Comment s'habiller avec une morphologie X, une taille marquée ?

How to dress with an X body type and a marked waist?

Why dress according to your body type?

Unique body shapes

Dressing according to your body shape is important to highlight your body's assets and to create a balanced and harmonious silhouette. Every person has a unique body shape, with different proportions and shapes, meaning what works for one person may not work for another. You can have an A-shaped body shape, a V-shaped body shape, an O-shaped body shape, an H body shape or an X body shape.

Highlight your body type

By choosing clothes that suit your body shape, you can accentuate the parts of your x-figure that you like and minimize the parts that you prefer to hide. For example, if you have a pear-shaped figure, you can choose tops that emphasize your bust and bottoms that minimize your hips. If you have an hourglass figure, you can highlight your waist with belts and fitted dresses.

The ideal wardrobe

By understanding your body shape and choosing clothing that fits, you can also feel more comfortable and confident in your clothes. Instead of feeling uncomfortable in clothes that don't suit your beautiful curves, you can choose clothes that make you feel good about yourself and reflect your personality.

Pink cotton poplin playsuit with butterfly sleeves perfect for so-called X body shapes

What is the X morphology?

Hourglass body type

The X shape, also called hourglass shape, is a feminine silhouette characterized by a balanced proportion between the shoulders and hips, with a pronounced waist. Women with an The X shape is considered a classic and very feminine silhouette because it highlights your natural curves.

Enhance your x-shaped body shape.

To highlight an X shape, it is recommended to wear clothes that highlight the waist, such as fitted dresses, belts and fitted tops. Straight or slightly flared skirts and bottoms also work well with this silhouette. Loose, shapeless clothing can hide the natural curves of your figure, so it's best to avoid these styles if you want to show off your X-shaped body.

How do you know if you have an X-shaped body shape?

  1. Compare your waist and hip measurements. If your waist measurement is similar to your pelvis and you have a well-defined waist, you probably have an X-shaped body shape.

  2. You can also look at your figure in a mirror. If you have balanced shoulders and hips with a well-defined waist, you probably have an X-shaped body shape.

It is important to note that each person is unique and these measurements may vary from person to person. The measurements should only be used as a guide and not as a hard and fast rule. If you are unsure about your body shape, you can seek advice from a professional stylist or fashion expert.

Round neck dress in red cotton silk printed with body shape advice belt

What dresses to wear with an x-shaped silhouette?

Fitted dresses

Fitted dresses are perfect for highlighting your X-shaped figure. They emphasize your curves and highlight your hourglass figure. A-line dresses are also a good option because they have a shoulder line equal to that of the pelvis and flare out at the bottom. Our PAMPLONE long belted cotton poplin long shirt dress is ideal for going to work or going for a walk while being casual chic. Its material is light and very pleasant to wear.

Close-fitting dresses

Close-fitting dresses highlight your X-shaped silhouette by hugging your curves. The BACK UP dress will be your ally for your ceremonies, gala or formal evening with its magnificent back opening for an incomparable bare back.

Elegant summer dress

Little summer dresses, strapless or with straps, will enhance you. The ANTIBES casual cotton strap dress is characterized by its thin straps and its feminine floral print on coral red backgrounds which will perfectly suit your hourglass figure. It is the little casual chic feminine summer dress from this collection to have in your wardrobe. This classic and comfortable sleeveless product is easy to put on. Our trendy dress can therefore accompany you throughout the summer.

Dark blue dress with hollow pleats in the back and belt to highlight body shape x

What tops when you have an hourglass shape?

Women with an hourglass body shape generally have a balanced build and pelvis, with a thin, well-defined waist. To highlight this silhouette, it is recommended to choose tops that highlight the waist and balance the shoulders and buttocks.

Here are some examples of tops that can suit an hourglass body shape:

Fitted or fitted tops for a marked waist

Fitted or fitted tops that hug the natural curves of the body and highlight the waist. MAILLE DU DESERT tank tops are made of silk mesh. Silk knit is a rare and incredibly comfortable fabric. You will wear it like a second skin. Its material follows the shape of your curves and will therefore mark the waist. It really is the Must Have in your wardrobe to wear all year round!

Fitted shirts to highlight your size

Fitted shirts which have a fitted cut and highlight the waist. You can wear them with bottoms or a fitted skirt to create a balanced silhouette. For example, the EVALIERE powder pink silk shirt is a fitted blouse that will highlight your hourglass figure and subtly mark your waist. Its 3/4 sleeves will allow you to wear it all year round without complexes. We love its tie collar which will draw the eye to these details, perfect for those who are self-conscious about their pretty curves. It's the ideal style for going to work, it's suitable for your busiest days to be on top and always on trend. Highlight the waist with fitted clothes and your best ally for being professionally feminine.

Casual chic flared shirt in small V-neck cotton poplin

Wide tops to enhance your figure

Slightly loose tops that fall gently on the hips and create visual balance with your build. For reference, the indigo blue embossed silk KURTA top inspired by kurtas is ideal for your body shape. Longer in the back and shorter in the front, it falls perfectly on the waist and will slightly blur your silhouette. Its round neck with a front slit draws the eye towards your chest and avoids marking your waist. Its magnificent back yoke with a large box pleat will add elegance to your outfit, no matter what bottom you choose. However, we recommend pairing it with straight bottoms to balance out your hourglass figure. Its length under the buttocks in the back will delight those who like to hide their buttocks!

American armholes to balance your marked waist

Turtleneck tops that highlight the bust and create an elegant and balanced silhouette. Our SAULE top is the ideal silk and cotton top to balance your figure. Thanks to its American armholes, this silk top will emphasize your pretty shoulders and its collar closure marked with a large bow tied on the side for a chic professional or vacation style in Monaco. Its length stopping at the waist, it will ensure a pretty fall which will enhance your hourglass figure.

Chic top in red cotton silk with white prints and American armholes

What pants when you have an x-shaped body shape?

Women with an To highlight this silhouette, it is recommended to choose bottoms that highlight the waist and balance the build and hips.

Straight pants to enhance the hourglass shape

Straight or slightly flared pants that fall gently on the hips and create visual balance with the shoulders. The pants from the brand ZEPHYR black wool pants are straight in black wool. It is ultra comfortable and chic at the same time that you can wear it at the office or in the evening. The pretty Italian side pockets will delicately highlight your pretty curves.

High-waisted pants for a defined waistline

These high waist pants will emphasize the slim waist and create a balanced silhouette. Our MATELOT wide pants will be ideal for your hourglass figure. High waist stockings will highlight your waist: This type of stocking is primarily designed to be worn above the waist, thus emphasizing the natural curve and creating a more feminine silhouette. In addition, stockings that ride high can be more comfortable because they don't slip (and above all, no more anxiety when bending over!). The drape of Viscose material is one of the most pleasant. The fluid material of this garment is ultra pleasant to wear. Like a second skin, you will have the impression of wearing nothing.

high waisted sailor pants in navy viscose ideal for h shape

Wide pants for a balanced silhouette

Wide leg pants that create a fluid and balanced silhouette. If you take it hight waist , it will lengthen your legs and highlight your waist. Avoid excessively baggy fits or layering of bulky clothing, which can create an overly bulky look. The goal is to balance your silhouette by emphasizing your pretty curves. The MARIUS women's pants are ideal thanks to their wide but straight cut, they avoid too much volume and therefore accentuate the volume of the legs. Beige, navy blue and red, treat yourself with the colors!

Cigarette pants that highlight your hips

Cigarette pants that are fitted at the hips and thighs, and which tighten slightly at the bottom. Opt for carrot-cut bottoms that fit your waist and hips well, but remain loose on the legs. Avoid models that are too tight, which can accentuate the symmetry of your body shape. The ARBOR model follows your curves but does not tighten, its ultra feminine belt will highlight your pretty curves and provide a slight volume which will balance your body type.

It's important to choose bottoms that match your personal style and the occasion you're wearing them for. Feel free to experiment with different styles to find the ones that suit you best.

wide pants in stretch cotton, high waist, beige color, casual style

What jackets when you have an hourglass shape?

To highlight this silhouette, it is recommended to choose jackets that highlight the waist and balance the shoulders and hips.

Here are some examples of jackets that can suit an hourglass body shape:

Fitted jackets, combined with a marked waist

Fitted jackets that hug the natural curves of the body and highlight the waist. Our HANA kimono jacket will look great on you. elegant and chic, its removable belt will delicately highlight your most beautiful curves. Its reversible sides allow you to adopt 2 styles in 1! Having an hourglass body shape allows you to choose pretty jackets that will highlight your curves. Women with a v-shaped body shape or close to an a-shaped body shape often have more difficulty wearing these models.

The casual chic mini-jacket

This cut balances the shoulders and hips while emphasizing the waist. Our MORPHO velvet denim jacket style jacket adapts well to your slim waist and highlights your X-shaped body shape. Having an too loose which can accentuate the symmetry of your body shape. At Anahide Saint André we love playing with varieties of colors and textures. The MORPHO jacket is in navy-colored velvet with butterfly-print silk and cotton details. It was designed in a denim look but with our touch of casual chic!

Casa kimono jacket navy blue linen wool reversible ideal for X-shaped body types

What is the difference between body shape X and 8?

The X and 8 body shape are often used to describe a similar body shape, but there is a subtle difference between the two.

The X body shape is characterized by a thin, well-defined waist, with balanced shoulders and hips. This creates an "X" shaped silhouette.

The 8 shape, on the other hand, is characterized by a thin and well-defined waist, with shoulders slightly wider than the hips, creating an "8" shaped silhouette.

In summary, the difference between the two body types lies in the difference in the width of the shoulders in relation to the hips. Body shape X has balanced shoulders and hips, while body shape 8 has shoulders slightly wider than the hips.

How to dress when you have a figure 8 body shape?

Women with a figure 8 body shape generally have a slim, well-defined waist, with shoulders slightly wider than the hips, creating an "8" shaped silhouette. To highlight this silhouette, it is recommended to choose clothes that highlight the waist and balance the shoulders and hips.

Here are some examples of clothing that may suit a figure 8 body shape:

azure blue cotton shirt dress tied at the wrists

Dresses with a belt

Dresses with a belt at the waist that create an elegant silhouette and highlight the slim waist. The PAMPLONE dress is ideal thanks to its belt which highlights your waist and refines the silhouette. Close to the o-shaped and v-shaped morphology, you are however lucky to have a marked waist. Take the opportunity to dress in women's clothing that will highlight your assets like your chest with a pretty, classy neckline.

Fitted top, or not!

For women with an hourglass figure and small chest, the KURTA top will be your ally. Its slight v-neckline and straight fall, shorter in front and longer in the back, will mark your waist. Available in ever more unique colors, yellow, indigo blue, azure blue, lagoon blue and orange but also in types of luxurious natural materials: embossed silk and silk crepe! Avoid if you have a large chest as it could add too much volume. We prefer v-neck collars which will draw the eye towards the center of your body. For women with large busts, the EVALIERE top with its tie collar and slightly fitted cut will be perfect! In powder pink silk, it is soft, light and very elegant.

Dress pants

Having a pronounced waist but shoulders that are more voluminous than your pelvis, it is better to choose slightly flared straight pants which will balance your x-shaped silhouette. We love the ZEPHYR bottoms for hourglass figures because they are slightly tightened at the ankles which will very slightly flesh out your silhouette. If you prefer wide MARIUS type bottoms, combine them with a fairly short or fitted top which will reveal your pretty deep curves.

The ideal skirt for hourglass figures

Flared skirts which have a high waist and which highlight the thin waist. Pencil skirts are also a good choice because they hug the natural curves of the body. At Anahide Saint André, there is no shortage of skirts suited to your body type! The Filament skirt will follow the curves of your body and highlight your waist. Ideal in mid-season or in winter, it will be great for going to work. The pretty silk skirt is fluid and flared. Perfect for your summer days, its drape will discreetly highlight the waist.

Chic pink embossed silk skirt, midi length, ideal for x-shaped figures

Is it possible to change your body shape?

The basic physical shape or structure of a person's body is determined by factors such as genetics, growth and development, and lifestyle habits. This basic structure cannot be radically changed.

However, it is possible to change the appearance of certain body parts through exercise and a healthy diet. For example, by regularly doing exercises targeting the upper body muscles, you can increase shoulder width and create the illusion of an X or V shape. Likewise, by doing muscle strengthening exercises for the hips and buttocks, we can create the illusion of a figure 8 or A shape.

However, these changes will not alter the basic structure of the body or transform one body type into another. Additionally, it is important to note that body shape is a natural characteristic of the body and there is no "perfect" body shape. The important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in your own body, whatever your body shape.

navy blue silk kimono style top dress

What pants to wear when you have X-shaped legs?

When the legs are X-shaped, it means that the thighs are wider than the knees and ankles. To balance body proportions, it is recommended to wear pants that create a visual illusion of straighter and longer legs. Here are some tips for choosing stockings that suit X-shaped legs :

Straight bottoms are a good choice because they are straight from top to bottom and create a vertical line that elongates the legs. Slim or skinny bottoms can emphasize wider thighs and accentuate the X shape, so it's best to avoid them.

High-waisted bottoms are also a good option, as they elongate the legs and create an illusion of more balanced proportions.

Bottoms with a flared cut at the bottom can help balance the proportions, as they have a looser fit at the knees and ankles.

We love the straight and loose pants, MATELOT and MARIUS, which will structure your legs to create classy looks that will be perfect for going to work, in the evening and even on vacation!

Avoid bottoms that have front pockets, details or patterns that draw attention to larger thighs

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