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    The different styles of tops

    The classic pieces of the dressing room

    Just like for dresses, there are a large number of different tops in terms of their materials, cuts, styles… Blouses, t-shirts, tank tops and many other tops are available to women. With women's daily and active lifestyles, they are looking for durable pieces that they can wear and/or that adapt to the different functions they occupy during the day. We offer you a short summary of the classic and timeless pieces that a woman must absolutely have in her dressing room.

    The famous cotton t-shirt

    Let's start with the great classic that absolutely every woman has in her dressing room, namely the t-shirt, present in all collections. The basic t-shirt is timeless and a fashion must-have that adapts to all silhouettes. It has never stopped reinventing itself and evolving over the years, from every point of view: plain or patterned, black, white or coloured, in knit, silk or linen, close-fitting or wider, round neck or V-neck, short or long sleeves... The women's t-shirt has not finished surprising us. The essential t-shirt goes with absolutely everything and all silhouettes, for our greatest happiness. No matter the occasion and the style of clothing imposed, if you choose a comfortable T-shirt , it will always do the job with a suit or even on weekends in casual mode and cap!

    The crop top ,

    A figure-hugging top that hits above the navel is a must-have piece for teenagers. This top is subject to many debates concerning it. This trend is above all the signature of the committed young generation who want to be heard and break taboos. Contrary to what one might think, it's not necessarily a vulgar top. Due to its short length, the crop-top is generally associated with high-waisted bottoms, which will counterbalance the bare side of this top and change the vision that we have of this top.

    This season's trends

    This year again , crochet and knit tops are highly coveted by women. The bohemian effect being in the 2022 fashion trend , knits… are once again in tune with the times. Still in the bohemian spirit, printed tops (with a loose fit) or tunics are on trend for your outfits for 2022. Flower prints in particular It is a must, the flower pattern a timeless one that is back in our dressing rooms with the arrival of sunny days. However, this season, printed tops in the spirit of wax, tie and dye… are also making their way into trendy looks for this summer.

    Essential summer materials, linen and cotton are all the rage. Playsuit, dress, pants or t-shirt, all adopt these materials perfectly adapted to hot sunny days.

    It's time to take advantage of flashy or pastel colors that are very fashionable this season. Bet on colorful tops that bring pep to your outfit. Among the most popular are: green, orange, pink or blue. You can create a total look in the same color as your top or pair it with more neutral pieces. Another more daring possibility may be available to you, it is to associate your top with two particularly strong colors together such as: pink and red to create an unusual look.

    Tops for a dressy and chic effect

    The chic tank top

    The t-shirt is not the only one that knows how to go with everything. In the same category we find the tank top . This other timeless basic has stood the test of time and still stands out today in our wardrobes. Just like for the T-shirt, the tank top has no rules, it reinvents itself and evolves endlessly. The tank top retains the same casual dimension as the t-shirt when paired with straight jeans. It can also bring a minimalist and refined touch to an extroverted look. It has the particularity of being able to be associated with everything, as well with jeans, a skirt, shorts, chic pants and many more. It doesn't just go with stockings! The tank top will go perfectly with an open shirt, a suit jacket...

    The camisole one of the most popular tops with women. For what ? For its fluid, sexy without being vulgar look. Because it hides the small curves of the belly while highlighting a pretty lace neckline. And because like the tank top, it goes with everything. The detail that we particularly like. Its ultra thin and minimalist straps, which look like lingerie straps. A simple touch that highlights the shoulders. The serrated effect adds a touch of femininity and refinement to your outfit.

    Fluid tops

    How not to confuse the shirt and the blouse? Today, wearing a shirt is no longer a question of gender. But initially, it was a garment for men and in particular the white collar. She gradually invited herself into the women's dressing room . It is an often classic top, with a rigid collar and buttoned sleeve cuffs. Even if the terms shirt and blouse are often used to designate the same piece, the "blouse" is a garment exclusively reserved for women, more adjusted to their morphology. If you opt for a more original look, this top leaves room for a few fantasies: balloon sleeves, ruffles, no collar, various cuts... There aren't really any rules. These two garments offer a wide variety of choices despite their difference: straight, loose or fitted model, with or without pockets... it comes in all colors in white business mode or much more colorful to enhance an outfit. For your selection, here are some tips to learn to distinguish between the two:

    The collar of the women's shirt is flexible, the presence of this collar marks the difference between the two garments. If he has one, it's a shirt. In which case, it's a blouse.

    A shirt must have buttoned and fairly rigid cuffs, unlike a blouse which (if it has sleeves) has rather flexible cuffs.

    On the sleeve side, the blouse is more creative than the classic shirt , whose sleeves are either short or long. For a blouse, there are different cuts and various lengths: long, short, 3/4, tight or sleeveless sleeves...and many variations to wear it in all circumstances.

    Now that you know how to tell them apart, all you have to do is decide which one to choose.