Top 5 des accessoires incontournables et tendances en 2023

Top 5 essential and trendy accessories in 2023

You are invited to an evening, a party with friends, a wedding, a cocktail or any other occasion. You find your evening dress or formal dress too basic or you hesitate to choose an additional item to your outfit for fear of being too or not dressed enough. A priori must be forgotten and you must accessorize your outfits with elegance to always appear dressed.


reversible top and skirt set in silk and cotton with organic blue pattern and matching hat

Have you chosen your most beautiful short-sleeved dress for summer with a very light fabric like silk, chiffon or lace and are you afraid of getting a sunburn on your back or on your arms? Are you afraid of ending up as red as a crayfish and ruining your best tan? Because yes, not all parties take place in the evening once the sun has set. Dare to choose to wear your most beautiful flowing dress in bright white chiffon, your favorite long flared skirt with a little sleeveless top and compete with your man in a suit and his pretty bow tie at this party with the perfect accessory that protects your hair and your head from the sun!

Large, small or even brooch

This accessory of the moment which will protect you from the sun, combined with your swimsuit, your beach outfit and your shoes. Small or large, straw, felt or canvas, hats and other headgear are indeed on the podiums this year too! Timeless and modern, vary the models, shapes and colors. At the beach or by the pool, for sunbathing or partying, you enhance your outfits at weddings or other ceremonies. It is the accessory for all your outfits!

Discover the 2023 selection

Whether for protection from the sun, for a sophisticated look for a wedding or a reception, for a vacation outfit or for everyday wear, the hat can be worn day or night to enhance your outfits.

For several seasons, the hat has been a must-have. With its wide edges, it has found its place in women's summer outfits. The bucket hat has also made a big comeback since 2020 with the rise of old school and collections that draw inspiration from the 1990s. The wide-brimmed straight hat is also one of the hats of the moment in view of summer 2023. More sportswear and casual, the cap is also a timeless hat that is reinvented every year and which is of course a must-have.

Spring floppy hats

Hats are essential and above all timeless headwear. These accessories come back every summer. It is therefore a must have . The fashionable material this summer is obviously straw for a chic look. What could be better for a wedding than this accessory to enhance your dress or outfit.

Trendy women's bob for summer 2023

In linen or cotton, a comeback from the 1990s, the bob is the variation of the hat. The bob has become the latest must-have in streetwear for several years and is sexy on women's heads this summer. Ties to tie are also very popular this year.

Women's caps, look 2023

Another alternative, caps! Which also have their effect. The current materials are linen or cotton. This product is timeless and for all generations!


Casa kimono jacket navy blue linen wool reversible ideal for X-shaped body types

To accompany your evening dress or cocktail dress, what could be better than choosing the belt as a decorative accessory. Even beach dresses deserve their little accessory that can be worn like jewelry to enhance your body. With rhinestones or ivory beads, on a tunic for a bohemian look, it's the basic essential that will serve you well!

Thick, thin or elegant jewelry

It is a practical and timeless accessory. Today we dare to wear it on all clothes, not just to hold up pants or close a coat. The belt can even leave the waist to become a simple accessory.

Classic belts

Leather belts are timeless accessories, which can be easily worn with jeans and pants, opt for black, brown, beige, white or even navy blue. The metal buckle also remains sober. And the width of the belt is generally adapted to the trouser loops. Prints add a certain touch of originality. Models in silver, gold, bronze or in shades of pink, yellow, turquoise... will bring dynamism to your outfits and your light shirts.

The fashionable and feminine braided belt

Braided is still in use. It easily adapts to all styles. It gives a casual look and goes very well with jeans. It will go well with bell bottom pants or a floral and vaporous dress for a bohemian and light style.

The extra-wide belt, at the forefront of fashion

They particularly highlight the waist and are recommended for structuring a silhouette. These belts can be more or less discreet. Tie cords, like a kimono obi, are also perfect for sculpting the volumes of your outfit. Those that are very wide bring a touch of femininity and originality.

The belt to tie around the waist

These are not intended to hold your garment in place but they add structure around your silhouette. Many models come simply in the form of a link or cord, in cotton, leather, mesh...

The fashion silver chain

For her too it is mainly a question of aesthetics. Chains are very popular at the moment. Gold, silver, with ornaments, making one or more turns..., they are worn on the waist, most often with high-waisted pants but also on a bare stomach at the beach as jewelry!

The banana belt, a basic

The fanny pack in a bag or at the waist has really made a fashionable place for itself in 2023. With modern models you can wear the fanny pack both around the waist and across the chest around the shoulder. Two words: inspiring and practical to study depending on the circumstances of the party.

The bags

sunglasses essential accessory for an event or party in high season

We will show you the complement of your long or short evening dresses or your most beautiful skirts that will drive your men crazy. Your dresses in light fabric like chiffon or silk deserve this sexy little item of choice that will serve you well on your big day. Choose it in white, with sequins, the same color as your suit, match with your little black dress or better your most beautiful white shirt or even in the same print as your man's shirt. So many criteria to date that one can get lost. But here is our selection:

Handbag and clutches

Color is this year’s main inspiration! For some, the clutch is just a basic accessory while for others it is a crucial element of the evening dress. For us, the clutch is the accessory that perfects your outfit and even more so your evening dress. Practical, useful and never has been . It completes, finalizes and improves all outfits. Whether full of artifice or simple, handbag options are flooding the market, so you're bound to find shoes for your feet.

Minimalist fashion for all occasions

This appeared a few years ago and persists. For this year 2023, it is orange, green, purple, red, candy pink and all these punchy colors that dominate the market. So leave aside your black, beige or even gray handbags in dull shades for your evenings and decide to choose to use sequins, floral prints, rhinestones, velvet and other original flourishes.

Today's vintage models

Cult classics such as the shoulder bag and the tote bag are still in style. The inspiration for this year's accessories? The 90s and the transition to the year 2000! Make way for old school revisited through accessories where pastel colors, clean lines and monochrome designs are the very essence of 2023 inspirations.

Bucket bags, the elegance of the mini

In large, medium or small sizes. This year, as we said, it's the mini-bag's big moment. So take the essentials for your parties, you won't be able to be cluttered! This bag will enhance your dresses and outfits and will be your evening companion, even if he's not wearing a shirt, suit or bow tie!

Fanny packs, our dear dad's bag

They were really all the rage at the time. Paired with a bucket hat and white sneakers, we all have the cliché in mind. This style has been cursed for too many years. Today, carrying it over the shoulder is an inseparable part of going out. However, very practical and very casual, it remains a streetwear genre.

Moon-shaped leather shoulder bag

It literally goes with everything. The soft leather inside and out only contributes to the design and provides amazing durable quality that significantly extends the life of the bag. Monogram prints are very fashionable among luxury brands such as Dior and Gucci, which offers many shoulder bags.

The baguette-style shoulder bag

This accessory is worn under the shoulder and reminds us a lot of the handbag of the 90s and 2000s. It is very easy to wear with almost everything and will match perfectly with your party dresses.

The shoes

party and ceremony accessories chic heels

Flat shoes or heels?

That little extra that brings extra style to your outfits! The trend since 2019 is to tie the straps of our shoes over our pants or knee socks. A fashion that does not please everyone but which remains in the 2023 aspirations!

Flat fabric shoes

Women's sneakers have been enjoying their heyday for several years now! For a long time hated because considered streetwear and too casual. And if you are not convinced by a nice pair of sneakers you can opt for platform sneakers, they will be perfect with a long-sleeved shirt and a little bow tie for an offbeat style.

Spring summer 2023 models

This summer, like last year, mules are in fashion! With a flat or heel version. In terms of new features, the clog will reap all the laurels. It comes in all colors and styles. We also favor platform shoes, which are comfortable and modern. Biker boots are increasingly being combined with little summer dresses. Just like the sandal which had already conquered for several seasons paired with a simple long blazer and not with flower or sequin prints like the old fashioned one, because even if old school is the fashion of the moment we take the risk of be cheesy!

Colors to use

Summer colors are soft and pastel is in the spotlight, however be careful to combine pastel which can quickly look faded or outdated. Silver is also popular whether for ankle boots, sandals, ballerinas or moccasins. For flat or heeled sandals, it's white that brightens up your evening outfits or your pretty summer shirts! Turquoise, sky or pastel, blue will be one of the strong colors of the season.


pink embossed silk lingerie cocktail dress

A slit neckline or your revealed back and your hair pulled back which gives you this elegant look deserves a maxi long necklace which will sublimate you day and night. This fashion element is the best choice to complete that evening dress that you like so much. But choosing the right jewelry is not an easy task. The choice of your haircut, the print of your shirt and even the color of your man's suit are criteria that can be taken into account. There are a multitude of choices available to you.

Sophisticated or elegant chic

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Golden jewelry, silver chains, gems... as with the handbags, the jewelry is clearly vintage this year. Inspired by the 60s to 90s, these accessories are essential to look your best for spring and summer.

Pearls, elegant and iconic

They are everywhere in 2023. The pearl necklace is a timeless piece that gets a real facelift with its choker version. Consider tying your hair high to clear your neck. We also find pearls on the rings which replace the diamond for a sophisticated look. Fantasy is also up to date with pendants inspired by the 2000s.

Mismatched earrings

Brands are now offering solo earrings rather than pairs. The penchant is for mismatched ear jewelry. This is the new mix & match inspiration.

Chic and trendy colored rings

Back to the 80s. The rings of 2023 are XXL and colorful. the goal ? Opt for the most imposing and old school references. Our advice: combine them with other metal jewelry to avoid being too much .

Classic silver jewelry

Gold has dominated the last ten years. We are now seeing a small turnaround in fashion: silver is taking a lead over jewelry like chains, crosses and studs. It is also very common to mix the two.

The magnificent trendy hoop earrings in 2023

This accessory is timeless. In its classic version or in references inspired by the 2000s such as colorful hoop earrings, girly messages or even the XXL format are making a comeback in 2023!

Wedding season is officially here. It's the return of dresses and skirts. But what about accessories? To help you accessorize your cocktail dress for a wedding, consult our article: How to accessorize your cocktail dress for a wedding?

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