Women's cotton poplin playsuit PAPILLON

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Made in France, in our workshop,
Cotton poplin, Italy

In a casual chic spirit, this women's playsuit can be worn both in relaxation mode and in business mode.

Your size is no longer available? Contact us . We can re-manufacture this item depending on fabric availability to your measurement within 15 days.

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Women's cotton playsuit

Composition of this women's playsuit

CO100% fabric (Italy), Upcycled as part of our eco-design approach We selected this cotton poplin material from residual stocks from our Italian suppliers. Cotton poplin is a light material woven very tightly which gives a nice hold to the garment. It is very pleasant to wear in summer and winter. All our fabric scraps are saved and sorted to be reused as part of charitable projects or as finishing details for limited series.

Caring for your chic jumpsuit

  • Cleaning in delicate program
  • Do not tumble dry. Dry flat or on a hanger.
  • Gentle ironingor steamer. When ironing, place a square of fine fabric such as a handkerchief on the garment to avoid polishing it. Folded correctly in a suitcase, your garment will not wrinkle.

PAPILLON jumpsuit in casual chic cotton, Made in France

Description of this women's short jumpsuit

Top of the suit:

  • Flared shape
  • Butterfly sleeve top
  • Crossed V-neck in front
  • Upper back closed with a small button at the collar leaving an open slit in the back

Suit pants:

  • Flared shorts with two Italian pockets
  • Invisible back zip closure at the bottom
  • Mid-thigh shorts length - Not too short

The model is 170cm tall and wears a size 38.

Pretty women's playsuit in cotton

This updated item is made in France, in our workshop in Meudon, near Paris. At Anahide Saint André each piece is signed by a member of the team who contributed to the creation of your favorite piece.

Delivery conditions and returns for the PAPILLON suit

Delivery 48-72 hours and free return in France via Colissimo or DPD from 150 euros of purchases. Express carrier delivery in France and Europe 24-48 hours.

International Express Carrier Delivery 48-72h

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How to wear the playsuit?

Choosing the playsuit, the flagship model of the beach

Are you looking for light, comfortable and stylish clothing to take advantage of the summer weather that the season offers us but are you tired of having the same long dress as your neighbor Anne? So look no further and ditch the traditional beach dress because this season it's the playsuit that will be the favorite in every wardrobe. From then on, quickly put on our PAPILLON women's playsuit model which will be perfect to be the most stylish of your friends of the season.

To drink a cocktail on the terrace with friends or relax on the beach, we favor a casual look which will be most suitable. With a pair of flat or wedge sandals to create a casual and stylish moment. As for accessories, opt for an elegant straw hat and a patterned wicker bag to slip in a pair of sunglasses.

Although it is not winter, in the event of a dance party that lasts until dawn, you have to realize that there is a risk of catching a cold so think smart and grab a sweatshirt before going to your reception so as not to suffer from the cool temperatures of summer evenings. Maintain your chic look by opting for a chic, quality sweatshirt like our NOMADE reversible SWEATSHIRT in cotton silk. which will guarantee you stay warm all season long.

Also perfect for a date outing in the city with a pretty pair of sandals and a colorful cuff, the style of our PAPILLON playsuit ensures you will be the most beautiful and enjoy your walks with lovers under the burning sun of the summer.

A short jumpsuit to have style during ceremonies

Who says spring, says return of the summer season and who says return of sunny days says new round of weddings, baptisms, communions and other ceremonies of all kinds.

It's finally the end of big down jackets to keep warm! It's time to bring color into our spring wardrobe and bring out our summer outfits, each one more colorful than the last. And for you ladies who are a little apprehensive about having to wear a skirt or the classic little summer dress, don't panic! There is a perfect alternative to enhance your body. This is the women's playsuit, a simple and practical piece of clothing that has nevertheless become the new big "girl's favorite" for dressing with style. It allows you to be comfortable while remaining chic and elegant and above all very feminine.

Women's playsuits offer the possibility of moving and dancing freely during a party, without risk of constraints. However, it is true that access to the toilet can sometimes not be a very convenient time. Fortunately, by opting for a short jumpsuit with buttons like our PAPILLON jumpsuit and sleeves halfway between long and short, you can easily resolve this situation. Combining style and practicality, what more could you ask for!

Finalize your outfit with a large pair of hoop earrings and sandals to add style to your trendy look that will not leave anyone indifferent! It's time to stand out by breaking the conventions of the traditional wrap dress and adopting this versatile piece to dress your events.

Wear the playsuit for trendy business days

As for you business women, with the summer season, it's an opportunity to store your pants and your little scarves in your wardrobe to keep them warm for next winter. Now is the time to go crazy and adopt the women's playsuit for your days at the office to bring a bit of sunshine to work while adopting a professional, fashionable and casual look.

Adopt the PAPILLON women's playsuit, with its fitted - flared cut, which will become your best ally for impeccable style at the office. To be the trendy business lady with a comfortable look, proudly wear your playsuit accompanied by a pair of pumps to refine your figure, or moccasins to offer a more daring look.

In addition, the light cotton of the PAPILLON playsuit lets you breathe without being compressed and guarantees fluidity of movement so that you feel good about yourself throughout your day.

To add a touch of dynamism to a monochrome ensemble, you can opt for a colored bag or satchel that will enhance your outfit. When it comes to accessories, it is best to opt for simple and discreet jewelry to complete your elegant and trendy look at the office.

What style of playsuit for your body type?

Do you want to wear a short jumpsuit to feel both comfortable and sexy but you have the impression that none are suitable for your body type? Don't worry, there's nothing simpler. The women's playsuit model offers a wide variety of textures, shapes and lengths to suit any body type and any type of woman. And yes, everything is possible with fashion!

Women's playsuit for O body shapes

If you have a rounder stomach shape, the women's playsuit will be one of your greatest allies. Indeed, the playsuit, a must-have in the women's wardrobe, makes us want it because itoffers a slender line and erases your little complexes.

To begin, let's take a quick moment to talk about materials and textures. For you ladies who have pretty luscious curves, there is no question of hiding them and camouflaging your feminine assets! You just have to choose the perfect and ideal material for your clothes that accompany you throughout the day. This is why the fabrics that are likely to suit you best are flowing fabrics such as silk or linen. These textiles are recommended for their ability to delicately drape curves and generate a harmonious profile like our DRIAS set which is in viscose crepe and lined in silk. Ideal for lengthening your legs while nicely hugging your curves.

You can also choose a playsuit with an empire cut. Finally, go for a V-neck which will suit you perfectly if you are looking for a pretty neckline that will highlight your chest while slightly camouflaging the stomach area.

Chic playsuit with an H shape

If you have shoulders and hips of the same measurement and a shallow waist, you have an H-shaped silhouette, also called a rectangle silhouette. For those who have this body type, nothing could be simpler to satisfy their desire to be relaxed and stylish. You should look for women's playsuits that create curves at the hips and chest. Playsuit styles with details such as draping, ruching or belting can help create the illusion of a larger waistline.

Like our PAPILLON playsuit, theruffles and fancy collarsare recommended, because they will give your bust a perfect appearance, larger and more graceful. Thus, the PAPILLON playsuit creates an illusion of curves thanks to the volume at the top and bottom of the garment as well as the seam which marks the hollow of your hips.

Finally, for an outing in town or a formal evening, bring out your best V-necklines in the trendy colors of the moment to highlight the curves of your chest.

Women's playsuit for an A-shaped body

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, it is interesting to opt for a category of clothing that draws attention to your upper body in order to create a nice harmony and thus get closer to a figure 8 silhouette. You can therefore choose a playsuit with ruffles on the chest, heart-shaped necklines which will ensure a pretty neckline or even elaborate sleeves. Don't ask yourself any more questions and dare!

Conversely, leave aside playsuits which have too much information at the bottom of their seam and which risk adding unwanted volume to the hips. Instead, choose models that flare slightly towards the bottom to balance your silhouette. Likewise, we forget the belts which accentuate the disparities and imbalances between the top and bottom of your body.

Regarding your legs, you can just as easily choose a Bermuda style cut, perfect for the beach and city walks, or a long pants style if you want to hide your legs, ideal for an elegant evening out. been dressed.

The ideal casual playsuit for the V silhouette

You have a V-shaped body shape, or inverted triangle, if your shoulders are wider than your hips. Although it is to your credit to experiment with different types of outfits, there are playsuits that will enhance your look.

Avoid extremes: a women's playsuit model that is too tight, or conversely too loose, could accentuate the appearance of your large bust. Instead, opt for playsuits that lightly hug your curves without being too tight to create a harmonious and feminine balance.

In order to balance your profile,opt for the style of playsuits that draw attention to your hipsand create volume in this area to harmonize your shoulders and pelvis. Playsuits with hip details, such as ruffles, pockets or patterns, can be particularly beneficial in achieving this balancing effect. Why not add a colored belt to create an illusion of curves and define the hollow of your hips. This will emphasize the thinnest part of your line.

The figure 8 shape with style in women's playsuits

Characterized by a well-defined body shape and similar measurements for the upper and lower body, people with an hourglass physique, shaped like a figure 8, have a wide selection of playsuits.

If there is one thing you must do, it is to highlight your pretty, perfectly defined curves. So don't be afraid and dare. For this, what could be better than a piece that is tight at the waist to highlight it? So if you haven't already done so, get a women's playsuit as soon as possible with cutouts or belts to emphasize your figure.

Let yourself be tempted by playsuits with flattering necklines to highlight your bust. V-necks, bardot necklines or plunging necklines are wise options for a figure 8 shape.

After putting on PAPILLON, you won't be able to imagine having received so many compliments that you will never want to take it off after your outing!



Thank you for everything. My outfits are beautiful.

Coutance, France

I bought you the reversible sweatshirt 5 years ago. Only compliments, every time I wear it; I don't leave him. THANKS

Versailles, France

I have received my dress. The material is beautiful and the packaging so pretty. The dress is gorgeous! a great surprise. THANKS!

Marseille, France

I received the beautiful dress, so Chic! many thanks

New York, USA


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