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Chic flared silk dress MISCELIA

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Made in France, in our workshop,
Silk 100% - (Italy)

The MISCELIA fluid flared silk dress is the chic dress to wear for your occasions this summer! Lightweight and sleeveless, in unique colors, it's truly a must-have for sunny days.

Your size is no longer available? Contact us . We can re-manufacture this model depending on fabric availability in your size within 20 days.

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Feminine and chic short silk dress

Composition of the fluid and light silk dress for women

100% silk fabric (Italy)Acquired from our haute couture suppliers in Italy.

We selected this embossed silk from one of our Italian suppliers, also a supplier to French haute couture houses. Embossed silk is a material that is both thick and fluid, which gives a drape that is both heavy and supple. It is very pleasant to wear all year round. All our fabric scraps are saved and sorted to be reused as part of charitable projects or as finishing details for limited series.

Caring for your short silk dress

  • Dry cleaningor hand wash 30°. Caution Machine washing will deteriorate the luster of natural silk.
  • Do not tumble dry.Dry flat or on a hanger.
  • Gentle ironingor steamer. When ironing, place a square of thin, light handkerchief-type fabric on the garment to avoid polishing it.
  • Folded correctly in a suitcase, your garment will not wrinkle.

These quality pieces deserve to be taken care of, so you can keep them for a long time.

Short silk dress, Made in France

Description of short and light silk dress for women

  • Sleeveless flared dress
  • Round collar
  • cut-out armholes
  • Two side pockets
  • length above the knee

Available in several colors

The model is 175cm tall and wears a size 38.

The short, fluid and light silk dress, chic, made in France

This timeless, feminine and elegant piece is made in France, in our workshop in Meudon, near Paris. At Anahide Saint André, each piece is signed by a member of the team who contributed to the creation of your favorite piece.

Delivery and returns policy

Delivery 48-72 hours and free return in France via Colissimo or DPD from 150 euros of purchases. Express carrier delivery in France and Europe 24-48 hours. International Express Carrier delivery 48-72 hours To find out more about our delivery and returns conditions,

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What occasion to wear this timeless flowing cocktail dress?

Wear the silk dress for a chic business style

Our business women are chic and independent women. And from head to toe! Today, pencil skirts that are too long or too short and fitted blouses are clothes that are no longer in fashion. This traditional outfit has been replaced by more modern and colorful pieces and the MISCELIA silk dress is one of our favorite pieces for our business women. This pretty silk dress accompanies you throughout your business days, offering a simple and comfortable look. Its chic, fluid and light cut guarantees you to be comfortable going to work in this summer season, without suffering the discomfort of high heat.

To sport a casual look while remaining chic at the office, the MISCELIA silk dress, halfway between short and long, is the garment you need. In addition to being chic and elegant, its side pockets add practicality to the dress so that you can quickly put your phone away before going into a meeting, for example. The flared and refined cut of our sleeveless dress will allow you to look chic at work while remaining comfortable.

With pretty pumps on your feet, the above-the-knee length of our dress and its round neck will allow you to look elegant to your colleagues. They will undoubtedly compliment you on your colorful and modern choice of flared silk dress.

Wear the short, fluid and light silk dress to go out with friends

The MISCELIA silk dress is the perfect alternative to the classic wrap dress or little black dress for women to be chic and comfortable during a formal evening. The fluidity of the fabric is a trendy and glamorous option that hugs the silhouette while offering beautiful fluidity of movement. Its cut, which also exists intop, brings a casual style that will allow you to wear it on all occasions. The teal and coral embossed silk colors will be perfect for casual summer occasions!

Day or night, MISCELIA's fine fabric will allow you to display a chic and feminine look while maintaining elegant simplicity on all occasions. You can pair our dress with sneakers, pumps or even pretty sandals, depending on your preferences and the style you want to adopt.

Add the finishing touch to your outfit with our HANA jacket, which will keep you protected from the vagaries of the weather. To complete your look, opt for a pair of matching heels and an elegant, colorful clutch to accentuate your look. Now is the perfect time to make a memorable impression!

Which body type should you wear this feminine and light flared silk dress?

The straight and slightly flared dress is the typical garment that has a cut that suits all body types. It can just as easily erase unwanted love wrists as it balances and lengthens the silhouette. It's essential in our collection if you're looking for a pretty, light silk dress with sublime colors.

The ideal chic garment for plus size or O-shaped women

If you have a rounder stomach shape, MISCELIA will be one of your greatest allies. Indeed, the silk dress, a staple of the women's wardrobe, tempts us for its ability to delicately drape curves and generate a harmonious profile. Ideal for stretching legs whilebeautifully hugging your curves while erasing your little complexes.

As you will have understood, we love the KURTA dress which will slide over your curves without clinging to your stomach. Thanks to its fluid embossed silk material, it will bring elegance and chic if combined with pretty heels to lengthen your legs and refine the silhouette. Avoid belts that could emphasize your waistline.

The short silk dress for women in H

If you have shoulders and hips of the same measurement and a shallow waist, you have an H-shaped silhouette, also called a rectangle silhouette. For those who have this body type, nothing could be simpler to satisfy their desire to be relaxed and stylish. You should aim to create curves at the hips and chest. For example, simply adding a belt can create the illusion of a more pronounced waist. In addition, the length halfway between short and long highlights your legs.

Whether day or night, thanks to its fluid and light material, you will remain comfortable while being elegant, whether during your work days or during an evening cocktail.

Wear the chic and light dress that balances the A-line silhouette

Leave aside clothes that have too much information at the bottom of their seam and could add unwanted volume at the hips. Instead, choose models that flare slightly towards the bottom to balance your silhouette. Likewise, we forget the belts which accentuate the disparities and imbalances between the top and bottom of your body. MISCELIA is the perfect light silk dress that falls straight along your hips without tightening. Its fine and fluid fabric which does not add additional volume to the lower area of ​​your profile and offers balance to the silhouette.

The short, fluid and light dress for your V-shaped silhouette

You have a V-shaped body shape, or inverted triangle, if your shoulders are wider than your hips. Although it is to your credit to test different types of outfits, there are fabrics and materials that will enhance your look.

Avoid extremes: a woman's dress model that is too tight, or conversely too loose, could accentuate the appearance of your large bust. Instead, choose those that lightly hug your curves without being too tight to create a harmonious and feminine balance.

To balance your figure, you can choose dresses that emphasize your hips and create volume in this area in order to harmonize your shoulders and pelvis. One tip is to add a colorful belt to create the illusion of curves and define the waist. This will highlight the thinnest part of your figure.



Thank you for everything. My outfits are beautiful.

Coutance, France

I bought you the reversible sweatshirt 5 years ago. Only compliments, every time I wear it; I don't leave him. THANKS

Versailles, France

I have received my dress. The material is beautiful and the packaging so pretty. The dress is gorgeous! a great surprise. THANKS!

Marseille, France

I received the beautiful dress, so Chic! many thanks

New York, USA


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