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    Which coat this winter 2022?

    A winter in a jacket or a coat?

    Seasonal overcoats and jackets , whether down jackets , jackets, parka , trench coat or blazer : How to find your way around? Here is a short guide by category:

    The seasonal jacket

    They are worn short , up to the hip . The sleeves close in the front with buttons or a closure. This jacket is lighter and less warm than a coat , therefore less insulating, ideal in mid-season. We think of the iconic denim jacket that we all have in our dressing room .

    The women's coat

    These are much longer than jackets . They usually stop at the thighs or knees or even the ankles for an elegant office look . They are worn with long sleeves and are often made with materials that keep you warm, such as wool or cashmere .

    Today, the jacket is used more as an elegant fashion accessory rather than as protection against the cold, while the coat retains its primary purpose of protecting against the cold and bad weather , especially with down jackets or waterproof women's frock coats (with style!) . Some even wear the jacket under a coat for a mix of chic and comfort.

    Which coat according to its morphology?

    There are a multitude of shapes, cut styles and outwear colors and jackets , not to mention the materials used, so it's easy to find but difficult to choose . Down jackets , biker jackets, jeans , trench coats, suit jackets , pea coats , furs … these are the essentials of our winter wardrobes . They are all very trendy .

    Type A women's coats

    Nothing better than straight overcoats with shoulder pads to structure the silhouette and thus bring balance. Above all, avoid the look of the overcoat ball that swells the hips and accentuates the imbalance between the upper and lower body.

    Women's V-type coats

    The trapeze, ball or even straight style are allies for those with a V-shaped body. This model will greatly enhance these silhouettes. Banish the shoulder pads from your jackets and overcoats , it will accentuate your stature and will not highlight your silhouette.

    Type X or 8 women's coats

    What could be better than the curved style that ties at the waist for the X and 8 silhouettes. This will sublimate the hollow of your hips by structuring your silhouette more. Straight looks will also look great on you to show off all of your curves. Avoid down jackets that will hide your shapes. Trench coats are very chic and give an air of businesswoman.

    Women's coats type I or H

    Finally, women in H should opt for a straight, close-fitting and slightly oversized look so as not to accentuate your low waist . Short jackets for the fall and spring seasons but also long structured ones for the cool seasons .

    The best materials for coats against the cold

    It is much nicer to choose an overcoat large enough with long sleeves so that you feel comfortable, especially with your big sweaters underneath! the materials chosen play a very important role in keeping warm as well as in the durability of the product.

    One of the best materials in terms of quality/price is obviously wool ! This material is natural, insulating, but especially breathable! It is thermoregulatory, that is to say it allows you to stay warm without making you sweat, an advantage in winter , it is called a major ally to brave the cold.

    Cashmere, alpaca, baby alpaca and vicuña are the exceptional materials that we want to adopt to keep warm in winter , they are chic and elegant , however they are very expensive (and not really waterproof .)

    Avoid polyester coats and jackets , this material makes you sweat and pollutes a lot!