haut en maille de soie vert amande fluide et col rond
haut en maille de soie vert amande et manches trois quarts
haut en maille de soie vert amande et manches trois quarts leger
haut en maille de soie vert amande et manches trois quarts leger comme une seconde peau
haut en maille de soie orange et manches trois quarts
haut en maille de soie vert amande et manches trois quarts leger comme une seconde peau
haut en maille de soie orange et manches trois quarts leger
haut en maille de soie orange fluide et col rond

IRIS silk knit top Green

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Made in France , at our silk knitwear supplier
100% silk knitwear
Available in several colors


Fine comfort long-sleeved t-shirt in silk, natural haute couture fabric

Composition of this garment 100% silk, natural material

Fabric: 100% natural silk, Selected from our haute couture suppliers. Origin of the fabric China with dyeing carried out in the Paris region.

We have selected this natural material from one of our French suppliers, also a supplier to French haute couture houses. this material is very rare, both heavy and fluid. It is very pleasant to wear, like a second skin all year round. All our fabric scraps are preserved and sorted to be reused as part of charitable projects or as finishing details for limited series.

Care of this silk garment made in France

- Dry clean or hand wash 30°. Caution Machine washing will damage the luster of the fabric.

- Do not tumble dry. Dry the product flat or on a hanger.

- Iron with a gentle iron or steamer. When ironing, place a square of light, handkerchief-type fabric on the product to avoid polishing it. Folded correctly in a suitcase, your product will not crease. This material is naturally luxurious while remaining very comfortable. It deserves special attention for its maintenance. It is easy to do if you follow these few instructions and you will be able to keep your item for a very long time.

Fine long-sleeved silk t-shirt, made in France

Description of this product in casual chic silk

- Loose straight silk knit top

- Short neckline

- 3/4 sleeve

- Hip length

The model is 170cm tall and wears a size 38.

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When to wear this comfortable long-sleeved silk knit t-shirt?

Wearing a long-sleeved silk knit t-shirt is an excellent option for several specific occasions and seasons. Here are some tips on when it is appropriate to wear this natural material Long Sleeve T-shirt: Formal events If you are attending a formal event, such as a reception or dinner, a Silk Knit Long Sleeve T-shirt, 100 % silk, can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outfit. It can be paired with a pencil skirt, dress pants or long skirt to create a chic and refined women's look.Cooler SeasonsLong Sleeve Silk Knit T-shirts are perfect for cooler seasons, like fall or spring. Silk offers light insulation that allows you to stay warm while being comfortable, especially thanks to its Long Sleeves. You can layer it with a cardigan or light jacket for added warmth and style.Casual OccasionsEven though silk is often associated with formal outfits, a silk knit long sleeve tee can also be worn on occasions casual. It can be paired with fitted jeans or linen pants for a casual yet elegant look. You can also accessorize it with jewelry or a belt to add a touch of sparkle to your outfit. It is important to note that silk being a delicate fabric, you should take care of your Long Sleeve t-shirt by following specific washing instructions. Also be careful to avoid contact with sharp objects that could damage it.

What is the ideal body type to wear this comfortable long-sleeved silk knit t-shirt?

The women's long-sleeved silk knit t-shirt is a versatile garment that can be worn by different body types. However, there are some general guidelines to consider to flatter your figure when wearing it. Here are some recommendations based on different body types:

Hourglass body shape

If you have an hourglass body shape, this Long Sleeve t-shirt will highlight your feminine curves. Its slightly tight-fitting second-skin effect material will highlight your waist and fit your shape harmoniously. The long sleeves in silk knit, 100% silk, will add a touch of elegance to your balanced silhouette.

V-shaped body shape

If you have a V-shaped body shape, with shoulders wider than your hips, this women's t-shirt can be an excellent choice to balance your figure. The long sleeves in silk knit, 100% silk, will bring a certain delicacy to your look.

A-shaped body shape

For people with an A-shaped body shape, with hips wider than the shoulders, the long-sleeved women's t-shirt in Silk knit can be worn in different ways. You can opt for a slightly larger size which will create a fall at the hips to balance the silhouette. However, make sure that the women's t-shirt is not too large a size so as not to lose the delicacy of the silk mesh.

Rectangular body shape

If you have a rectangular body shape, with shoulders and hips of similar size, This women's t-shirt can help create curves and bring femininity to your figure. The size of the long silk mesh sleeves will add elegance to the whole.



Thank you for everything. My outfits are beautiful.

Coutance, France

I bought you the reversible sweatshirt 5 years ago. Only compliments, every time I wear it; I don't leave him. THANKS

Versailles, France

I have received my dress. The material is beautiful and the packaging so pretty. The dress is gorgeous! a great surprise. THANKS!

Marseille, France

I received the beautiful dress, so Chic! many thanks

New York, USA


Our collections are created and manufactured in FRANCE in the workshop of the house by a small qualified team which works together, animated by the same passion: All our collections carried out in materials of very high quality , are made by relying on haute couture techniques to permanently become the little favorites in your wardrobe. At Anahide Saint André each piece is signed by a member of the team who contributed to the realization of your favorite piece.


sélection de matières naturelles et durables

tissu plissé made in france bleu blanc et rouge

We select our fabrics with great care from our haute couture weavers to offer you high-quality, durable materials.


The luxury pieces are made to order or tailor-made with a selection of high quality materials acquired from our Italian and French haute couture weavers. These fabrics are managed as permanent collections so as not to waste the fabrics and are animated by favorite selections for clothing in limited series and new colors are offered gradually.


All our casual chic pieces are made in small series with dormant stocks from available fashion houses. We select residual rolls of different sizes from these fashion houses to manufacture our models throughout the year.


Since its launch, the brand has been developing its collections by seeking to limit its impact on the environment . Our timeless collections are made in small series in quality materials to last. Our modular and reversible pieces are developed to evolve without changing everything. Fabric scraps are recycled for limited series and charitable projects that are important to us. Our workshop provides a repair or transformation service to extend the life of our clothes.

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