flared sleeves ideal for h shape

The chic tight dress

The tight cocktail dress is very trendy, but the idea is intimidating! Often considered sexy or daring, it is nevertheless very elegant in a sheath dress and allows you to enhance the silhouette by hugging the chest and hips. Preferred for morphos X and 8 for whom the sheath dress hugs the shapes in a flirtatious way. Choose dark colors or even black, without exaggeration of embellishments so as not to make the dress look cheap. The mid-length or even long length makes the formal dress more classy and is often found on wedding dresses . The stage of choosing the material is very important, choosing a quality material for a bodycon dress is an important step that will ensure it looks great as well as feeling elegant. Forget it for A and O shapes , because the tight dress creates a tight effect, however, for curvy women , pay attention to the neckline, opt for a model with a demure collar and long sleeves and avoid lace. Choose silk and satin , which are fine and noble fabrics.

cocktail dress silk crepe lingerie cobalt blue lingerie

The ideal empire dress

Inherited from the Greco-Roman era, the empire dress is timeless, elegant and comfortable. It adds value particularly for the A, V, 8, O morphos and especially the H morpho . Whether for a bohemian chic country wedding , or a ball , in its long version or even in its short version for a traditional ceremony , the empire dress is the appropriate model for events but can also be worn as a casual outfit for a slightly less formal party in unique colors such as red. Worn with pumps, it is the perfect outfit for ceremonies, worn with a chunky knit cardigan matched with a pair of white sneakers for the end of winter, it gives a casual chic look. This dress is particularly suitable for curvy people , because its empire line blurs the stomach and buttocks.

pink embossed silk lingerie cocktail dress

The strapless dress

Feminine and elegant, is one of the most popular dresses ! In reality, this cut fits the vast majority of silhouettes. It is available in short or tight-fitting. When the design is in the heart the dress has a rather sexy style while the straight bustier is very refined and simple, also as an evening dress . Also very popular in white for wedding dresses . The A and H morphos wear the strapless dress beautifully, which reveals the shoulders and bust. However, V-shaped morphos should avoid the strapless dress which highlights the shoulders. In addition, this fashion adapts to all occasions , but is not suitable for going to work . This shape should of course be avoided for large busts unless the leotard is straight, then it places the bust close to the waist.

strapless dress with thin straps with Japanese flower patterns

The comfortable trapeze dress

This shape is very feminine and romantic like a summer in Paris. It is very easy to wear, which makes it a versatile dress adopted by the vast majority of women whether for large or small occasions . Classic and essential, often close to the body at the top and wide at the bottom, it is very pleasant to wear and goes perfectly with H and A body shapes . It favors morphos which have a “defect” at the pelvis level, that is to say too shortened or too extended, or a not very marked waist .

The short dress

The short evening dress highlights the pretty, slender legs and lengthens the silhouette. This cut is often trendy for going to dinner, partying in the evening as well as during the day. However, choosing a short evening dress may make you uncomfortable to sit down, our advice is that this outfit choice is not the most suitable for going to work . For tall women , this may accentuate the length of the bottom. Choosing to wear with flat shoes will make you stand out. Also avoid for H and V morphos.

short strapless dress with thin straps with Japanese flower patterns

The long dress

With a romantic style, the long evening dress is fluid and airy. Whether as a guest or for a wedding dress , it is classy and timeless. Generally, its length reaches up to the ankles or even to the ground. Avoid when you are short, because it packs down and does not add height to your silhouette. The perfect length hits just above the foot bone. Namely, dresses that touch the ground are not very practical and increase the risk of falls, especially in the evening when dancing! If you are rather short, go for just below the knee.

Wear a dress according to your body type

Wear a cocktail dress if you are petite

Choose a dress that you like. We are used to hearing that you should avoid long dresses when you are small but opt ​​for the dress model that you like. If you fall for a long dress , it is important to wear heels so as not to have a crowded effect. Choosing a short dress remains ideal. A straight dress or a pretty fitted dress will accompany you to all weddings .

Wear a cocktail dress if you have a curvy figure

If you are round but have a small build, you need to choose your cocktail dress with a pretty boat neck or a dress model that will accentuate your upper body. Many styles of formal dresses , including wrap dresses , are perfect dresses for emphasizing your curves without exaggeration. Conceal your hips with a flared shape.

Wear a cocktail dress if you have broad enough shoulders

If you have a V-shaped silhouette , the ideal is to choose your dress with a puffy cut at the hips in order to rebalance everything. Trapeze dresses are the most suitable as well as dresses with a V-neckline and flared at the petticoat level. We like chic dresses that reveal the legs for more femininity .

Wear a cocktail dress if you have large breasts

Choose dresses with square necklines, favor short sleeves, puffed at the shoulders to highlight your arms. Choose thin straps to refine the bust.

Wear a cocktail dress if you have a belly

First of all, avoid materials that are too thin such as satin or silk which allow everything to show through. Don't hesitate to wear a bodysuit under your dress to cheat a little and prefer straight, airy dresses. The sides of a wide belt can also help hide certain curves.

Choosing an evening dress if you don't have hips

Avoid dresses that are too close to the body. Choose straight dresses and highlight your upper body with original straps for example. Also consider highlighting your legs with heels.

Choosing your dress if you have buttocks

Avoid printed fabrics that catch the eye. Choose dresses that give volume to the upper body to counter balance. A jacket can also add volume.

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