blouson laine vierge gris reversible violet a capuche longueur hanche vu de face
blouson laine vierge gris reversible violet a capuche longueur hanche vu de face 2
blouson laine vierge gris reversible violet a capuche longueur hanche vu de dos
blouson laine vierge gris reversible violet a capuche fermer
blouson laine vierge violet reversible gris a capuche longueur hanche vu de face ouvert
blouson laine vierge violet reversible gris a capuche longueur hanche vu de dos
blouson laine vierge gris reversible violet a capuche longueur hanche vu de profil fermer

DOMARU reversible wool jacket

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Made in France, in our workshop
Double-sided virgin wool sheet

  • Free deliveries and returns in France

Virgin wool acquired from our haute couture suppliers (Italy)


Fabric: 100% virgin wool (Austria) stock acquired from our haute couture suppliers.

We have selected this material in double-sided virgin wool, a natural material. Virgin wool cloth is a heavy material, woven very tightly and therefore very warm, which gives the garment a good hold and is comfortable for the winter. All our fabric scraps are saved and sorted to be reused as part of charitable projects or as finishing details for limited series.

Care instructions

Dry cleaning. Hand wash prohibited. Please note, machine or hand washing will cause the fabric to shrink and deteriorate. Do not tumble dry. Folded correctly in a suitcase, your garment will not wrinkle.

Women's winter wool jacket with reversible hood, Made In France


- Reversible hooded jacket

- Enveloping hood

- Made with applied seams to allow reversibility

- Slightly egg shape

- Long raglan sleeves tightened at the wrist by a sleeve bracelet

- Closure with a zip covering a tab

- Patch pockets Hip length

The model is 170cm tall and wears a size 38. Consult our size guide

Delivery and returns policy

Delivery 48-72 hours and free return in France via Colissimo or DPD from 150 euros of purchases. Express carrier delivery in France and Europe 24-48 hours. International Express Carrier delivery 48-72 hours To find out more about our delivery and returns conditions,

Review our shipping policy

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How to wear this women's wool jacket?

The short, reversible women's wool jacket can be worn in different situations depending on your personal style and the weather. Here are some suggestions:

The women's wool jacket to wear when it's cold

The wool jacket is ideal for cool days when you need an extra layer to keep you warm. It can be worn over a sweater or blouse, adding a touch of warmth and elegance to your outfit.

Women's coat for casual occasions

The short wool coats are versatile and can be worn when casual occasions. Pair it with fitted jeans or a denim skirt with ankle boots or sneakers for a casual chic look.

The women's jacket to wear for your evening outfit

If you are looking for an elegant alternative to a traditional jacket or blazer, the short wool coat can also be worn during events or evening outings. It can be paired with a blended dress or jumpsuit to add an extra layer of warmth while still looking sophisticated.

Women's jacket with reversible style

As the jacket is reversible, you can experiment with both sides to create different looks. Choose the side that best matches your outfit and mood of the day.

Which body type should you wear this reversible women's coat?

The women's short wool coat is a versatile and elegant garment that can suit different body types. It offers a multitude of possibilities to highlight your figure and create stylish looks. Here are some tips for choosing and wearing a short wool women's coat according to your body shape.

Women's X-shaped body shape (balanced silhouette)

The X-shaped body shape is characterized by shoulders and hips of similar width, with a well-defined waist. The short wool jacket can be ideal for this body type, because it highlights your waist and emphasizes your curves. Opt for a slightly fitted model that hugs your figure and highlights your waist. Coats with a belt or waist detail can also be flattering.

Women's A-shaped body type (hips wider than shoulders)

If you have an A-shaped body shape, with hips wider than your shoulders, the jacket in Short wool can help balance your figure. Choose a model that stops above the hips so as not to draw attention to this area. Opt for shoulder details, like shoulder pads or embellishments, to visually widen this part. Women's coats with flared cuts at the hips can also create a harmonious balance.

Women's V-shaped body shape (shoulders wider than the hips)

For a V-shaped body shape, with shoulders wider than the hips, wool coats short can help balance your figure by drawing attention downward. Choose a style that has interesting details at the hips, like pockets or ruffles, to create the illusion of deeper curves. Avoid shoulder pads or bulky shoulder details, as they can accentuate disproportion. Instead, opt for simple, clean cuts at the shoulders.

Women's H-shaped body shape (shoulders and hips of similar width)

If you have an H-shaped body shape, with shoulders and hips of similar width, you can choose a wool jacket short that adds structure to your silhouette. Opt for models with details such as pockets, buttons or belts to create an illusion of curves. Jackets with vertical lines, like seams or zippers, can also help visually elongate your silhouette.



Thank you for everything. My outfits are beautiful.

Coutance, France

I bought you the reversible sweatshirt 5 years ago. Only compliments, every time I wear it; I don't leave him. THANKS

Versailles, France

I have received my dress. The material is beautiful and the packaging so pretty. The dress is gorgeous! a great surprise. THANKS!

Marseille, France

I received the beautiful dress, so Chic! many thanks

New York, USA


Our collections are created and manufactured in FRANCE in the workshop of the house by a small qualified team which works together, animated by the same passion: All our collections carried out in materials of very high quality , are made by relying on haute couture techniques to permanently become the little favorites in your wardrobe. At Anahide Saint André each piece is signed by a member of the team who contributed to the realization of your favorite piece.


sélection de matières naturelles et durables

tissu plissé made in france bleu blanc et rouge

We select our fabrics with great care from our haute couture weavers to offer you high-quality, durable materials.


The luxury pieces are made to order or tailor-made with a selection of high quality materials acquired from our Italian and French haute couture weavers. These fabrics are managed as permanent collections so as not to waste the fabrics and are animated by favorite selections for clothing in limited series and new colors are offered gradually.


All our casual chic pieces are made in small series with dormant stocks from available fashion houses. We select residual rolls of different sizes from these fashion houses to manufacture our models throughout the year.

l'éco-conception au coeur de notre modèle économique

Since its launch, the brand has been developing its collections by seeking to limit its impact on the environment . Our timeless collections are made in small series in quality materials to last. Our modular and reversible pieces are developed to evolve without changing everything. Fabric scraps are recycled for limited series and charitable projects that are important to us. Our workshop provides a repair or transformation service to extend the life of our clothes.

plissage de la robe amaya en crêpe de soie plissé

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