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    The different cuts of dresses

    Learn to choose the right dress

    It happens to all of us not to know what to wear and not to support ourselves in any clothes! But then, how to choose the model of your dress to show off and feel good? This advisory guide will help you determine and choose a trendy women's dress , harmonious for your curves and perfect for the different occasions that we can meet.

    Which dress according to its morphology?

    Women with a X morphology are lucky enough to be able to wear almost any dress. You have the particularity of having shoulders aligned with your hips while having a marked waist. Whether your dress is: sheath, fitted, tight, or a long or short dress, plain or printed… all these different cuts will suit you perfectly. Do not hesitate to bet on your marked size., or a bodycon jersey dress . Forget loose, oversized dresses that won't look your best.

    When a woman has a H morphology , this means that your upper body and your hips are in the same alignment without the waist being marked. The main focus here will be to create that illusion. To do this, choose a flowing straight or empire dress, which you will encircle with a belt at the level of your hips.

    There V morphology , your shoulders are wider than your pelvis. In this case, you should avoid strapless dresses, turtlenecks... which could accentuate your already marked build. Favor V-neck and fluid dresses to refine your upper body.

    To highlight the feminine forms of a morphology in O , opt for straight dresses, fluids such as a silk crepe dress and with a neckline and a small sleeve. The prints with large patterns, the stripes in length as well as the jersey bodycon dresses will accentuate your luscious build instead of making it flattering.

    Finally for the A-shaped morphology , with slender shoulders and more marked curves at the bottom. THE fitted dresses up and widening down like trapeze and empire dresses will look great on you. Beware of too tight and striped dresses that will not suit you.

    How to wear your dress?

    Re the short dress , this one reveals a good part of your legs. How to be comfortable? If you wear short, avoid anything tight. Bet on fluid materials and loose shapes. It is best to add a mid-length coat (length that would go up to the knee) in order to cover yourself and be comfortable in the various situations you may encounter. Absolutely avoid stiletto heels which can quickly look vulgar with the association of the court.

    Luscious, thin, tall or even short women can all wear a long dress . This style is not just for plus size women. Unlike the short dress, it is better to wear it with heels to give an impression of grandeur and add a chic effect. With a long dress, however, be careful about the choice of prints! Large patterns will give you volume, unlike small ones. Similarly, if your dress has horizontal stripes, these have a magnifying power unlike the vertical ones which will refine. Also beware of the length, the ideal is that your long dress comes up to the bone of the foot.

    Finally short or long the dress is worn in color, we abandon black, gray and navy blue to adopt green, red, pink and many others depending on the occasion.

    Which cut to favor according to our desires?

    You are unique, your personality has an undeniable influence on the choice of your clothes. Like a second skin, the garment is an extension of your person. What could be more elegant than the dress? She perfectly embodies femininity and refinement. Provided that the model and the cut of the dress are in line with your shapes. The one that will enhance you and highlight your strengths, while "camouflaging" the area of ​​your complexes.

    A dress that refines the silhouette?

    No woman has to inflict sacrifices on herself "just" to fit into a micro-dress. If a woman wishes to refine her figure. It is above all to feel good and put yourself forward. If you want to slim down, there are techniques, styles of dresses that will meet your desires. Some models that work every time among them are:

    • The wrap dress . This dress, tied on the side, is the most polymorphic model, in other words it can take several different forms. This style is able to blur certain curves, it is perfect for not emphasizing the love handles. Thanks to its wrap-over neckline, whatever your type of bust, it will be sublimated in an elegant way. This dress is available in a minimalist version or with a flounce.
    • Last little trick to offer you, to gain a little more finesse. You can absolutely add a few centimeters of heels. Your raised legs will give you a more slender look. Heels are not necessarily stilettos. Wedge shoes will do just fine.
    • More difficult to wear due to its short length, the mini dress is still an asset to look slimmer. Known for lengthening the silhouette thanks to its short cut. Its style, gives the feeling of having lost weight, since it pulls any morphology upwards, it is perfect for young girls in summer.
    • The buttoned dress, in particular the shirt dress . Whether short midi or long, in cotton or linen, its buttoning from top to bottom allows you to play with what you agree to show or not. Large breasts, complexed by your legs or other... This dress gives free rein to your desires, you just have to unbutton a few buttons or not. You can also add a belt, which will refine you.
    • A must in our wardrobes to refine your figure is the fitted dress . Whether or not accompanied by a belt, the fitted dress adjusts and hugs it so as to refine the waist, without compressing it.

    A Tip: in addition to being present in any dressing room, the little black dress is a piece that has the advantage of refining. Its intense color gives the impression that all those who wear it seem thinner. If you want color, in the same category you can opt for: navy blue, burgundy, mustard yellow or even brown. Some prints like polka dots can help refine its simpler silhouette than stripes. However, there is one mistake that should not be made. Do not choose an outfit that is too big for your measurements. This will give the impression that you want to hide under the fabric, the result will not necessarily be pretty, quite the contrary.

    What dress to look taller?

    Some dresses are able to restructure a morphology. By creating illusions, it is possible to appear leaner or longer. Here are three models of dresses that will help you in this goal.

    The slit dress with incomparable charm, with its famous slit on the side, it enhances the legs and gives the impression that they are bigger. Slip dress with spaghetti straps and lace, due to its extremely fine texture, makes it possible to lighten a build and give it a slender appearance. And finally in the long category: the bohemian dress long sleeve… A timeless classic! Thanks to its patterns, its amplitude and the fact that it is long. This one can pull you up as long as the fit is marked at the waist or features a plunging neckline.