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    Casual Trendy Dresses

    The English term "casual" translates to the word "casual". It is a light and less formal outfit. Trendy outfit idea: jeans, a top or a stylish sweater with little shoes.

    In the working world, the casual look is a link between the informal aspect by combining casual attire with a serious business style. For example, a polo shirt or a blouse with pants and a pretty blazer type jacket. Opt for a casual shirt, a cute new sweater, a tunic, chinos or a cute dress if you prefer a dressier look.

    What is a casual dress?

    The casual dress is the one that you wear easily, you feel good in it, the material is pleasant to wear. The casual dress is defined as a dress that is both classic and elegant, it is often simple with just the little detail that makes it modern and original. It's the new fad of ready-to-wear brands that uses this new term to define them. Namely, fashion was polka dots a few years ago, and with the rise of old school it is coming back in force!

    A shirt dress

    Even if the casual woman generally has more affinity for pants than for dresses, she still opts for pieces with a more feminine design provided that they are pleasant to wear. The shirt dress, fluid, light and relaxed, ticks all the boxes of the casual piece. So for a top look this summer, choose it with polka dots and combine this dress with a pair of sneakers and a belt in all simplicity.

    Long casual dress

    In this part of the article here is how the long dress adapts perfectly to the casual and chic look of the casual style regardless of your figure and your morphology.

    From the midi dress to the maxi dress, long dresses are not lacking to perfect your casual style and there are many lengths. Maxi vintage knit dresses for the beach in summer are very trendy. Colors such as green, pink or black are perfect for enhancing your outfits. Polka dot, graphic, floral or even striped or checkered patterns are also very trendy. The different materials such as poplin, jersey, cotton, muslin or any other fluid fabrics will be very pleasant with the good weather coming! V-necks and U-necks are very fashionable with clear shoulders thanks to thin straps!

    Perfect for tall women who can elegantly elongate their silhouette with sneakers, beware of smaller women who risk being squeezed. For curvy silhouettes, polka dots are perfect for your dresses.

    Casual short dress

    This article shows you how the short dress becomes the slogan of the casual and chic look of the casual style of this season regardless of your figure and your morphology.

    The short wrap dress, wrap dress, pleated dress, baby doll dress, asymmetric mid-length dress with flounce or even the oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt dress are our flagship products in this selection of short dresses. Flashy red, sand beige, ecru or lilac purple and mint green are THE colors of this year. Graphic dresses with lace, polka dots, flowers or English embroidery are must-haves this year. Low-cut cuts in the back, V-neck, boat neckline and long sleeves or angel sleeves are very trendy. For curvy silhouettes, polka dots are perfect for your dresses. For those with long legs, choose low heels so you don't stretch out any longer.

    How to dress chic and casual?

    Well-cut designer jeans

    Jeans are an absolute must-have for any cool and casual wardrobe. And the great thing about jeans is that they come in every way imaginable. For a casual look, we will rather choose an iconic blue model, in a high-waisted straight cut that goes with all silhouettes and that marks the waist. But you are free to choose your favorite jeans in a unique design according to your desires of the moment and in the colors of your choice. You can play with the mismatched pocket fashion. The main thing is that the effect produced puts you at ease!

    The chic jacket

    Being a true classic in the women's wardrobe, the blazer adapts to many occasions. Mid-length or short, for a casual leisure look, the blazer goes perfectly with all casual looks, even dresses, and above all, it goes with all silhouettes! In the office, women can opt for work trousers, a sleeveless button-down blouse and pumps, or a simple midi dress with derbies and a mid-length blazer.

    The white t-shirt

    We are subscribed to this iconic top. It is also the basic product that should not be missing and very practical in summer. In recycled cotton, oversize fashion, tight or retro printed, whatever the design, we have all already adopted it. With a suit, a pleated skirt or chinos, elegant clothes look much more casual associated with this one.