Les pièces en soie plissée

Pleated silk pieces

The different types of pleats

Star of the Catwalks, pleated silk is elegant and luxurious. It can be pleated in different ways to create interesting textures and patterns for your clothes, your dresses or tops or even your silk or chiffon skirts .

Accordion pleated silk

This is one of the most common pleats, where the material is folded in a zigzag pattern, it gives you the experience of a moving piece.

Sun pleated silk

This is the one we use for our dresses, skirts and tops. This pleating is done on the bias which allows an interesting and airy fullness, it offers you an experience of volume and movement which follows your movements. Sun pleats are magnificent for silk chiffon dresses or silk crepe dresses. Our Amaya and Marino dresses are made in these pleats

Pleated silk fabrics in the workshop, ready to be assembled

Pleated silk fan

This consists of pleating the material by forming fan-shaped folds, it offers you a very graphic experience to wear mainly on fashion accessories.

Wave pleated silk

It consists of wavy pleats to create a flowing texture, while zigzag pleating creates a zigzag pleat pattern.

These different pleating techniques can be used to add texture and depth to dresses, tops, accessories and decorations for an ever more unique experience on the pieces you wear.

There are many types of pleating

History of pleating

The first pleats date back to ancient Egypt, some women's dresses were pleated linen dresses. These pleats were obtained by pressing blocks to obtain the pleat.

Pleated sun: History

Sun pleated silk is a fabric pleating technique that was developed by fashion designer Mariano Fortuny in the early 20th century. This experiment consists of pleating the material in an irregular manner to create an effect of light and shadow.

Soleil pleated silk is a very complex pleating experience that requires great mastery on the part of the designer. Indeed, the pleating must be carried out very precisely to obtain a beautiful origami effect. In addition, the sun pleat technique is very demanding in terms of materials. The materials must be of very high quality, because the technique requires great stability and resistance of the material.

Zoom in on the pleats of a cream-colored garment

The end result is a fabric of great beauty, which appears to change color and texture depending on the viewing angle and ambient light. Sun pleating is therefore a very popular pleating technique in the world of haute couture for its quality in improving the unique experience of dresses.

Mariano Fortuny, the creator of this technique, was an Italian fashion designer who enjoyed great success at the beginning of the 20th century. He developed many pleating experiments, but it was sun pleating that became the most famous. Even today, many designers use this experience to create clothes in silk, muslin and other fluid materials and accessories of great finesse and elegance.

French pleats

In French fashion houses , numerous models of accordion silk chiffon dresses, or pleated silk crepe dresses of all colors and all more creative than the others and with careful details are presented in fashion shows haute couture for evening or wedding dresses.

How are our pleats made?

We have the materials for our dresses pleated by a traditional French pleater . It is an artistic profession in its own right which requires significant French know-how passed down from generation to generation.

Focus on the brand's know-how, fabrics being machine pleated

The design of the pleats is created and produced in the workshop from cardboard worked in origami. Large sheets of thick cardboard of different sizes are folded into the desired design. There are a multitude of designs, designs and shapes that allow you to create unique pleated models. A multitude of designs of different sizes can be developed: the only limit to pleated design is your imagination. Available in pretty colors or prints, the graphic effect is guaranteed and so beautiful to wear.

The preferred fabrics are silk muslins and silk crepes. Since these are natural fabrics, they must be primed to remain permanent.

How to wear our pleated silk dresses?

Wearing a pleated silk dress confers guaranteed elegance: it is the couture product par excellence.

Among our flagship pieces, our pleated silk crepe dresses and our pleated silk tops are among the house's iconic and fashionable products and are available in many colors. These models are suitable for all sizes: small sizes or large sizes, Amaya and Marino dresses are made for you. Silk is an ideal material for pleating because it is light and airy. The pleating gives it incomparable fluidity. it is very widely available in haute couture houses for evening dresses in light chiffon or silk crepe but also for formal day dresses for cocktail dresses.

AMAYA pleated silk dress

The "AMAYA" pleated dress is suitable for all sizes given its flared and mid-length cut. Whether you are slim or plus size, this dress is an iconic piece of our brand that features a slightly flared shape, sleeveless mid-length with large backless straps.

AMAYA flared mid-length dress in beige pleated silk, back view

Its pleated back in an ultra-fluid style gives it incomparable elegance and lightness of movement. The finishes and the pleat optimize the fluidity accentuated by the pleat of this mid-length dress with harmonious lines. Small or large size, this model is suitable for all women. You can complete your outfit with the blue COMETE viscose crepe outer dress which lets you only see your pretty pleated back. Thanks to its sleeves, you will be able to experience a modular dress to wear all year round for a durable piece that will become the favorite piece in your wardrobe!

MARINO pleated silk crepe dress

A second mid-length design , the "MARINO" pleated silk crepe dress has been developed with flared sleeves and a round neck at the front while keeping two crossed bands in the back reminiscent of the model of our iconic piece, the AMAYA silk crepe dress .

MARINO flared mid-length dress in coral pleated silk crepe, back view

A very airy and elegant version of the pleated dress for your events. This dress is suitable for all sizes, whether you have a small size or a large size, this pleated model is suitable for all women mainly thanks to its sleeves which allow you to hide your little complexes. It can also be worn under the Comète viscose crepe dress in a modular version. The duo offers you a complete clothing experience to wear all year round.

AMAYA pleated silk top

Our pleated silk top is the equivalent of the AMAYA dress in silk crepe in a top version. This piece, which can be combined with the blue COMETE top, is a chic version that can be worn on many occasions.

AMAYA ceremony top in yellow pleated silk, back view

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