Comment porter la combinaison femme chic en hiver

How to wear the chic women's jumpsuit in winter

How to wear a jumpsuit in winter?

The jumpsuit is one of the must-haves of all influencers in a chic and relaxed style, enough to make you want to copy these ideas and make the jumpsuit the new darling of our wardrobe all year round. However, if you like the wetsuit in the summer, it may be unsuitable when the temperatures drop. In uninhibited fashion with trainers for a casual chic outfit or even in elegant fashion with heeled boots or stilettos, jumpsuits can be worn all year round dressed up or casual, oversized or fitted depending on the circumstances. And good news there is something for all body types. Follow the leader..

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Trendy jumpsuits for winter 2022

It's announced the jumpsuit is a timeless must-have in your wardrobe and this year it is acclaimed at the top of the trends.

playsuit in black viscose lined in anahide orange silk saint andre

How to dress with a jumpsuit?

The great classics are back in fashion, such as jeans and even oversized clothing, and the jumpsuit is one of the season's must-haves. In a casual chic version, we adopt a denim jumpsuit, associated with sneakers or the traditional blue workman's jumpsuit, big trend of the moment.

On a more formal style, a black or navy jumpsuit with butterfly sleeves associated with a coordinated under-sweater will be of the greatest class. A playsuit version worn with tights and derbies is also an elegant and comfortable option.

It is also the big comeback of the 2000s with its flowing jumpsuits with flared legs. Indulge yourself with the colors and the graphic or floral printed models.

The punk chic look is brought up to date and for that, we opt for the fitted black jumpsuit with a belt and metal buckles that we will match with big black boots and a leather perfecto.

The schoolgirl's wardrobe is making a big comeback, mainly with the check pattern. The jumpsuit therefore comes in a light check for a professional look that will replace the eternal tailored model.

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What combination for a wedding, a party?

This is the stylish outfit for a ceremony that is both modern and chic, which dethrones the traditional dress that everyone wears.

A well-cut jumpsuit with wide pants can be worn with endless styles of tops and will look great for the cocktail party as well as for the evening.

Transparency is one of the top trends for 2022, a low-cut jumpsuit paired with a transparent overshirt will sublimate you. Very elegant, at the office or at an event, the jumpsuit that plays with transparencies is a must for an event.

Fashion constantly revives the hit products of the past, and this season it revives the Roaring Twenties with evening collections in sequins and feathers. We love the jumpsuit with touches of sequins, or feather details for your evenings and your ceremonies: it's the unbeatable chic winning asset.

For a themed party, the new trend for winter 2022 brings back the leather jumpsuits that remind us of the biker look or a Catsuit outfit: To be the queen of the party, we abandon the little black dress, for a jumpsuit second skin: Effect guaranteed!

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How to dress with a jumpsuit?

saint andre blue anahide combination on background with green plants

You know the different trends for the fall winter 2022 season, but how to accessorize your jumpsuit to create a comfortable, feminine look suited to your occasions. How to associate your jumpsuit with a belt, a jewel, denim, a good blazer, sandals or even a pair of high heels? A cool chic and stylish look.

What jacket over a jumpsuit?

The jumpsuit is easily worn with a blazer, preferably a short and fitted jacket, which will highlight your silhouette and the jumpsuit you are wearing.

Let's start with the short and fitted blazer jacket that is easily worn with the jumpsuit, which will highlight your figure and your jumpsuit. The jacket can be black or colored, in harmony with the color of your jumpsuit. For an elegant style, the blazer with velvet details will really be the must-have.

To energize your jumpsuit, opt for a leather jacket. The perfecto brings a rock note and therefore pep to any outfit. Short models will be your allies to mark your size.

For a casual style, pair your jumpsuit with a small denim jacket. Whatever the color of your jumpsuit. It goes together perfectly and will bring freshness and a vintage side to the jumpsuit. What easy way to get a casual or retro chic look!

The bomber jacket is still our icon. It will go perfectly to accompany your combination. It gives a casual look that you can divert by wearing a pair of ultra-feminine pumps to create a casual look. Be careful though, it is not suitable for all body types.

The outfits in a kimono spirit are very classy, ​​they will sublimate your combinations allowing you to wear them in mid-season. The kimono is an original and very refined model that we recommend.

What shoes to wear with a jumpsuit?

If your jumpsuit is long, flowing and flared, avoid flat shoes that could crush you. Prefer shoes with stiletto heels which will refine the silhouette and will enhance the outfit. If the pumps are painful, a pair of wedge shoes will be perfect or let yourself be tempted to wear pumps with small square heels. For the day and a chic, casual look, a pair of colorful canvas high-top sneakers is perfect. Fine white leather sneakers bring a touch of lightness to your style. For a summer silhouette, a pair of flat sandals is very suitable, there is a very wide range of these models on sale. For low shoes, you might also like derbies and loafers, not to mention low-heeled ballet flats.

For a straight cut jumpsuit, you can choose flats or heels. Elegant with small heels, casual ankle boots for a casual look. The pointed or stiletto pump is also one of the perfect shoes for a straight combination. You could add a blazer and a pocket square to make it more professional or evening.

Finally, for a gas station or cargo suit, what could be better than the latest sneakers or lace-up boots.

What coat with a jumpsuit?

You can also adopt it with a pea coat or a warm coat. The jumpsuit is a timeless garment, your summer jumpsuit can be recycled in autumn of course accompanied with a long trench coat or in a straight cut matched with heeled ankle boots and a chic bag.

For a casual chic silhouette, a wool fur coat is the ideal piece to complete your outfit for a casual look while keeping warm. In terms of materials, we choose faux wool fur, because we obviously boycott animal sacrifice and it has been an icon of the fall/winter collections for a few years. Opt for a basic black jumpsuit that will highlight your beautiful coat.

The classic overcoat modernized in flash colors will be perfectly combined with a formal jumpsuit for the office. In black or navy version bet on the classic straight coat in a beautiful material but which will deserve some accessories to enhance your outfit

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