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Spring summer 2024: Choosing the most beautiful trendy dresses

Every year, we all wait for the same thing: for winter to finally shed its white coat and give way to the sun's rays, synonymous with the return of sunny days. So immediately put away sweaters, blankets and socks to make way for more airy, summery and floral materials!

It's time to choose the season's trendy dresses, adapted to your body shape, which will enhance your figure.

Spring - summer 2024: What are the new trends?

Every year you marvel at your friend Marie's new shirt dress with this color that suits her complexion so well. Or by the feminine and summery print of Louise's beach kimono. This season, there is no question of letting yourself be ahead of those around you. It's up to you to be the first to acquire the most fashionable pieces from this spring-summer collection. Discover our selection of fashion trends and a nice assortment of dresses to adopt this summer.

cotton silk business dress with a wax print

The dress, an essential in your wardrobe

Each new season comes with new trends. Although certain pieces emerge during Fashion Week, others already seem to be well established in our wardrobes. Among these, the little black dress, the cocktail dress, the wrap dress, the babydoll dress or even the shirt dress. With long sleeves, short sleeves, thin straps or even strapless, the dress is a great classic to find in a woman's wardrobe.

The dress is a must have in your wardrobe. With a wide variety of materials, colors, sleeves and styles, the dress is a garment that is generally self-sufficient, being very easy to wear and accessorize. With a pretty pair of heels for a dinner, a pair of sandals or flat shoes in summer, or even cowboy boots to break up the bohemian style and add a touch of rock n roll. The dress is a garment full of audacity which accompanies women throughout their lives.

Trendy colors for spring 2023

After Barbie pink, chick yellow and quezal green last spring, this season Blue is the new black! In fact, this year blue will be the dominant color in all wardrobes. From sky blue, sugared blue, horizon blue and even France blue, play with this range of shades and find the shade that will enhance your look. By combining blue with delicate pink, you will be on top of the latest fashion trends. Finally a perfect reason to strut by the sea and be the stylish woman of summer 2023.

azure blue cotton shirt dress tied at the wrists

Let's not forget our business women who will also be able to mix work and style under the hot August sun. For our business women, midnight blue, navy blue and cobalt blue will be more formal tones that will be more suited to their activity. Certainly, the outfit does not make the monk but the trend brings self-confidence. This spring, be the chic and shocking woman of influence and put on a wrap dress featuring these different tones. You will present yourself to the world as the entrepreneur of the moment, the fashionable business woman active in the business world.

Fashionable prints to wear in 2023

Going spectacular with XXL size flowers or going more traditional with discreet patterns, the great classic of prints remains the floral print, perfect for a fresh and spring look. With a Flower Power spirit, the floral dress is an option particularly appreciated and worn by women this spring 2023.

Another popular pattern are stripes. Vertical, horizontal, blue and white or even colorful, if there is one print to wear in spring it is stripes. This pattern, which reminds us of Brigitte Bardot from the 60s, is a print that remains a timeless collection staple this season.

strapless red summer dress with thin straps Japanese print

Essential summer materials

So in wool, velvet or even mohair in winter to offer better insulation, the dress in summer is lighter, varying between cotton poplin, silk, cotton silk, or even viscose crepe. Linen is also a great favorite among designers who favor this lightweight fabric, guaranteeing better air circulation, in addition to its hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory and insulating properties. The linen tunic is a fashionable piece to have in your closet for outings under the St Tropez sun!

The sublimation of feminine curves is at the heart of all the collections. The materials used thus juxtapose between fluidity, sensuality and transparency. Day or night, clothes with fabrics playing with light and transparency give all body types a chic and sexy detail for women.

A little silk crepe dress will be like a second skin for your summer outings due to its lightness and its wide variety of models.

Which dress to choose for spring summer 2023?

The great spring summer classics

Summer is here, and it's time to prepare your best looks to enjoy the sunny days sipping Spritz on the terrace and ice cream on the beach. For this, what could be better than a pretty summer dress to allow you to fully enjoy these moments of relaxation?

An unbeatable hot season staple that will allow you to juggle from one style to another, the summer dress is a fashion item that is both chic and comfortable. You can find them in all sizes, all colors and for all body types. The lingerie-style dress with thin straps in silk crepe, with crossed straps, the ruffled poplin dress or the pleated dress are great classics that will accompany you all spring and summer seasons.

As you will have understood, if you still don't have a summer dress, run quickly and get one! It's never too late to start your collection and challenge all the fashion icons.

light blue cotton summer shirt dress

The essential beach dress and pareo skirt

The golden rule for a walk in town or on vacation is to always pack a beach dress in your suitcase . Light, floral and comfortable, the beach dress is a key model for being stylish in summer. Long or short, floral or refined, thick or light, the beach dress provides a wide variety of looks and adapts to all body types. Add a pair of sandals or sneakers, a straw hat to add a sophisticated detail to the look as well as a pair of sunglasses and that's it. You will be the star model of all your friends.

Absent for a few years, the pareo skirt is making a comeback and becoming a new essential for your seaside vacation. An excellent alternative to the summer dress, the pareo skirt is more flexible and lighter than the beach dress. This garment is a lightweight stole that ties easily and dries quickly. Mainly appreciated long with floral prints, the pareo can be worn in town as well as at the beach. Worn over a bikini or paired with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers, the pareo promises to fit into all of this summer's looks!

The beach kimono allows you to add a touch of exoticism to the usual summer outfits. Made from fluid and light fabrics, the designers are inspired by Japanese culture to make it. With wide, flowing sleeves, the beach kimono has an adjustable belt at the waist. It presents itself as the trend for covering up elegantly after a swim.

casual long dress for summer with a wax print

Long dress, short dress: what to choose?

“A short dress or a long one?” How many times have we had trouble selecting an outfit? But it’s true, it’s a real headache! Between color and length, it is sometimes complicated to adopt the perfect cut for the season. The advantage of dress is that it allows us to adapt to all situations and all occasions, whether formal or informal.

The short dress is the must-have to combine lightness and femininity . Can be cut just above knee level, it can stop higher depending on preference. It can be worn on all occasions. If you are short, this piece is ideal for you, as it lengthens the silhouette.

Often flowing or accompanied by a bare back, the long dress brings a touch of glamor and sensuality to the woman's body . Highly coveted by women, the long dress generally stops at the ankles, elongating the silhouette. Women with small busts prefer the backless dress because it draws the eye to the back rather than the neckline. Believe in our experience, backless dresses look great!

After a good day splashing around in the sea, nothing better than a pretty long dress, accompanied by a bag and beautiful jewelry to enhance your tan for the day. To be combined with a pair of wedge heels or sandals, the long dress is an ideal clothing model for summer evenings.

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