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A marriage? 5 rules to follow to be the perfect guest

Are you invited to a wedding ceremony? The puzzle begins to identify and select the ideal outfit that will rank you among the high priestesses of trends and will arouse the admiration of those around you. But above all you must know the pitfalls to avoid for a perfect wedding dress code!

We avoid white, reserved for the bride

comet and amaya duo dresses in navy viscose and anahide pleated silk saint andre

Whatever the length, we forget the white

The immaculate dress is naturally reserved for the bride.

It can be used for details such as a collar, a sleeve cuff or a particular detail, but the white dress is reserved exclusively for the bride. If you want a light tone, you can go for soft or muted colors without compromising the bride's outfit.

Pastel dresses can be adopted for a guest

As a guest, you can nevertheless adopt soft variations such as a powder pink, a pale blue or a cream color or light muslin materials which veil the tones in transparency. Chiffons and pastels can be perfect for a bridesmaid.

If you want to stay in beige-white tones, the pleated Amaya dress will be perfectly suited.

The little black dress only in the evening

Black must be associated with style

If it remains associated with funerals and therefore not very fancy for a wedding, you can consider a dark but chic tone for a jumpsuit or a cocktail dress associated with a more colorful or fancy bag. On the other hand, for a bridesmaid, black is definitely to be avoided.

Two outfits and a long dark dress for dinner

Long, fitted or flared or mid-length and structured, the black dress remains a safe bet. Changing your outfit after the cocktail party is a mark of style that shows your involvement in this wedding and respect for those who were kind enough to invite you. It is also an opportunity to highlight your refinement and your remarkable class.

We respect the codes and colors of the ceremony

saint andre anahide azure silk crepe kurta dress

Ask for dress codes

Delight the bride and groom on D-Day

Even if you don't like the proposed codes: there's no question of avoiding the recommendations of young lovebirds. If the codes don't match your style, you can use tricks: Are you forced to wear a satin fabric? Play a stole that you can quickly put away. You can adorn a strap with a brooch in the theme or a trendy accessory.

Check on the invitation if an evening dress is required

If this is the case, and if you wish, this is the opportunity to pull out all the stops: an evening dress with straps or with sleeves, a long or asymmetrical maxi skirt: it's time to dare to haute couture or sought-after wardrobe.

Ask about the place and the theme of the wedding

The wedding venue will guide you to dress

Knowing the location will prove very useful in identifying your outfit. Castle or country wedding? You will not opt ​​for the same look to stay within the proposed theme. Opt for a strapless dress or a bustier for hot summers, which you can adorn with a stole or a muslin coat so as not to strip too much. In winter or in cooler regions, a chic set with a sleeve will be appreciated.

Can't find the perfect outfit?

You can be tricky by bringing details to the collar or sleeves of your dress or a collection of accessories in the theme while respecting a cut and a length that suits you. You are the wedding guest, playing the game of the newlyweds will be their greatest gift.

The silk crepe Kurta dress could be the perfect dress for a summer seaside wedding

We abandon casual or too showy dresses

comet and amaya top duo in viscose crepe and pleated silk in navy and blue anahide saint andre

We forget jeans and sporty outfits at the wedding

Jeans are the garment to banish for a wedding

A long outfit does not make you dream? Dear lady, there is an alternative to basketball jeans, which will show you off without excess. You can adopt a light chiffon top over dressy pants, very chic for the ceremony without falling into the cliché of the Queen of England outfit.

We forget the guest sports outfits

The sportswear outfits, stay in the suitcase. If you are a sporty guest, forget the leggings and opt for a look that highlights your figure: short skirt, sleeveless jumpsuit or fitted pants will highlight your muscular shapes.

Casual outfits have no place at a wedding

Opt for a dress in silk fabric or muslin

If your look is more casual, you can spot a bohemian look that combines chic and lightness without falling into an overdressed or formal outfit.

Find a set that holds

Avoid a set that is too wide or too tall. If you want to keep it simple without a pretty bow, better to select a mid-length set.

Our Aurore dress in pink embossed silk is the ideal compromise

A designer wedding dress without overdoing it

blue cocktail dress for wedding and ceremony anahide saint andre

Spot a creative yet understated dress

We avoid dresses that are too sexy or too tight

Dresses that are too low-cut or too short may denote especially at the wedding ceremony. See-through chiffon dresses should also be avoided. A dress with straps or strapless can be very pretty if it remains decent.

We highlight our strengths without excess

Highlight your attributes by selecting a creative outfit during the day and an evening dress if you wish without too much shine for a refined look. A pretty pleated dress paired with a three-quarter sleeve top piece.

The Amaya comet dress allows you to play with a contrasting mix that combines dark navy and a pleated sand color.

Select a cocktail outfit that is colorful but not too showy

Are you the mother-in-law? Don't steal the show from the bride

Prefer a well-cut, ultra-chic cocktail dress to an outpouring of intrusive and annoying ruffled and frilly collars... for everyone. A nice set from a designer collection will be a mark of your class and your good taste.

Forget evening dresses with flashy or fluorescent prints

Red, raspberry pink or azure blue dresses when the design is elegant bring a touch of gaiety, but beware of the tones: fluorescent colors, evening dresses with feathers or too conspicuous prints are not recommended. We reserve the rare bird look for disguised themes

A chic and comfortable wedding guest dress

jumpsuit for ceremony and wedding anahide saint andre

We choose an outfit that is comfortable to wear

Stay the woman or the elegant lady that you are without torturing yourself.

A dress that is too short or a sheath dress can be unpleasant to wear; even if she respects the dress codes of the wedding.

A dress to your morphology to stay comfortable

Dressing for a wedding is an exercise in style, not a balancing act. Get advice to identify the brand that matches your style and body type. The collections are diverse enough to find the ideal dress sometimes your size.

The Chaos dress is the elegant and comfortable designer piece of the house

Avoid uncomfortable shoes

Banish heels that are too high

If you are invited to the wedding ceremony and the meal, choose elegant shoes that match your outfit in terms of style but are also comfortable. Forget heels over 10cm, especially if you're not used to wearing them. And if you want to perch, think about taking a pair of ballerinas to dance until dawn.

Forget too tight or tie shoes

Forget the ordeal of too tight stilettos or strappy sandals that will saw off your feet all day. Prefer a comfortable ballerina or a small heel that you can adorn with a decorative detail.

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