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    Luxury clothing for women

    Anahide Saint André creates timeless and durable luxury clothing . The TIMELESS COUTURE line of high-end clothing from the house is the luxury line of the house. It illustrates the vague know-how of our French fashion house, expert in light materials, such as silk in particular. There are many great luxury brands for women , but some, despite high prices, are not always synonymous with quality: each season, when selecting a dress, a silk t-shirt, a luxury suit, it is necessary to analyze and identify which brand for quality clothing?

    Anahide Saint André, passionate about materials and know-how, is one of the designers who imagine timeless and durable clothing in exceptional materials selected from its Italian and French Haute Couture suppliers.

    Quality materials for luxury clothes

    Compared to the world of French fashion and luxury , such as Chanel, Dior, Saint-Laurent or Hermès, Anahide Saint André remains very confidential, but it sources its supplies from the best suppliers than these major institutional brands. Relying on French know-how, it draws inspiration each season and introduces you to carefully selected materials to create top-of-the-range looks.

    Luxury selection

    Anahide Saint André selects its materials from the best French and Italian haute couture suppliers to institutions such as Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent. She creates her luxury clothes with silks, silk crepes, elegant muslins, more classic wild silks or even silk knits so pleasant to wear next to the skin. These materials are also found in the collections of major luxury brands such as Dior, Chanel, Saint-Laurent or Hermès. Anahide Saint André declines exclusive collections with these high quality materials: Discover its selection of elegant or casual chic dresses, a range of original silk and cotton silk tops diverting our classic bodices in a very contemporary style and crepe pants and skirts or fine woolens always matched with an extraordinary detail. A selection of high-end fashion looks that cross the seasons in style.

    Premium selection

    Anahide Saint André is recognized among the best for its exclusive selection of high-end materials . You discover her collections and exclusive looks in her boutique workshop: embossed silks for tops and dresses, ultra-fine wool jacquard for skirts or dresses, ultra-comfortable super 100s for pants or jackets. The materials offered make it possible to create a wardrobe for all occasions: exclusive ready-to-wear for the day, a dressy wardrobe for the evening, the best high-end casual chic outfits to discover the world in style: Discover the silk knit t-shirt, silk cotton jogging pants, silk-lined reversible sweatshirt, and a whole range of stoles will be your traveling companions for your travels around the world.

    Clothing made in France

    Fashion house

    The French fashion house designs and manufactures in its workshop in Meudon, France. The workshop is located in the historic Potager du Dauphin, an exceptional environment for working on the collections. The brand creates its collections in small series and limited series . For events Anahide Saint André develops a tailor-made service.


    Since its creation, the high-end brand has focused on French know-how to develop its couture collections. His expertise focuses on the "fuzzy", that is to say fluid, light and vaporous materials. You will find pleated pieces worked with techniques allowing to keep all the fluidity and the elegance of the material. It selects partners with exceptional know-how : embroiderers, traditional French pleaters participate in the creation of these exceptional pieces.

    The most popular brand in 2022

    The brand has existed for 10 years and has developed with a clientele of businesswomen, artists, female gallery owners who seek to wear exclusive pieces, distributed in small quantities to assert a style of their own, sleek looks without being classic. Anahide Saint André is recognized around the world for its cocktail dresses in pleated silk crepe , its selection of very designer top-of-the-range sweatshirts, its unstructured skirts open on colored linings. The small brand is distinguished by its style and its exclusive pieces in limited series different from the big brands such as Chanel, Saint-Laurent, or Dior.

    French designer

    Anahide Saint André is one of the confidential French luxury brands. Its iconic pieces such as the COMETE AMAYA pleated silk crepe dress , the brand's signature, or the NOMADE reversible luxury version of the silk-lined sweatshirt are best sellers and are recognized as garments of exceptional quality. Silk knit t-shirts are also very popular.

    For a woman, wearing a piece from the iconic luxury collection Anahide Saint André attracts attention and signs a style that is fashionable, elegant and refined at the same time.

    Luxury clothing

    Luxury women's clothing is acclaimed for its high quality, beautiful finishes and the creativity of the collections. Women who wear Anahide Saint André clothes are looking for high-end, original and timeless designer pieces. The brand offers them a selection of timeless clothes without being classic, of high quality that mix French style and Japanese IKI aesthetic codes. Anahide women find a selection of comfortable clothes while remaining elegant; off the paths of the big brands, they find a selection of creations offered in small series, exclusive for a unique look.