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    What outfits for a casual chic style at Anahide?

    Anahide Saint André offers its "high Casual" collection made in eco-design with dormant stocks from haute couture suppliers and made in France. This casual chic women's style wardrobe is intended for women who are looking for a casual and comfortable wardrobe while being creative and chic. The casual chic women's style according to Anahide Saint André is available as the cool chic version of the house's haute couture line "Timeless couture" with more everyday materials for the day, weekends and at work that you will keep in your dressing room for a long time. .

    What is the Anahide casual chic style?

    The Anahide Saint André women's casual chic style reflects the clean style of the brand, playing on linings and openings with color and prints. Inspired by the Japanese IKI aesthetic, we offer our casual collections in cotton satins, poplins, cotton voiles and cotton silks and woolens in a chic and relaxed spirit. This line of casual clothing is easy to wear for any occasion during the day, weekend or to work. True to its long-term commitment, the brand creates its "casual chic" collections or timeless pieces that combine with the house's modular and reversible pieces.

    A casual and elegant look

    What is the casual chic style for women? Casual chic mixes timeless pieces with more elegant clothing and accessories. This casual chic women's style is very suitable for our busy lifestyles where work, telework, homes, friends, children, evenings follow one another... we never stop and we are looking for a style of clothing that suits us. . The time of the very formal suit jacket and white shirt, or the pencil skirt, sexy bodice and stiletto is behind us. Between formal and teenage looks, casual chic stands out as the unstoppable universal style in the office, at home or with friends. What women's clothes to have to adopt an easy and comfortable look that will give you confidence in all circumstances.

    First of all, here are the essential basic pieces to have a flawless casual chic style : Jeans and a pair of sneakers are among the perfect essential pieces of this cool wardrobe. Choose committed brands like the 1083 brand for jeans and Veja for sneakers. The little black suit jacket, the blazer and the masculine straight overcoat are also essential items in your chic and casual women's wardrobe. The loose oversize sweater or even the timeless little sailor sweater will be your simple and effective essentials which, worn with a skirt or jeans, will be the winning items for a comfortable and feminine look. you can only love

    For an unstoppable casual-chic look, wear these standard pieces of the women's wardrobe with a more original piece or accessory: You can choose an essential piece such as jeans with a white or colored designer shirt worn with a slightly oversized long overcoat or a large black blazer in quickdraw mode. The casual-chic adores the measured oversize, it immediately gives an elegant and feminine look but also very cool studied.

    Anahide Saint André offers a selection of cool and casual women's pieces that you can mix with your feminine essentials.

    Sporty chic casual look

    The sport chic sport look imprinted in the sportswear wardrobe but declined with materials borrowed from the everyday wardrobe: Cotton satins, poplins, printed cotton linings are matched to choose a timeless chic and feminine designer style piece. The white or black t-shirt remains a chic basic that goes easily with well-cut viscose jogging pants or jeans: an ultra-comfortable look to wear at home or at the weekend.

    The association of dressy jogging and white t-shirt with a suit jacket or a blazer is perfect to adopt the casual chic style. On the other hand, avoid the old cotton jogging, certainly very comfortable but whose outfit borders on the neglected. Also avoid the legendary, so easy leggings that have invaded our dressing rooms and have unproven elegance: we reserve them for cocooning days in isolated mode in front of the TV! It's going to take a little extra for a cool yet stylish sporty look!

    Adopt the slightly baggy trouser style associated with a colored t-shirt or a shirt worn a little scruffy with a long jacket: a perfect sartorial touch. On the accessory side, the chic and casual banana bag is back in force, but the branded leather bag will also play its small effect in this subtle mix of both sport and an inimitable chic side.

    You'll also love the denim jacket for a slightly neglected trendy touch mixed with an original top and basic pants. You will also have to bring him a trendy accessory like a chic leather bag to complete your look.

    How to have a casual chic look?

    Ideas for casual chic looks Anahide Saint André during the day

    The association of casual chic women's clothing is available without limit and in record time, all you need to have in your dressing room are a few original and trendy pieces associated with the great basics of the women's wardrobe, and you're done. A selection of white bodices and tops declined with finishing details that alone dress up an outfit.

    Discover the Mon Coeur top, the hanah blouse and the blouse illustrate this chic side to wear with jeans and sneakers to adopt a casual look assured with a touch of elegance.

    Adopt a sporty and feminine casual look by wearing the Tennis MATCH POINT dress and a nice pair of trainers: a must in this wardrobe for a cool style.

    Another style idea: Combine a piece such as the SCOTTY skirt with a very comfortable sweater, or the GRAND LARGE shirt dress or even formal trousers with a silk bodice and a slightly too large jacket for a studied look that is associated with a oversize bag will be the most beautiful effect..

    Casual chic evening in Anahide Saint André

    In a slightly more dressy version, discover two of the brand's icons, the printed reversible Nomade sweatshirt combined with the plain fluid Sirius jogging pants or in the associated print are the essentials acclaimed by the house's loyal customers for a guaranteed cool look. .

    Combine a piece such as the NOMADE sweatshirt with a basic straight skirt and you're done for a cool and studied style. The sweatshirt is the simple casual trendy piece to keep in your wardrobe.

    A silk shirt or top or a silk knit t-shirt paired with cool pants and sneakers is an original and easy idea to create a casual dress style. You can wear it with a simple tote bag or even a small leather shoulder bag.

    Choosing a chic and casual piece no longer has any secrets for you and is even very simple to implement, you can adopt a chic and feminine comfort attitude without being stuffy by cleverly mixing your clothes and accessories to complete your look.