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    Pre-order, how does it work?

    At Anahide Saint André, we offer certain pieces from the collection on pre-order for very high-end clothing or special fashion clothing.

    How it works ? A selection of brand clothing is created for you only in pre-order. This implies that you order your garment before they are made. Once the pre-order item has been paid for on our website, we reserve the materials and supplies, then we start manufacturing. After making the clothes, we deliver to you after a few weeks.

    This approach allows us to create fashionable and exclusive quality collections directly for you at a reasonable price. Two pre-order systems are possible at Anahide Saint André:

    Limited edition pre-order

    In this case, the fabric is in our stocks, you have 15 days to order, and we start manufacturing the model as and when customers confirm. You receive your item within 30 days at the latest. With this system, you don't have to wait too long to receive your item, since we already have the material in stock. Pre-ordering in small series is offered either from our stocks of dormant and/or scrap haute couture fabrics or with a selection of exceptional fabrics acquired in small quantities. This approach allows us to offer in our collections, exclusive clothing at a reasonable price for the quality. And the model is ready quickly to save you a long waiting time. This is the preferred model.

    The classic pre-order

    This is the most common pre-order system : The design team offers you a model of clothing, you have 15 days to order it. After 15 days, we group the requests, take orders for materials and supplies, before launching production. This system requires waiting for the material which in some cases must be woven and colored or printed. This time can vary from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the availability of the material in the right color.

    How does the pre-order system work?

    When you buy in pre-order , you buy your garment to receive it a few weeks later. This approach is different from the brand's other clothes in the collection, the stock of which is immediately available. We explain the different steps:

    The stages of a pre-order campaign in summary

    how does the pre-order work in pictures

    1. Launch of the pre-order campaign . To receive our brand's pre-order launch offers in preview, subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

    You identify an item from a pre-order collection. With the pre-order system , you benefit from an advantageous price, you are the one who triggers production. There is no stock, you have to be ready to wait for the production time on our site.

    2. You purchase your item. You will receive an email confirming your purchase and specifying how a pre-order collection works.

    A little patience, thanks to the pre-order, we limit over-stocks , but you have to be ready to wait a few weeks, the time that the items are produced by our brand's workshop in France . In the meantime, we send you news of your garment at each stage of production.

    3. The materials are reserved if they are not already in stock.

    4. Then production is launched in our workshop in Meudon, France.

    5. Pre-order clothes are shipped after quality control

    6. As soon as it is ready, your item is shipped to you. A pretty exclusive garment made in France, do not hesitate to share with your friends and on the networks.

    7. Your item is wrong? You can exchange it, we produce a small safety stock.

    How can I be sure that the garment is my size?

    If you are unsure of your size, and want to avoid unnecessary returns, there are several options available to you.

    Brand size guide

    Our size guide as well as the size advice for the garment you are interested in will give you indications for choosing the right size and avoiding errors.

    Brand customer service

    You can also contact customer service either by chat on the site or by filling out the contact form on the site, specifying your availability to contact you.

    After sales service

    You can also contact us for more information regarding the progress of your part, its availability and delivery date or contact us after receipt of the item for any useful information or exchange request.

    Learn more about the different stages of pre-ordering

    Steps 1: Pre-order campaign

    Pre-order campaigns are launched over a period of 15 days. During this period, you can purchase a pre-order item that will be delivered to you a few weeks later.

    To be informed of pre-order campaigns, you can subscribe to our newsletter on the brand's website or subscribe to our social networks Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. We communicate regularly on the brand's projects and offers throughout the year.

    Steps 2: Support for my purchase

    You pre-order and pay for your purchase on the website. Upon receipt of the pre-order item, you will receive a customer confirmation, followed by an email specifying the conditions as well as the pre-order process for your garment.

    Note that when you pre-order, you help limit overstocks for our brand. As a result, you benefit from a reduced price for this contribution.

    The confirmation of the purchase of your garment triggers the launch of the pre-order which will be made in the workshop of the French brand Anahide Saint André . Let's go, our team will send you a progress message at each stage of production.

    Steps 3 of the pre-order: Purchase of materials

    In the case of a limited series pre-order , we already have the materials, so the fabric production stage is eliminated, and we can go directly to the manufacturing stage. In this case, we use our existing fabric stocks and / or dormant stocks or we buy a few rolls of very high-end fabrics for exclusive series live at a reasonable price.

    In the case of the production of a collector's item in traditional pre-order, we collect all the pre-orders to assess the need for materials and supplies, then order it from our supplier. The waiting time can vary from a few days to a few weeks depending on whether the material is available from our supplier or must be produced by it. If the material is not available, our supplier launches the weaving, possibly the dyeing or the printing: this is one of the longest stages in the process of making a garment.

    Pre-Order Steps 4: Making Parts

    As soon as the material and supplies are available, we launch the production of the model in the brand's workshop located in Meudon, France.

    Regarding the pre-order in small quantities , the clothes are made on a one-to-one basis in order of arrival of the requests. Each piece is numbered and the numbers are assigned to the garments produced as the pre-orders are registered within a maximum period of 30 days. These series complete our collections in an exclusive way.

    Regarding classic pre-order items: Upon receipt of the materials, we start all the making of the clothes. The manufacturing time is estimated at 30 to 45 days depending on the volume of parts put into production. We inform you of the delay when confirming the pre-order.

    How long to make a garment? Upon receipt of orders we distribute the number of pieces to be produced in each size. Then we proceed to cut the parts to be assembled.

    Step 5: Delivery of my pre-ordered piece

    Our parts are then checked before being prepared for delivery to the address indicated. When paying for the price of the garment, you can choose your delivery method. Depending on this choice, you will receive your piece between 1 to 4 days. A message will inform you of the delivery.

    What happens if I get the wrong size?

    As part of a pre-order, we reserve a few pieces in stock to allow exchanges and for small quantities, we keep a little fabric to be able to redo the model. If you get the wrong size, no problem, you can exchange.

    If at the time of your purchase you are unsure about the size of the garment to be made, contact us, we will be happy to help you. You also have the brand's size guide to help you find the right match.

    Why buy in pre-order?

    At Anahide Saint André, we are committed to creating quality, durable collectibles that limit the impact of fashion on our environment. Pre-ordering contributes to this attitude without compromising on quality. We tell you all about the virtues of pre-ordering

    The pre-order system

    Originally, the pre-order is modeled on wholesale models in the fashion sector, which presents its collections to buyers 6 months before the season in salons or in showrooms so that they can choose the models to sell in stores. or department stores. They reserve the materials in advance, then the confection is launched before being delivered. This system still works but it does not necessarily limit overstocks since the buyer bets on a future sale to the end customer and if it does not happen he keeps the unsold products.

    The young creation has appropriated this mode of sale but by selling directly to consumers with the idea that they had to wait for all the stages of production. Pre-ordering starts from a simple idea: only manufacture what will be used , in other words, the parts are launched according to demand. In addition, it helps finance the launch of the collection for sale. This system is revolutionizing our relationship to time, production and consumption, still far too often punctuated by Fast Fashion. Today, this system has become a real business model for many French brands in particular.

    Economical and sustainable fashion

    In a world where Fast Fashion has taken up too much space, and where stocks are accumulating in our closets or in African countries, we are still noticing a growth in demand for clothes created and manufactured in environmentally friendly conditions. Pre-ordering allows young French brands to produce in fair quantities , and therefore, to avoid surplus parts and thus prevent the storage of unsold items. This approach, making it possible to limit unsold items, offers the possibility of offering a price that does not take into account the effects of sales and therefore of offering more attractive prices from the start for the consumer who participates in the system.

    Buy a garment that suits you

    The pre-order system allows you to choose a product even before it is available. These products are made taking into account the requests of our usual customers during the creation phase. Your advice and comments help us define the ideal article to create for you and thus meet your needs. These rich exchanges really help us and encourage us to offer you creative and adapted products.

    Reduce inventory and overproduction

    Pre-ordering allows brands to plan exactly how many pieces to produce and therefore how much fabric and supplies to use! No more excesses, we reduce on the one hand the surplus stock of collections but also the over-stocks of fabrics and supplies! This approach allows control of stocks and prices throughout the production process, eliminating excess and unnecessary expenses for quality confection while respecting our environment.

    Pre-ordering is a certain ecological alternative to consume ethically and without feeling guilty while wearing something other than vintage or second-hand clothes. Its main advantage, in addition to the quality materials used, is to be able to produce the exact quantity of parts to sell without overproduction . No more mountains of unsold items and this approach makes it possible to offer quality products at the best price !

    Indeed, tons of manufactured clothes are not sold, they are sent from one store to another and sometimes end up in the trash or sent back by cargo ship to African countries where they are burned. All these resources mobilized unnecessarily!

    Supporting slow fashion and committed designers

    Over the past few decades, consuming in excess had become commonplace: customers no longer consumed out of need but out of habit or to follow trends that changed every week. Knowing the difference between a desire and a real crush is essential. The pre-order purchase is a strong commitment , it requires paying in advance for a piece that we will not receive until later and requires a waiting period. It is therefore necessary to be patient and therefore sure of its acquisition to wear it.

    Slow fashion brands are committed brands that offer collections throughout the year in small quantities and disconnected from the mechanism of seasons and trends. They go against the current of fast fashion which imposes an incessant rhythm on the release of new collections created and launched every month and barely worn. It is a bias that puts the product back at the center of the purchasing process for lucid pleasure and sustainable consumption that is not influenced by various trends. We advocate for timeless, quality fashion that goes through time without a wrinkle.

    The pre-order system allows you to have fun and enrich your wardrobe without feeling guilty. For a customer, adopting this type of purchasing behavior is the best way to engage and encourage young French slow fashion brands.

    Limited series and unique pieces

    Thanks to the pre-order, you have the possibility of positioning yourself as a prescriber of the pieces created by our brand. You are part of the clientele who ordered a product created in a limited edition, nothing for a handful of elected officials Through this mode of consumption, you express a strong commitment to the brand while expressing your tastes and needs which are very precious to future creations.

    Pre-ordering involves you directly in the creation process through your financial support and your enthusiasm for the items on offer. For some brands, pre-ordering allows us to create more innovative, impressive and very creative products for our customers. Produced in limited series and exclusively, this leaves them with a very wide range of possibilities and allows them to stand out.

    Don't forget, you are our best ambassadors!

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