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    A fluid viscose dress

    A natural and soft material, it is made from wood pulp. It is necessary to be vigilant on the conditions of manufacture of this material and in particular on the conditions of deforestation. A little help to understand this very common material in fashion in competition with cotton. Many items are available in all sizes, all lengths in this printed or plain top fashion fabric very popular with women in summer and winter.

    Viscose details

    The slim version

    Fine fabrics are perfect for making casual chic, ethnic or bohemian pieces. Many looks are developed in plain colors or in light, floral or geometric prints: ideal for wide and flowing maxi pieces or flared skirts. The short ruffled sleeves made in this material are vaporous and evanescent.

    This material is available on wrap cuts or fluid belted jumpsuits or light tops, shirts with pretty collars often on pretty little floral prints or ethnic motifs.

    The classy version

    There are heavier weaving versions to make more structured garments:

    Matte crepes allow for fluid and heavy dresses with cuts oscillating around the body giving an incomparable fall for a cocktail party in midi length, or a bridesmaid in a mini version.

    For a cocktail outfit or a long satin-backed crepe dress, the possibilities are endless for creating exceptional pieces and impressive back details or sleeve effects. It comes in classic black or blue or more trendy green, pink or red.

    Choose your viscose dress

    Bohemian viscose dress

    It is essential for all women in this material and it is suitable for all sizes and morphologies. More economical and easier to wear than silk clothes, it has become a must in our women's locker rooms. It comes in a short or very long version, wide or fitted with a belt. The short flared or balloon sleeves or the collars in this material are of the most beautiful effect.

    If the Bohemian style is very trendy, vintage designs from the 40s such as reinvented in mid-length styles in colorful floral prints, or melted patterns and small round buttons are perfect in this fabric.

    Mixed with cotton, or in jersey, the little light summer beach outfit with straps or ruffles is also available in different lengths. To be worn without moderation in a flared version,

    Chic structured viscose dress

    It is made in heavier but nevertheless flexible weaves and highlights the silhouette of women.

    Evening outfits, ultra-elegant and haute couture long dresses are made in this noble fabric, including flared outfits and a sexier sheath shape. Small details of jeweled buttons or lace or applied belts bring an original note.

    It is one of the favorite materials of the Anahide Saint André brand, used for its entire modular line and the cocktail outfits of the fashion house in summer and winter.