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    The dress adapted to your event

    The trend for the guest at a wedding

    When you are invited to a wedding, the question of the outfit is always a headache. Wear pants or a dress? Maybe opt for the long skirt? The whole thing is obviously to know the theme as well as the atmosphere of the event desired by the bride and groom.

    Pay attention to your selection according to the information

    If the theme is green, don't come dressed in pink! Above all, do not opt ​​for the white lace dress which is very often associated with the wedding dress. It is best to opt for a chiffon or satin dress that is fluid enough to stay comfortable with pretty little evening shoes. White and black are forbidden colors for weddings.

    Sets and costumes for women

    For those who feel more comfortable in pants, straight suit pants paired with a pretty matching jacket will be perfect! For long dresses that are really very elegant, opt for more satiny materials that are really very delicate.

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    Cocktail dress for a Garden Party

    The Garden Party that accompanies the return of the sun and the holidays with the sweet smell of BBQ and the sounds of laughter and children playing.

    Flared dress

    If you choose to opt for a princess dress and in fluid material, it will be the best so that you can be as comfortable as possible. The mid-length dress is very appreciable, the short sleeves and the V-neck too (just to get some color!).

    Accessories for the occasion

    When it comes to shoes, the choice is yours. Prefer small heels or flat models, you will be more comfortable all day long. Simple but bright colors like blue or green are very trendy this year.

    To know more about cocktail dresses

    Evening dress for an evening with friends

    Tonight is an evening with friends? Drinking evening and big meal in sight? Or rather aperitif dinner and cocktail? In any case, avoid white or light dresses that are too easy to stain!!

    The little black dress

    Opt for the little black sheath dress, the icon of our wardrobes. Here, evening dresses with rhinestones and sequins are not the most recommended unless you are into loud music and dancing on the dance floor.

    Every quality detail counts

    We avoid anything that is too tight and we accentuate the details like pretty embroidery or a round neckline decorated with pearls and other fantasies. If you are hesitant about the dress, the jumpsuits are very pleasant and you feel very comfortable in them.

    Which dress for a professional event?

    The most obvious but also the most important tip, never sexy dresses for a business date. We highlight our presence and our ambition.

    The right choice for the occasion

    Far be it from tulle which is not at all chic and we wear clothes with a professional design by betting on a blazer dress or a women's suit set. The cocktail dress or the chiffon floor-length dress are too gallant for a professional meeting.

    The sexy evening dress

    We also avoid clothes that are too short, like that new evening dress you just bought to go clubbing!

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    Choose your outfit for an opening

    What could be more exciting than going to a vernissage in the heart of the artistic community in all its splendour. It is important to remain elegant and discreet, it is for the works that the guests are here, and not your outfit.

    Professional attire

    The preconceived idea of ​​business attire often means wearing a suit. Pants or a skirt, a shirt and a matching jacket. Be careful, make sure the dress or skirt isn't too short and hits below the knee. Today casual dresses and skirts, as well as knee-length slit skirts are very trendy. The model should allow you to sit comfortably in public. Short skirts and tight dresses that go up to half the thigh are to be avoided because they are too sexy and uncomfortable.

    cocktail edition

    We come to discover the shoulders with an asymmetrical mid-length dress that will offer modernity to your silhouette. The cocktail dress is the ideal choice for this event. Depending on your size, opt for a long or midi shape for more elegance. Be careful if you are tall, stockings that are too long produce an elongation effect that will make you taller.

    How to choose your chic and elegant party dress

    What style for a family celebration

    The daily meal, the festive meal, Friday evening or Sunday noon with the family or all those special occasions where we meet as a family. Whether for the end of the year celebrations or other traditional celebrations, these family rituals are essential. These events often put our stomachs to the test, so it is essential to be comfortable.

    The new casual collection

    We avoid too casual outfits in white sweatshirts and super comfortable sneakers. We can stay on a casual look with jeans and a basic t-shirt but associate them with a nice pair of heels and some jewelry to accessorize this casual look. Wear a simple look, for example with a long black skirt and a small cashmere sweater. Obviously, dress according to the event, at Christmas or New Year's Eve take out your most beautiful dresses, chic and elegant.

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    As you have understood, each event has its specificities and its codes. It is of course up to you to appropriate your style and propose your best looks! All shapes and colors are available and many stores now offer something to satisfy everyone. Remember to get all the information about the ceremony before going to the store and set yourself a price, even if from one brand to another the prices vary a lot. It is important to check the quality of the products in store or in the workshop before choosing your ceremonial dress. Anahide Saint André offers its collection with luxury materials that will make you the ideal bridesmaid for the bride. For the plus size bridesmaid, the house of course offers a wide choice made to measure. You will have nothing to envy to the wedding dress.