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    The elegant silk top

    Silk is a luxury product originating from Asia. This natural fiber textile (like linen or cotton ) is one of the most precious and delicate. Women's silk tops such as: blouses , blouses , shirts , tunics or the good old t-shirt , show incomparable comfort and softness. In addition to offering many advantages, this textile is a great fashionable basic that inspires designers for their collections .

    What cut for a silk top?

    Recognize natural silk

    You don't have to be an expert in tops and blouses to recognize silk. You will recognize it by its luminosity, its softness, its ability to absorb and insulate but also by its finesse and radiance. By touch you will know how to recognize it! This elegant fabric offers enormous comfort in all seasons due to its lightness and the fact that it does not irritate the skin (it is not an allergenic fabric). Wearing an elegant silk blouse , a classic shirt, a light, casual silk camisole is a real pleasure, especially since it is a natural and light material.

    The qualities of silk?

    Silky, light and shiny, it is a luxurious material. Fluid and vaporous , this style of top dresses you with elegance with its softness and lightness. The weaving of the silk thread, extra fine, is easily colored, so it allows you to create various and sumptuous pieces to have absolutely in your wardrobe . Like a second skin, this fabric contributes to the thermal regulation of the body. This is the reason why you can put on a top, a blouse or a silk dress and that in any season as well in autumn , winter as in summer even without a sleeve slipped under a jacket.

    The silk top on what occasion?

    How to select your blouse or top? Here are some tips for wearing this must-have in our wardrobes, which comes in all sizes and colors. let's go for an irreproachable silk look!

    Silk for a chic event

    Silk is one of the noblest materials . The tops made from it, directly on the skin, are incredibly sensual . In general, this women's top is absolutely perfect for going out for any occasion: restaurant, elegant evening, special event... In addition to being very feminine , this very light material allows you to breathe and not sweat. It absolutely must be part of the wardrobe . The tank top is a winning asset, which accompanies you to all your events while remaining trendy . It comes in endless variations according to the dress code of the event. In the version dressed to be a chic woman , several possibilities are available to you: the camisole with its thin straps and its lace for indeed the most incredible with a touch of sexy in satin silk or muslin for the summer. For a casual and glamorous version, opt for a loose blouse with long sleeves . Bet on the silk blouse with its light sleeves and V-neck for its unique fit and unparalleled comfort.

    The top for every day

    This garment is a classic and chic piece to have absolutely in your wardrobe . Silk tops dress up an outfit and make it timeless, it is made to last over time. With or without sleeves , short or long sleeves , in black, in color or flower print , round or V neck … Over jeans for a casual and casual look while being particularly feminine . This top can be worn during the day or at work thanks to its refined effect. For casual but chic evenings, tank tops, with wide or thinner straps , will be perfect to accompany you with jeans or pants. And for the chilly, the twinset version will be ideal for an elegant, comfortable and warmer look. Select by us, you can also opt for different cuts such as: the camisole , the blouse or the blouse with a silk V-neck .

    Women have a soft spot for silk. However, our lifestyles do not always allow us to put on beautiful pieces. On the other hand, a small silk top is ideal to integrate among the clothes in your wardrobe. It is easy to wear and no matter what events you are invited to. New little advice, offered by the house: don't forget the silk scarf , an essential accessory to embellish your look !