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    Collections of eco-responsible women's clothing

    Anahide Saint André is a French brand of high-end women's clothing.

    We create and manufacture for you durable, well-finished clothes, destined to become the darlings of your wardrobe. All our models are made in our workshop in France.

    A selection of materials and end of series from exceptional French and Italian weavers. Our fabric scraps are recycled, sorted and reworked for limited series and charitable projects that are important to us. Luxury and high-end ethical models at fair prices, without sales but a program that rewards our loyal and committed customers.

    Which brand of eco-responsible clothing?

    When looking to consume responsibly, the first question that comes to mind is what are the eco-responsible brands? Difficult to find your way around and be able to confidently buy ethical or organic clothing that respects the planet and its inhabitants.

    Unlike fast fashion brands, At Anahide Saint André we offer eco-responsible clothing for women, meaning that at each stage of the design of our collections we ensure that we respect our environment as much as possible. We explain how to recognize a responsible brand and how Anahide Saint André is an eco-responsible brand

    What is a responsible or eco-responsible brand?

    An eco-responsible brand ensures at each stage of the creation of its clothing lines that it respects its environment and limits pollution of the planet. An eco-responsible fashion brand has an economic model that is the opposite of a fast fashion brand, whether in terms of the choice of materials or the choice of production model. The approach of an eco-responsible fashion brand is better for the planet because it seeks to limit the environmental impact of this industry at all stages of the design, manufacturing and consumption process. Discover our mode of operation which identifies us as a luxury and eco-responsible fashion brand.

    Ethical fashion and eco-responsible clothing

    Environmentally friendly materials

    We select certified natural or artificial fibres . Natural materials come from textile fibers directly produced by nature, in particular plant fibers (organic cotton, linen, hemp, etc.) or animal fibers (wool, silk, etc.): We select natural woven and dyed textile materials. in Europe and preferably organic or labeled when possible. Artificial materials are materials derived from fibers made from natural materials but requiring chemical transformation to become a fiber (Viscose, Tencel, Lyocell, etc.). For these textile materials and in particular for the viscose that we use a lot, we ensure that they are FSC certified, meaning that the wood pulp comes from responsible forest production.

    Using quality natural, ecological or certified textile materials contribute to environmental protection at the source. We strive to use certified materials for our fabrics. Our suppliers are also working to gradually have their fabrics certified.

    To find out more about ecological materials and labels and identify which are the best fabrics. check out our blog posts:

    What textile materials for your clothes?

    All our scrap materials are recycled and reused for the manufacture of limited series or for charitable projects. Recycling our textile materials is an integral part of our organization.

    Design of our clothes

    Our clothes are designed according to a responsible logic, that is to say that from the design, the selection of materials, its design logic and its manufacturing method, the style team ensures that the future garment is as least possible pollutant. The team studies the life cycle of the future product: What is the origin of the fiber which constitutes the material of the future clothing? Under what conditions are the materials woven, taking into account the mode and place of weaving but also under what conditions did the people weave the materials? Then she studies the manufacturing conditions of the garment using the same logic. The design of the garment itself is important: will the assembly conditions be strong enough? Will the construction of the garment allow for easy repair or transformation, thereby extending the life of the garment? Furthermore, the company ensures the recycling of remaining fabrics, the end of life of clothing by supporting customers on recycling options, second hand, etc.

    Manufacture of clothing made in France

    Choosing to manufacture in France has been a strong choice for our company since the creation of the brand. This approach allows us to perpetuate French sewing know-how and to employ haute couture trades such as our pleaters, embroiderers, etc. When we manufacture a garment made in France, it is also a question of transmission . of know-how within the workshop to help our teams grow. Manufacturing in France also allows us, on our scale, to contribute to employment in France .

    It is also in the cozy environment of the Meudon workshop in France, that we share with our customers: your valuable opinions, your informed comments, your favorites allow us to create your dream models for you.

    Produce in small quantities

    At Anahide Saint André we manufacture in small series and reproduce if necessary. The opposite of a fast fashion brand, clothing manufactured in small quantities allows us to control production and reduce the impact of overstock.

    We also offer exceptional pieces for pre-order. Exceptional materials purchased from our haute couture suppliers or dormant stocks from French fashion houses allow us to offer you exceptional pieces in limited series.

    For silk crepe cocktail outfits or wedding ceremony dresses , your formal evening outfits or even for your tailor-made everyday clothing, our workshop makes the best pieces adapted to your body shape all year round. wear them sustainably for ethical and responsible fashion.

    An ethical fashion brand for quality clothing

    It is the combination of clothing made with sustainable and ethical ecological materials with beautiful finishes which allows the source to better protect the environment. Selecting a quality material but also the workmanship and beautiful finishes contribute to the durability of the garment and its ability to repair it. Sourcing ethical materials woven in Europe combined with local quality production made in France helps limit the impact of an ethical fashion brand on its environment.

    Consume responsibly

    Responsible consumption is within the reach of every man and woman who wishes to consume and limit their ecological and environmental footprint. Choosing quality natural, organic or certified organic cotton fabrics is a good practice but it is not enough on its own to stop the harmful effect of the made in France fashion industry on our environment. Our own volume of clothing consumption has a big impact on the planet. Unlike fast fashion brands which encourage overconsumption with an abundant supply mainly in polyester and low quality fabrics which pollute the planet, we encourage reasoned and quality consumption: consume less but better.

    Extend the life of clothes

    In this ethical logic, extending the life of clothes is at the heart of a mode of reasoned consumption and an ethical and responsible fashion: Designing clothes to be able to repair them, manufacturing ethical clothes in quality textile materials allows to plan the repair or the transformation after a few years. If the fabric is recyclable then the end of life of the garment after repair and second-hand cycle will be possible: We can therefore speak of ethical clothing suitable for sustainable and eco-responsible consumption.

    To be an ethical and responsible luxury brand

    At Anahide Saint André, we design eco-responsible clothing designed to be installed in your wardrobe for a long time. Our line of reversible or modular ethical clothing, the choice of certified fabrics with a label fits perfectly into this logic. This approach associated with a selection of natural materials, labeled or from dormant stocks, puts us in this logic, with the objective of strengthening our eco-responsible approach every day to limit the impact of the brand on the environment as much as possible. .

    Eco-responsible luxury collections

    The luxury line of our collections offers a selection of clothes in natural materials and certified by a label designed for eco-responsible fashion and all made in our workshop in France, in the Paris region.

    Luxury dresses in natural materials

    We offer a selection of cocktail dresses in silk crepe , formal dresses in silk satin or embossed silk or even outfits in haute couture viscose crepe . A wide range of chic office dresses or casual business outfits is also available in light viscose or printed cotton silk.

    Discover our dresses by type of event

    Silk crepe pants and tops

    For those who prefer tops and pants sets, a beautiful selection of silk tops , silk crepe tops or satin silk tops combined with beautiful wool pants or viscose crepe pants.

    Discover our tops and blouses

    Eco-responsible casual collections

    Our brand's casual women's clothing line offers a wide range of eco-responsible daytime clothing in casual fashion. In a logic of ethical and responsible fashion, this line of clothing is available in very beautiful fabrics from dormant stocks of fashion houses worked in upcycling : cotton or linen voiles, cotton poplins, cotton satin or cotton silk, fluid viscose or light viscose voiles.

    This line of ethical clothing is made in our workshop in small series and is available in cotton or viscose clothing from rolls of recycled fabric.

    Always in an eco-responsible and sustainable logic, our fabric scraps are used and recycled for finishing details.

    Casual chic and comfortable dresses

    These garments are available in comfortable shirt dresses, low-cut summer dresses in cotton or light linen. A selection of business dresses is also offered with more structured and stretch shapes for better comfort: these clothes are the best for going to work.

    Casual tops and blouses

    Casual tops and blouses are available in cotton poplins or recycled cotton voiles and linens.

    This line is completed by a selection of t-shirts in eco-responsible organic cotton or recycled cotton made in France. These t-shirts are available with exclusive and colorful prints.

    Casual chic pants

    Our pants, Bermuda shorts and shorts are available in natural materials such as comfortable stretch cotton satins, light linens and cotton-silk blend fabrics. These pieces from the collection can be combined with our cotton tops and blouses, our cotton t-shirts but also our silk and cotton silk tops.

    All our products, t-shirts, clothing in cotton, linen, cotton silk or recycled or label-certified fabrics are made in our workshops in France.

    Manufacturing on demand

    Our approach to on-demand manufacturing focuses on exceptional pieces made with exceptional fabrics and offered in limited and numbered series. Most of the time, we select these materials from dormant stocks acquired from haute couture houses and used in upcycling. These pieces made in France, manufactured in our workshop in Meudon, in the Paris region, are exclusive pieces made with very special fabrics.

    Chic silk dresses

    We select rolls of fabric from our suppliers' dormant stocks: exceptional fabrics worked for evening wear in silk voile , cocktail dresses in silk crepe , and wedding guest outfits .

    On-demand manufacturing is the best production solution for environmental protection with tailor-made solutions that allow the right quantity of parts requested by customers to be manufactured.

    Our warm coats

    We offer coats in small series in exceptional fabrics in alpaca and virgin wool acquired in dormant stocks from our Italian and Peruvian suppliers. The acquisition of these fabrics allows us to offer very beautiful pieces at reasonable prices for the quality.

    Custom manufacturing

    Made-to-measure is an option for women to consume less but better. Designing clothing that is perfectly adapted to a person's body shape ensures incomparable fit. These unique pieces can be inspired by the collections offered or be created entirely with you if you wish. this approach ensures that the garment will be adapted to the customer's body shape and can actually be worn.

    Silk ceremony dress for wedding guest

    This approach is particularly suitable for a particular piece for an event such as a wedding but also for a baptism outfit or a crepe cocktail outfit for a wedding guest or even for a chic ensemble for a seminar or a conference or for an outfit chic evening . This approach allows you to wear an original and exclusive outfit

    Custom-made locker room

    Some of our customers contact us to create the essential pieces of their tailor-made wardrobe and thus choose their best pieces in comfortable and high-quality materials perfectly suited to their body shape in the style that suits them that they can keep in their wardrobe for a long time. This approach allows you to consume with respect for the environment and to commit to keeping your clothes for a long time, outside the dictates of the fashion planet.

    All men and women can engage in overall responsible consumption , including eco-responsible fashion , whether for themselves or for a gift, this attitude is important for the protection of our environment.