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    The Top of the silk dresses

    Of all the materials, silk is her favorite...Yes, women have a soft spot for wearing silk dresses. However, our way of life does not always allow us to wear silks easily. Here are some tips for having fun and identifying the ideal timeless silk dresses to integrate among the clothes in your wardrobe.

    What style for a chic silk dress

    Fluid silk dresses

    Silk is the ideal material for a light dress and can be worked to create many styles.

    In a bohemian version with a loose blouse base, ruffled collar and large poetic sleeves, in light silk or muslin. The silk bohemian dress is the dress that goes perfectly with this material and can be combined with some floral lace details. In short V-neck version,

    A bohemian satin silk top with flowers and a straight skirt will work perfectly for slim silhouettes.

    Short silk dresses

    In a very simple version with three holes and a round neck, in a straight or flared vintage style or twiggy version, the little short silk dress is suitable for women of small stature. Associated with pretty accessories, the short silk dress is sober and elegant.

    The little black silk dress with sleeves or revealing the shoulders, remains a timeless item in our wardrobes not to be missed or available in blue in a short, mini or knee-length dress version.

    The court can be declined on a wide and vaporous version, American armholes subtly revealing the shoulders, in light silk. Combined with a pretty pair of heeled sandals, it will be perfect for your occasions and comes in all colors: pink, orange, red, blue, green.

    Long silk dresses

    These dresses are reserved for events: You are invited to a wedding, a cocktail or an evening: the black or colored silk dress is ideal. Fluid and light, it follows the shapes without tightening them, this material is the ideal ally for special occasions: muslins, satins or silk pongee, silk crepes have an incomparable drape, an impeccable finish and offer superior quality. A silky maxi long evening dress can, however, be a bit expensive if you opt for ruffles or details requiring large yardages of fabric.

    Chic silk dresses for what occasion?

    Wedding silk dress

    For this event, silk is indeed the material of choice for the outfit of the most beautiful day of your life: The choice of material will depend on the design of the dress: a wild silk or a satin for a sheath or princess version or a plain or textured silky crepe.

    Even if the selling price of the fabric is somewhat expensive, this material associated with a nice cut, will ensure you a very beautiful rendering and a quality garment.

    For a tighter budget, a silk accessory like a clutch or a flower can bring a very chic touch to your outfit.

    Cocktail or Ceremony silk dress

    For a cocktail, or a ceremony, a well-finished silk dress is the winning asset of your events. It comes in endless variations according to the dress code of the event. In a straight or slightly fitted V-neck and knee-length or midi version, prefer crepe, satin or wild silk. For a more vaporous version, a satin or a muslin will be ideal given their lightness and can be played on a floral print.

    We opt for the little lingerie strapless dress that is both chic and ultra light, it can be worn alone in a sexy chic woman's version by largely uncovering the back and shoulders or combined with a silk kimono or a Moroccan caftan in a wiser mode but very elegant. It is the right option for an evening at the beach: you will be the queen of the night.

    These outfits can be long or short dress, but not mini, in neutral colors such as blue, beige or more intense colors or on floral or faded patterns.

    Summer silk dress

    The silk shirt dress is also the chic and casual asset for the summer season. It is the ideal garment to keep in your dressing room all year round. We dare the mini version in print in summer by the sea in a tunic style or in mid-length mode in town.

    For the rounder or taller sizes, a long oversized casual boubou version with three-quarter sleeves, plain or printed, will have the most beautiful effect. In silky African wax or offbeat floral print and matched with small finishing details, it can be very elegant while remaining comfortable in summer.

    Cotton blend silk for the summer is recommended because it is very comfortable, a little more casual and easy to wear. The little fitted dress, slightly flared skirt in cotton silk is the must of your summer wardrobe to play in solid color or flower, Mayan or geometric print.

    Do not hesitate to play the print in summer, the summer side is an opportunity to have fun

    Discover the new collections of Anahide Saint André silk dresses available in beautiful materials acquired from the best Italian weavers and made in France in its workshop.