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    Why offer a gift card?

    You have to make a present, you really want to please, but the stress mounts to find the perfect model. Offering a last-minute gift card is a simple and effective option. Whether you are alone or have a kitty, you can opt for an online gift card or purchase a gift card on site with a small wrapped package. Acquiring a gift card is an advantage over buying a gift itself: no shopping in all the stores to find "THE" ideal gift, no missteps with the old-fashioned present, the brilliant false good idea, not having to manage the exchange and the humiliation of having to return the gift that made you run to all the stores in town. Here are our tips for choosing the gift card that will please the recipient.

    The different types of gift cards

    Rather than running to the stores to make a gift without having the slightest idea of ​​what would please the recipient and ultimately throwing yourself on the last minute trinket without interest, choose the card to offer that will save you money. time and is sure to please whatever the occasion. You will find a wide choice of cards to make a gift that will allow its lucky recipient to find a room to his liking while enjoying a quality experience. Pleasing is not easy and we take great risks

    Online gift cards

    Buying a gift card online is an easy and safe way to please on any occasion without spending too much time. The gift card is a quick and effective solution. You will have understood that buying a gift card is an appropriate and effective solution.

    First prize gift card

    The first prize gift card is in a way a gift voucher that you can buy online. This type of online gift card allows the person who receives it to test a product from the brand of their choice at a lower cost. To allow the person to optimize the cost of their purchase, work together to acquire a few gift cards in kitty mode, which will allow a nice overall saving.

    These gift cards are offered from 30 euros and are available in more or less significant amounts.

    Premium gift cards

    Premium Gift Cards are higher value gift vouchers that you can purchase as a great gift or a bundle gift. This card to offer allows the person who receives it to select a quality garment and to test a brand. It's a very nice option that will please while leaving the freedom to choose the product you like. Buying a Premium gift card is worth a very nice gift without taking the risk of making a mistake.

    Loyalty gift vouchers

    Gift vouchers generally reward your loyalty and support for the brand. There is a wide choice of options in store or on the internet

    Customer gift vouchers

    These gift vouchers are allocated according to the amount of your expenses and reward your loyalty and your commitment to the brand. They can also be offered by the brand when it asks you for your opinion or asks you questions to better understand your needs or desires.

    Sponsorship vouchers

    Good referrals are offered by the brand when you refer a friend or colleague. This solution offers the possibility for the company to offer a brand experience to those around you, offering them a voucher allowing them to purchase their favorite product. But the beneficiary is not the only winner: This sponsorship is also an advantageous solution for you since you also benefit from a gift voucher in return.

    Gift vouchers offered

    The brand can also offer you a voucher or gift certificate to experience a new product. It's the best solution for helping you discover a collection or enjoying exclusive benefits. Vouchers or gift certificates can be offered to small or large companies that want to please their employees.

    If you communicate your birthday, you can also receive a gift certificate to celebrate your birthday. You may also receive a card to give to a friend to use.

    Why offer a gift card

    These gift cards are all the rage because they allow you to create a unique customer experience, to raise awareness of a brand and allow you to indirectly offer the perfect present without making a mistake of choice. The amounts of the cards are available from 30 euros.

    Benefits of an online gift card

    Gift cards represent new assets. This approach allows you to personalize a last-minute gift without moving from your sofa while being sure to please. If you don't want to run to the boutiques and department stores or even make an ideal gift for a distant friend, the e-card on the Internet is an ideal solution to please and offer a wide choice of options to suit their tastes and an experience of purchase to your friends: they will receive their e-card to spend on the day that suits them and possibly add it to the basket during the sales period to optimize its use.

    The gift card avoids too long searches

    No more last-minute present headaches that keep you up at night. The online gift card is the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion. The online gift can be associated with a kitty for a group present. It allows its recipient to choose their ideal gift online without having to travel.

    The gift card allows you not to be mistaken

    No need to run the stores to find the pearl that will dazzle its recipient. The online gift card is an original and effective idea without fault of taste. This e-gift card allows its recipient to choose the right gift for their birthday or for a special occasion.

    The gift card avoids the management of returns

    No more bad taste: the online gift card allows you to aim straight and allows its recipient to choose the item of their choice and make them happy for sure. This easy-to-use e-card avoids the risk of unnecessary returns. You just need to know the recipient's favorite brand style to get it right.

    Tailor-made gift cards

    Tailor-made gift cards are a very special option since they allow you to offer a personalized and unique present: You purchase a gift card by choosing the type of clothing to offer with an associated budget. This card is offered to its beneficiary who can choose the model they like as well as the color from a proposed palette. The amount of a made-to-measure e-card varies according to the type of garment depending on the occasion and its complexity, but you can count on a price starting at 500 euros. It allows your friend or colleague who receives the card to have their ideal model created in their favorite color for a unique piece. We forget the long endless trips to the stores to find the garment to our liking for D-Day.

    Made-to-measure cards for business dresses

    This tailor-made e-card available online allows you to choose a business dress adapted to your activity and in which you will feel good and elegant. Your unique outfit will stand out and position you as the undisputed prescriber of Workwear fashion. Let us add that this type of present can be considered for the promotion or the departure of a colleague.

    Tailor-made cocktail dress cards

    This tailor-made e-card allows you to select a formal dress for an occasion, a wedding or a cocktail party. Whatever the activity in sight, or the need, this great idea adds a creative touch and a unique experience for any woman who faces the delicate choice of the best fashionable outfit for an event.

    Tailor-made cards for evening dresses

    This bespoke e-card gives you the opportunity to have the perfect evening dress made for the recipient of the card. This option is a very beautiful present that is one hundred percent personalized and out of the ordinary. It's a really special and risk-free, quick and simple attention that brings a unique customer experience perfectly suited for a birthday or a big occasion.

    Gift cards or vouchers, e-cards and internet vouchers have become part of our daily lives in our cultures and create an experience for the recipients without having to consult them and spoil the surprise. They are very common in distribution companies and in particular in fashion and can often be used during sales. Personalizing your gifts will allow you to aim straight and please without any risk with a wide choice of possibilities to spend the day when you need it. Companies also use this mode of e-card available via the internet or to be used in stores for their employees.

    Be careful though, these cards can generally be used over a period of one year. Don't let the expiration date pass to avoid disappointment the day you decide to use the card.

    Also pay attention to the conditions of use of gift cards and in particular check under what conditions these vouchers or cards can be used: are they applicable without conditions? Can they be used during sales? are they only usable on the internet or also in stores. Analyze the best option to take advantage of these quick and easy to use vouchers on the internet.