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    What are fashion accessories?

    Accessories are a very important element to complete your fashionable outfit. They are the final touch to your clothing choices and follow fashion trends. They help define your style by following the trends. By trendy accessories, we understand everything that completes your outfit. Shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry and even sleeveless jackets. Trendy accessories sublimate and highlight your clothes. You have to take the time to choose them well. Above all, do not hesitate to invest in your accessories, because you will have them for a long time, they cross the major trends without a wrinkle.

    The key to this multitude of shapes and colors is to respect the look of each style you choose to put on, while following fashion trends. And above all, always highlight your figure. The trendy accessories you choose reflect your personality just as much as your clothes, especially handbags and jewelry. So don't go against your nature but allow yourself to dare to try new things. You will be surprised at the results. We all have a comfort zone, and sometimes we have to step out of it to test our tastes. We change with the times, so don't limit yourself to what you read in the pages of magazines and discover trendy accessories by looking on the street.

    Choose your scarf?

    Scarf or Scarf?

    A light scarf will be tied quickly in a small loop around the neck: it will be ideal to wear in mid-season, when temperatures begin to rise, replacing the scarf and stole reserved for the cold seasons. If it does not protect much from the cold, it is mainly used for the style and the fashion side that it brings us. Nothing could be more chic under a spring breeze.

    A scarf can be wrapped several times around the neck like a large loop. She is there to keep us warm. There are several ways to tie a scarf and it is of course the essential accessory for the cooler days.

    The elegant stole

    A stole will be worn draped over the shoulders. It's a kind of more stylish shawl. But if the stole is fine, it can also be worn as a scarf, tied in the front, perfect for a spring or autumn ceremony. The stole is one of the latest trends that will accompany you for the next few years for an ever more chic and elegant look.

    The Parisian accessory, the fashion trend of all time

    Iconic French accessories take on a modern twist, especially with this association of the Parisian beret with a magnificent pair of sunglasses to give your style a bold and downright trendy Parisian look. Wearing a French beret with a full veil is not a difficult task. This trendy accessory can be worn with your collection of spring dresses as well as with a belted shirt dress. However, limit your use of jewelry to highlight the beret.

    The wide belt, a fashion trend for everyone

    Chunky belts are making a comeback in fashion as the dominant women's fashion accessory for 2022 collections. Besides flattering your figure, this mainstream belt will also energize monochromatic outfits. But, how to apply it? Thus, the most common way is to combine XXL belts with long blazers, cardigans, oversized sweaters, bodycon dresses, shirts and xxl shirt dresses. To get the most out of this chunky oversized belt accessory, we recommend going with black or brown so it can be worn with a variety of outfits throughout the year that you can. pair it with a pretty clutch and glasses from your collection.

    Choose your jewelry

    Long, short, voluminous or more delicate necklaces, bracelets, pearl or gold-colored earrings: all these classic jewels are always popular. These new accessories will make you all the more elegant, chic and sparkling depending on how you match them and the choice of colors.


    First Lady Jackie Kennedy was the essential ambassador of the pearl necklace, always relevant in all circumstances. These pearl jewels will become the focus of the next seasons as a must-have women's fashion accessory for the whole 2022 season. And for our greatest pleasure, there are several ways to integrate these pearls into our best outfits, no matter the style. We wear pearls in our hair or as anklets to keep up with new trends, or as pearl earrings and necklaces to stay true to tradition.

    gold hoops

    Do you know the basic fashion accessories that every woman should have on hand? The ring, the chains and the hoop earrings in gold color are among the essentials! As well as making a style statement, they add the finishing touch to any outfit, whatever its style, even better when paired with a pretty bracelet. We all remember the style of the 2000s which is back in fashion with the huge hoops coming to sublimate our haircuts.

    Multi-Chain Necklaces

    Since last spring, girls who follow trends have been piling up several chains, more or less wide, on top of each other for a chic look, these jewels will soon end up in line with the trendy accessories for spring but also for winter 2022 completely the fashion. Using different lengths will create the illusion of a longer neck and will be perfect with a plunging neckline, but also play on the colors, according to your personality and why not sunglasses that will complete your collection.

    The hair scarf

    Back on the catwalks, scarves are among the 2022 fashion accessories that encourage us to experiment with a new hairstyle in line with the latest hair trends. We love it with a little dress and superb sunglasses from the latest collections. It is of course the essential accessory for women and of course one of the latest trends that brings a feminine touch. Discover the range of different patterns that are the most important and trendy part of this accessory! We love it in silk in spring and in wool in winter.

    How to wear a belt in 2022?

    No longer considered only as a band to tighten the waist and adjust to clothes so they don't fall off, this accessory embodies a new obsession by being worn as a double and with large buckles.

    trendy belts

    To reproduce the most popular and successful looks of the season, you have to choose to hug your waist, over your jacket or not, with two belts worn above and below. A match that also works on a skirt, mini or long, on shorts or pants depending on your figure. It will be your ally on your jackets in spring and autumn mid-season and the must have on your collection of long winter coats and your pretty kimonos in summer that you can combine with a magnificent pair of sunglasses.

    The XXL belt

    The xxl leather belt is not only the classic of the collections on the catwalks, we had already adopted it with thin fashion silk pants in our wardrobes as a vintage-inspired and essential piece for all seasons. : It is easily worn over our jacket or coat. It now goes with all the pieces of your wardrobe.

    How to choose your bag?

    Which bag according to its morphology

    Stylists often advise to opt for small handbags if you are small in size and to discover larger models of bags if, on the contrary, you are tall. Are you round? So go and discover the models of bags worn on the shoulder or in the hand that would be the most flattering.

    Choose your bag according to the season

    The season also plays an important role in the choice of your bag. We don't always carry the same handbag in winter and summer. The basket, for example, is the perfect ally for sunny days. He goes from picnics in the forest to golden beaches without being disconcerted. On the other hand, in winter on the cobblestones, it's gray, so we'll take a more chic and urban handbag to match our cozy look.

    Prefer to walk hands-free? Invest in a shoulder bag. You can wear it on the shoulder or crossbody for a sportier look.

    Which trendy shoes?

    The women's fashion trend is turning to Moccasins. Since last winter, it is the shoe that all women talk about the most on social networks. This shoe model can be worn in spring and winter, through summer, in black to the brightest colors. Go for the big boots that sometimes come with big notched soles, and in a unisex way, they sublimate both women and men. The latest trend for this new season's moccasins is that they are adorned with brighter colors than ever. The most pioneering model for women is of course the pointed toe model. For a casual rock style, pair them with an XXL shirt dress and a big belt.

    Even shoes come in all shapes and sizes. High heels or wider heels, stilettos, flat or flat, round, square or pointed are all available on store shelves, in spring and winter, in black but also in color!