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What type of pants for my morphology?

How do I know what my body type is?

Each person has their own morphology and size. And the pants ideal will be the one that will adapt to the shape of your silhouette according to your morphology. In general, there are 5 to 6 types of morphologies: the hourglass (morphology in x), the inverted triangle (morphology in v), the rectangle (or morphology in h), the triangle and the circle (morphology in o) and enveloped women (morphology in 8).

Before choosing which model of pants you will opt for, you must first know your figure. But what is my body type? To be more precise, here is what the different morphologies represent:

  • A: Having an A body type means that your hips are more developed than your shoulders, which are narrower;
  • V: conversely, having a V body type means that your shoulders are more developed than your hips;
  • H: You are said to have an H body shape when your shoulders and hips are the same width and your waist is not marked;
  • X: Your morpho is in X if your shoulders and your hips are the same width, but you have a marked waist;
  • O: The O morpho concerns you if you are a size 46 or more, you are round and harmonious, with generous curves;
  • 8: The morpho in 8 concerns only women who are a size 42 or more, with generous and harmonious shapes, but with a marked waist.

Find the best fit

black trousers in casual wool and top in green and orange silk knit

There are so many models of pants that every woman is sure to find one that suits her! Today the pants can be worn at work as well as for a great evening, in summer as in winter. The wide popularity of trousers is due to their comfort and their great adaptability to all body types, whether you are small or tall, thin or round, whether you have a perfect figure or not... However, care must be taken to choose a suitable model, respecting both the proportions of the silhouette and the shape of the legs: straight, X or arched. To help you choose better, here are the most popular trouser cuts:

Straight pants

It's a cut that suits everyone, on the condition of adapting the height of the belt (at the waist or low-rise pants) which plays a very important role for certain morphologies. For example, low-waisted pants visually lengthen a short bust, make the buttocks less flat or refine the silhouette (round body shape or with wide hips). To wear high-waisted pants, on the other hand, you must have a well-proportioned figure, or complete your outfit with a top that perfectly covers imperfections in the hips and buttocks. To give more volume to this part of the body, you can wear pants with pleats at the waist. Central pleats are also often established on straight trousers and their bottom is finished with a turn-up. This classic cut of pants is worn with the right shoes: rather heels than sneakers.

Narrow pants

narrow khaki woolen trousers pleasant anahide saint andre business workwear

The very elegant men's suits of the 1980s largely influenced this style of pants in their feminine version.

Narrow or fitted trousers, characterized by a wide upper part (at the level of the pelvis and the thighs) have pleats fixed in the belt, which is placed at the waist. The width then gradually decreases downwards. The marked central pleat and the turn-up at the bottom of the legs give a lot of chic to this style of pants, which unfortunately does not suit all body types. Women who have rather developed buttocks, hips or thighs should abstain... If, on the other hand, we need to increase the volume of these parts of the body, narrow pants will perfectly balance the proportions.

Pleated pants

Valuable pants for most body types, as they very effectively correct body imperfections. The pleats established at the waist and the "Italian" or inlaid pockets in the seam create very advantageous volumes for silhouettes with little developed hips or flat buttocks. The width at the level of the pelvis also balances the proportions between a voluminous chest and narrow hips.

The belt placed at the waist will visually shorten a long bust.

The bottom varies according to the models. Straight, wide or narrow, it adapts to the different shapes of the silhouette: pleated trousers with a wide hem will be very suitable for women with bowed legs, for example.

Wide pants

The flared line of this type of pants starts from the crotch (i.e. from the amount line of a pattern). The angle of inclination is more or less important.

The very pretty line and the impeccable fall of these pants (regardless of the fabric used) are obtained by a bias cut. This construction technique results in jeans that are perfect for developed shapes. For women who have marked hips or a large chest, for example, these pants balance the proportions between the bottom and the top of the body.

Depending on the morphology of each, the belt will be placed at the level of the small hips, or the waist if one seeks to refine the silhouette.

The shape of the shoes worn with wide jeans is very important: Opt for refined and discreet shoes, leather pumps or ankle boots, or even pretty thin heels to slender the silhouette. To avoid: shoes with wedge soles or wide heels.

Slims and leggings

blue and orange printed jogging pants in silk with black viscose sweatshirt blue and orange silk lining

Generally cut in stretchy or knitted fabrics, this cut of tight jeans molds the legs: it is therefore better to have a perfect silhouette... even if a long tunic slipped on top can effectively hide buttocks or hips that are a little too round.

A major fashion trend of the 2000s, slims (tight jeans cut), worn by both girls and boys, in principle have the belt placed at the level of the small hips, very rarely at the waist.

Leggings are of much wider use, they are worn by women of all ages, especially when the weather is a bit chilly. Complemented by a tunic, a short skirt or a long blouse, they go just as well with heeled shoes as with ballet flats: the choice is a matter of personal taste.

Bell bottom jeans

Bell-bottom or sailor jeans cuts are very tight at the top and flare out generously from the knees. The belt is generally placed at the level of the small hips.

This type of jeans, which dominated fashion in the 1970s, has come back into fashion in recent years. If you decide to choose bell-bottom jeans, it is better to be thin, tall and well-proportioned, but visually still shrinks small women, and accentuates the short lengths of the legs with its very marked flare line. Pleats, very tight at the top, it emphasizes the smallest imperfections of the hips, thighs or buttocks.

Short pants

All short pants, whether mid-thigh shorts, knee-length bermudas or 3/4 jeans, visually cut the length of the legs. They are perfect for silhouettes with endless legs... Of course, you can play on the height of the waist and on the width of the bottom of the pants to adapt: ​​3/4 wide jeans are ideal for women who have X-shaped or bowed legs.

Before choosing short jeans, you have to carefully study the proportions of the silhouette, and take into account both the sagittal and frontal segments and the balance of the transverse segments: this is the only way to match the model of the jeans with the body shapes and proportions.

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