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    Why choose a cotton top?

    The cotton t-shirt:

    In summer or winter, every woman's wardrobe must have pieces of this fabric. Wearing 100% organic cotton or Oekotex-certified clothing is ideal. There are also many blends, collections, which allow you to take advantage of the advantages of both cotton and other materials at the same time, such as: linen, silk, or other natural fabrics... The combinations are diverse and varied, choose then becomes more complicated.

    History of cotton

    This material comes from a plant from India. It is a plant fiber that surrounds the seeds of the plant. It is cultivated under certain conditions in tropical or subtropical climates. This plant needs a lot of water but also fears cold and frost. That said, the plant is recognized for its many properties, it is the most used fiber in the world. Endowed with many qualities, flexible, soft and comfortable, it is a real pleasure to wear it woven, for women, children and men alike.

    Advantages and disadvantages of cotton?

    Despite its many advantages, its fabrics in particular have disadvantages. Indeed, these tend to shrink, they lose the brightness of their color over time, due to their sensitization to humidity (they develop small spots of humidity or mold… if they are poorly stored) and finally, because of their fragility, they tear easily.

    Despite some small flaws, it has many advantages:

    • Its insulating power is a means of “keeping warm”. Be aware that scratching this fabric makes its surface fluffy and thus retains the heat in contact with the body. For example, tops like zipped hoodies are often in brushed jersey on the inside, hence the plush toupee side is warm and comfortable.

    • Absorbency: it is for this property that it is mainly used in bath linen collections (towels, bathrobes, etc.).

    • Finally, the best advantage of this one remains, its ease of maintenance and cleaning. Practical when you know the hectic lifestyle of women!

    cotton tops

    Cotton expands?

    It is a very popular textile present in all collections, because of its price and its comfort as well at the level of round neck t-shirts, shirts, basic shirt with or without sleeves and other women's clothing. On the other hand, it can be criticized for shrinking after washing, unlike other materials which show much more stability. It is for this reason that we should not buy clothes in our usual size because they can shrink. If the garment is made of elastane, or jersey, then taking your size is not a problem.

    In addition, the fact that dyes fade over time is also possible. To maintain or revive the colors of a t-shirt or top with or without sleeves, consider lemon juice, known for its cleansing and whitening properties. He will be your best ally! In addition, it is a material that tears easily and is sensitive to humidity. It is not uncommon to discover small damp spots on poorly arranged fabrics. It is able to withstand high temperatures, so it supports ironing with a hot iron. Be careful though, an iron that is too hot can yellow the white.

    A top for every day?

    A soft and pleasant material, poplin is one of the most used materials for the essential pieces of women's dressing for all seasons. Women wear them almost every day... Whether you're looking for t-shirts, tank tops, crop tops... called "classic", loose or close-fitting, short-sleeved or long-sleeved tops, short or long, tops necklines or with a pretty collar or more chic tops… Choose an organic material or Oekotex or a mix with linen. Many models are available in various colors ranging from white t-shirts to black t-shirts, including red, pink, orange, green or even blue.

    In any season, its softness is inimitable. It is very comfortable and not allergic. It allows the skin to breathe easily and is very hygienic. In addition, it remains very inexpensive as a rule, although certain types of poplins stand out due to their “rarity” and the care given to them. Regarding the different styles of tops, they are multiple and can be declined with original collars. Worn as a very simple, casual t-shirt, this material will bring lightness and simplicity to your look, while remaining fashionable. On the contrary, to be a more elegant and above all refined woman, you can opt for the white shirt that will be perfect.