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    Choose your business dress

    First and foremost, you need to be made aware of the company's dress code . You need to know what is allowed and accepted or not in terms of clothing when you are at the office . It is true that nowadays companies are more and more flexible with regard to their clothing policy. However, being chic remains essential. It is therefore necessary to complete your dressing room with new "strong" and quality pieces such as: blazer , pants , sheath dress , midi dress , straight dress ... It's up to you to find your balance and make clever outfit choices. and balanced. Your look must remain elegant , professional and sober , but nothing prevents you from bringing your personal touch to adapt it to your silhouette .

    How to dress as a businesswoman?

    The most important thing in choosing your outfit and that you must feel comfortable. No hesitation to have, you must feel good and be free to move. Your clothes give you confidence in your abilities. No need to stress yourself out if you feel worse in a room... Change your outfit. After determining what you want to “hide or not”. Adapt the models, the cuts of the different business dresses ... To what you are looking for. Your feelings must come first.

    Wear a business dress

    Opt for a style according to the weather. Because yes, it's the little details that make the difference. Sweating or being cold disrupts our “well-being” and our self-confidence for the day. We will give you advice, in order to avoid this.

    When it comes to dressing for the office in winter, we tend to forget the elegance of clothing. To not be cold, the technique is to multiply the thicknesses to be warm. The objective is to obtain an elegant and feminine result. For an ideal style of clothing at work , choose warm materials: wool , cashmere ... For your sweaters, business dresses ... Play on the "several layers" effect, do not hesitate to put a sweater over a shirt for example. Long, warm coats and scarves are of course recommended. Some ideas:
    - The long-sleeved straight dress in very trendy printed silk crepe
    - Very fashionable knee-length pencil dress highlights your waist
    - The sheath dress for an elegant effect at the office
    - Very fashionable wool trousers and blazer matched with a silk blouse and a belt

    How do you dress when it's hot? In summer, light and fluid fabrics are recommended such as silk for example. Materials such as linen or cotton are particularly effective against perspiration. (Avoid synthetic materials at all costs.). Despite the high summer heat, the goal is to remain chic and elegant in all circumstances. Some models:
    - The flared dress , V-neck in crepes and with short sleeves
    - The round neck sleeveless dress , perfect for a company party (just like the knee-length sheath dress )
    - The classic and feminine cocktail dress in short light printed fabric
    - The perfect pleated midi dress or skirt also as an evening dress

    Business dress and colors

    Choosing the right colors is an art! Dark shades such as: black, navy blue, brown… Represent a real source of security. If you're not sure if the colors in your look go well together, forget it. In summer, you can opt for floral patterns that remain discreet. To be well all day long, you have to be sure of yourself. Choose the colors in which you feel good: pastel, flashy, dark, light... It doesn't matter as long as your look is controlled and remains reasonable. If you're not sure you want to wear a shade like fuchsia pink, but you actually like it. You still have the possibility of wearing it with accessories such as: a belt , a bag ... Think of the little colorful details that will add a plus.
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    Our advice for a business outfit:

    The small details to take into consideration ( silhouette , size , cut ...). To avoid a woman 's outfit that is too sexy or not appropriate for the office or in front of clients . Here is a small collection of products to avoid, which will do you a great favor :
    - Your clothes may be snug, but not tight. You must be free in your movements to be efficient and comfortable.
    - Close-fitting skirts or dresses should never be too tight .
    - Plunging necklines and small short blouses are not always acceptable, especially if you have a generous chest.
    - Beware of white dresses , pants ... which can sometimes let your underwear show through. Sheer clothing should be strictly avoided.
    - If your attire is appropriate and professional as a whole. You can afford to show off your shoulders .
    - Your dresses should never be short . The knee length is recommended because you will be quiet. Long dresses are also very popular.
    - Elegant jeans can be accepted without problem in certain companies. Provided that your top is more dressy: a blouse , a shirt or a small patterned shirt tunic .
    - Dresses that are too sophisticated connoted evening dresses

    Keep these pieces for other occasions such as: for an evening after work, cocktail party , evening with friends... Forget about these different styles for going to work.

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    The "business woman" style

    It doesn't matter where you work. The way you dress accentuates a difference in how you are perceived (especially for women). It is important to understand that your wardrobe reflects your ambitions and in some way, your character traits.

    Being properly dressed in your company shows the people around you (boss, colleagues, customers, etc.) that you are not neglecting yourself. Your style conveys a serious and reliable image in the office . On the other hand, if you neglect yourself... You risk being perceived as a person who does not have a high regard for his work . Therefore, you risk missing out on some opportunities that could be beneficial in your career path.

    Even if it is important that you are well dressed, it is not essential to be in the trend without necessarily being fashionable at all costs. If you are not confident with the subject, you can opt for options with classic and timeless cuts, but still modern .

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    The "dress business"

    The dress is one of the fashionable pieces and one of the most suitable for the office . Perfectly adjusted to a woman's silhouette , the business dress allows you to be completely free to move. Choosing to wear a dress offers a perfect mix between femininity and professionalism . To sum up, it is: comfortable , elegant , sober , chic , feminine … It has everything to conquer the heart of a woman . Especially since it is available in many cuts and lengths ... Something to satisfy all tastes and all body types. Most women today have taken to pants . Wearing a dress in the office sets you apart and makes us stand out.
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    Whatever company you work in, whether it is demanding or not (in terms of clothing). Above all, you must favor and opt for clothes that make you feel beautiful and comfortable.