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    Viscose for tops

    This material is considered one of the oldest man-made fibers. The first manufactured yarn was discovered in England in the 1890s by British chemists Charles Cross, Edward Bevan and Clayton Beadle. Soft and absorbent with a good drape, it was first marketed under the name of "artificial silk ". Demand has declined since the 1970s, in part with the advent of synthetic fibers, as well as advances in the production of other regenerated cellulose fibers like modal. It is often used and mixed with other fibers, it is used to make dresses, blouses, shirts , tank tops, tops , coats, jackets, lingerie, nighties, ties, and even hats...

    Viscose top advantages

    Recognize viscose

    Anahide Saint André, concerned about respecting the environment, only uses viscose from Italy with the FSC label, the material is therefore made from labeled wood pulp, which guarantees that all of the wood or fiber in the product comes from forests managed with consideration for people, wildlife, flora and the environment. In addition, this label guarantees many social requirements both in terms of forest management and internal processing.

    This fabric has qualities: supple and fluid , it is breathable and particularly soft to the touch with the appearance of cotton . Very thin, it can wrinkle quite quickly, it has a strong absorbency and is very comfortable to wear. Soft and silky, even shiny, it is a very popular fibre. It is similar to the feel of silk and the appearance of cotton . This is why it is also known as artificial silk . They are pleasant for all sizes : whether you are small, tall or tall , this fluid material will sublimate you.

    The qualities of the fabric

    Clothes made from this fabric are supple and soft. This material causes a feeling of lightness and marries the movements of the body with elegance, it is therefore suitable for large sizes . This textile has many qualities, and makes it possible to make superb pieces to wear, it is more of a summer fabric but is found on thicker weaves for winter such as crepe. A top in this material will therefore be perfect for making pretty items such as shirts , summer t-shirts or even little tops in a very feminine style that you are sure to love. Thanks to its ultra soft side, it does not scratch and sensitive skin has nothing to fear. Thus, by wearing a dress in this fabric, you have a very pleasant feeling, like a second skin. It does not keep warm and is very pleasant in summer. On the other hand, this material, like cotton , is not very suitable for the cold. It requires special maintenance , the washing steps are available on our site.

    Viscose tops

    The long-sleeved t-shirt

    Products with a composition of 100% of this material flatter the figure regardless of size . The trick to keeping a pretty silhouette with this artificial material is to associate it with cotton or silk . The viscose shirt can be associated with many models of pants, shorts or skirts.

    In black, associated with jeans, it's the casual chic style without missteps to keep absolutely in your wardrobe.

    Fluid viscose top

    The fluid top for women is one of the centerpieces of the dressing room. Available in various lengths and materials, black , navy, yellow, green, fluid tops and shirts adapt to all circumstances while highlighting the morphology of each for large and small sizes .

    The vaporous side lets guess the shapes without marking too much. Among the different cuts, we find: the blouse in soft and light viscose . Whether plain or printed, the viscose shirt is one of the essential pieces in creating a feminine look . Among the tops, the loose blouse in this material stands out as the favorite piece of women : Feminine, easy to match with trousers, jeans or a skirt, it is the most popular top for all of us. The shirts of this composition are products that are easy to love thanks to their easy maintenance (you will find our article on the store's website on washing delicate materials).

    The most beautiful viscose tops

    Other items are also very successful: the oversized loose shirt , the 3/4 sleeve collarless wrap blouse, the v-neck blouse… The loose viscose tops are perfect to combine with jeans, trousers or a skirt . This fabric weighs and oscillates around the body, heavy and vaporous at the same time when you move: it will always have its little effect by following your movements. This textile is perfect for creating new timeless or trendy looks . Anahide Saint André offers you its new models on its site.