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    jumpsuit and playsuit

    Jumpsuits are essential pieces of women's fashion. Practical, chic and super comfortable, the jumpsuit complements any look and is easy to wear day or night for all women. Provided you know how to choose it. So jumpsuit or jumpsuit ? printed with a pattern or sober, belted or oversized, with or without sleeves, V-neck or round neck, even a turtleneck or dungarees style... Explore all our advice to find the perfect women's jumpsuit for you.

    How to choose a women's jumpsuit?

    The jumpsuit is a fashion essential that is available for all women. Easy to wear, chic and comfortable, it's an ultra fashionable outfit even in autumn-winter. Chic, casual or flowery, it is available for all women and for all your desires. As a playsuit, trousers or culottes or even denim overalls, the jumpsuit is available for all body types and all sizes. Provided you choose it well and combine it with the right pieces for a perfect outfit and of course with the right fashionable accessories.

    Combined all year round

    The good news is that the women's jumpsuit is available for all seasons. In winter, it is embellished with warmer materials and long sleeves as well as overalls associated with a nice sweater underneath. In summer, the playsuit is dressed in trendy prints and beautiful colors for an outfit in summery tones. And for all sizes!

    The business suit

    For the office, the women's jumpsuit is perfect and will give you a little originality in addition to being trendy. Rather prefer a straight cut and sober colors such as navy blue, black, white, beige or gray. But nothing prevents you from putting on high heels in a bright color to give pep to your look and stay on trend! Wear the playsuit with a mini felt blazer cut jacket and a belt for a chic and casual look. On a daily basis, jumpsuits can be oversized or loose, this style has an effect on all women for this quirky and ultra-feminine side.

    The streetwear look

    Play streetwear by betting on a denim playsuit , or overalls combined with a pair of basketball-style city shoes. You can wear the women's jumpsuit with a loose denim jacket, a fluid leather blazer jacket or a warmer jacket to follow the trends. As for women's shoes, you are spoiled for choice: ankle boots, heels or sneakers. Why bet on denim overalls with a t-shirt or a sweater underneath with a pair of white tennis shoes.

    For an evening, discover the blazer jacket style and a pair of high heels for the smaller size and you're done.

    The jumpsuit for curvy women

    If you are plump, you can absolutely wear a jumpsuit. You can choose a loose model, which will sublimate you, in dark colors like black which is a safe bet at all costs, but do not hesitate to choose a tone which highlights you and gives you a beautiful look and above all in which you feel comfortable and feminine. There are also plenty of models with more unique patterns from each other! Finally, V-necks are a must have for those with a round body shape and will suggest your figure without revealing what you want to hide.

    The advantages of the combination

    Indeed, the women's wetsuit only combines advantages: It stays in place, unlike pants or skirts which often tend to slip. It is comfortable and of course easy to wear: no need to break your head to create a matching set! The women's jumpsuit can be chic , for a special event or casual, for an original everyday style, sometimes quirky and trendy!

    Loose and fluid

    Women's wetsuits are generally summer or mid-season clothing: they are light and very comfortable. To highlight your figure and suggest it with refinement, we recommend a loose model, which can be tightened at the waist often with a belt to create a harmonious shape.

    You can choose a very simple cut or in combi businesswoman mode: a cut that will highlight your chest without revealing it too much, it will be perfect to accentuate your neckline. At the level of the sleeves, you can choose whether they are ¾, short, ample, or balls, that is to say flared then narrower at the end. It is better to avoid long sleeves which can slightly flatten the silhouette.

    Caution For curvy women , pay special attention to your cleavage, especially if it's something you want to wear every day to work and on the go. Do not go for too deep a neckline, also know that a V neckline is always more appropriate to highlight your face and your curves if you have curves.

    The trendy black model

    The dark jumpsuit is a safe bet, especially for those looking for an elegant, timeless and timeless style . Whether for an event or to wear your dungarees when it's a little colder, this jumpsuit can be worn plain or embellished with chic details such as lace or tulle. We offer models of jumpsuits for women in shorts made of natural materials that will sublimate you.

    Like all black clothes, it will have the effect of visually reducing your curves and this can give you self-confidence.

    The right colors

    Unfortunately not yet very popular with the general public, colorimetry plays a very important role in fashion. It is the discipline that makes it possible to characterize colors and therefore, by extension, to determine which tones stand out according to your skin tone and your hair. As it is an all-in-one garment, the choice of the color of your jumpsuit is essential.

    How to define the colors that sublimate you?

    • You have blond to brown hair and your skin is fair or slightly tanned: turn to shades of brown, pale green or even pale pink.

    • Your skin is not tanned and your hair is very fair: dare pastel tones such as pastel pink, yellow and light green...

    • You are redhead or you have auburn highlights in your hair, you can also have golden skin and warm brown hair, with Mediterranean origins: warm tones are made for you: orange, camel, cognac, bronze… but also dark tones such as burgundy and khaki.

    • Your skin is rather white and does not tan very much, you have dark brown or black hair, but it can take on some highlights in summer. Your eyes are generally dark: The different shades of blue (raw, dark, etc.) make you look good. This is also the case of shades of red such as coral and burgundy, but also fushia pink and purple.