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How to dress with a morphology with wider hips in A?

Knowing your morphology is essential to know how to dress and show off . The various television programs the terms H, O or X or even pyramid or inverted pyramid morphology must seem familiar to you. You must first become aware of your body shape so that you can then learn how to enhance yourself. Knowing your morphology is essential if you want to wear clothes that will subtly emphasize your shapes.

We all have complexes and small imperfections that we want to hide such as a small belly, fleshy buttocks or a lack of curves.

If you want to know your morphology or if you are not sure if you have a triangle silhouette , you can consult our article to find out what your type of silhouette is.

What is a morphology in A?

A triangle silhouette , called morphology A, corresponds to a silhouette where the chest, shoulders and stomach are thinner than the hips, buttocks and thighs. The A-morph is one of the most common female forms.

Characteristics of an A-line silhouette

Also called pyramid morphology , it comes in several builds. That is to say that this silhouette is widespread for both very fine women and very luscious women. Here are the main features you can relate to:

  • Wider hips than shoulders, often a narrow bust.

  • Rounded hips with volume

  • A marked waist, much narrower than the hips

How do you know if you have a morphology in A?

If your pants or skirt size is larger than the size of your tops, it's a safe bet that you have a triangle shape.

If you have a pyramid morphology, your hips can be a source of complexes, but very often, your shapes can turn out to be your best joker! Women whose morphology is in a pyramid have a pretty silhouette that is easy to highlight. You just have to play with volumes and materials to make it an irresistible asset.

Which clothes to choose for a morphology in A?

How to balance your figure

When you have an A-body , you have to play on the volumes in order to balance your silhouette between the top and the bottom. For this, we favor straight cut pants that create harmony at the level of the lower body without accentuating the shapes at the level of the hips and that will lengthen the silhouette. We then fill out the top by betting on tops with shoulder pads, vaporous, with butterfly sleeves and preferably colored. If you have this silhouette called a triangle morpho, choose clothes that will not accentuate the volume of your hips, this could unbalance your silhouette.

Play with colors

We prefer, always to rebalance the silhouette, to bring the colors on the upper body rather than on the bottom to draw the eye to your assets, whether you have a small chest or a large chest. Emphasize your waist and pay attention to your bust, it will balance your figure. Choose for example structured shapes, shouldered jackets, bright tones or prints on the top and flared shapes in dark color on the bottom.

What pants for an A body shape?

The pants to choose for your morpho A, because these are the pieces that will mark your waist to make your shapes more proportionate. The pants that most sublimate the triangle morphologies are the high-waisted pants. The high waist is the fashion tool for women with a marked waist! You can also opt for flare jeans, wide, boyfriend or even flared pants, which are also classic and timeless pieces to have in your wardrobe.

The pants to avoid at all costs and to eliminate from your wardrobe are of course the low waists which will draw the eye to your wide hips and thus disproportionate your silhouette.

Avoid tight and skinny pants. Also avoid pants with gathers at the waist or pants with darts.

Which skirts for an A morphology?

There are many skirts that highlight women with A-shapes. It is a fashionable piece and perfect for these shapes in the same way as the pants because they emphasize the marked sizes. In particular, trapeze, flared or midi skirts have the merit of hiding the hips. Fluid, skater and or long skirts are also perfect for women with A-shapes. Prefer dark colors harmonized with a more colorful top.

Avoid pleated or ruffled skirts, as well as ball or layered cuts.

Which dresses for an A body shape?

To rebalance everything, you must bring volume towards your bust, without adding it at the bottom. Dresses with trapeze cut and low-cut, boat neck or bustier type, will meet your expectations. Opt for dresses with a draped or pleated top that will strengthen your shoulders.

choose the little trapeze dress with American armholes, thin straps or strapless dress will accentuate your shoulders and balance your figure perfectly.

If you are more comfortable with long or short sleeves, turn to volumes such as balloon, raglan or even butterfly sleeves associated with a pretty neckline. We will favor dress cuts in the shape of an empire or slightly flared which will slightly erase your hips and your buttocks. Indeed, the trapeze type line is another perfect model of dress with a bottom of the dress that flares slightly along the body. Do not hesitate to accompany your outfit with bracelets or other accessories. We also love the very elegant empire waist dress, which is in the same vein of ideas: it adopts a fuzzy shape just below the chest and flares out slightly.

Avoid pleated or gathered or tight-fitting dress bottoms and, in general, all dresses that accentuate the shape of the bottom.

What tops for an A body shape?

For your tops, you must choose tops that will highlight your narrow shoulders and your bust.

Choose blouses with ruffles, blouses with frills and balloon sleeves that give an illusion of volume are perfect for you.

Wear the sleeveless top that draws the eye to the shoulders and diverts it from your generous hips: Tops with thin straps, bustiers or American armhole tops will be your allies for the summer.

On the neckline side, play with open necklines such as a boat or wide neckline that widens the shoulders or a V-neck neckline that will focus attention on the top.

The colored and printed tops are to be adopted without hesitation. All trapeze or flared tops will suit you perfectly.

Avoid tops and tops that are tight or too short.

What jackets and coats for an A body type?

Here again the ideal jacket will strengthen your shoulders to balance them with your hips.

Choose jackets with shoulder pads with a slightly fitted shape to highlight your hips. Belted jackets with shoulder pads or puff sleeves will also look great, as well as safari jackets.

Choose bomber or aviator type jackets or raglan sleeves.

The perfect coats will be shouldered or with a large collar to reinforce your mid-length or three-quarter length shoulders.

Avoid straight belted coats, jackets that stop just above the hips.

Which materials for a morphology in A?

We advise you to turn to fluid materials that accompany the movements of the body without marking it too much, so avoid cuts that are too tight. For the tops, we prefer more rigid materials that allow you to play with the shapes, especially at the level of the sleeves. As far as colors and patterns are concerned, we allow ourselves bright colors at the top, to attract the eye and dark colors at the bottom in order to erase our wider hips and buttocks. For the patterns, we prefer small, more discreet prints. Avoid scratches and especially horizontal scratches.

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  • Valerie

    Je suis A, notre taille est très haute donc les pantalons taille haute ferment toujours trop bas et accentuent nos defauts, vive les tailles basse et les slims foncés avec top long non moulant, les robes trapeze ou taille princesse.

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