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Spring Summer 2022 Color Trend: Yellow

spools of yellow threads

Already present in autumn winter 21-22, it is found on all the catwalks of the spring summer season and in very varied variations. A sunny and invigorating colour, it radiates like one of the trendy colors to adopt throughout the year 2022. Discover our advice and inspiration for choosing the trendy fashion item in this must-have color this summer or how to combine it subtly with a touch or in full look. Let's go! We dive into the deep end to stay in the wind.

The must-have color of the year

yellow pleated fabric

Yellow all over its palette

The fashion shows have adopted it without restraint and hoist it as one of the ultra-trendy colors of the year for the spring summer fashion season.

On the fashion side, are we going to dare the total look for her wardrobe? Here are some ideas for wearing it indoors and outdoors:

In a nude, almost beige version, bet on natural variations, for a timeless, very chic look. It goes well with the neutral and nude palettes of the moment, but also with the palettes of brown, terracotta, or very trendy and warm soft clay tones of the moment.

In a more pastel version, it goes well with the other flagship color, blue, available in pure blue or peri mauve. This tint in softened mode brightens darker tones. It can be played as an inner lining for an interesting contrast. An added pastel green will reveal a delicate silhouette and nature inspiring calm and voluptuousness.

In more intense shades, it blends with blacks, grays but also with warmer orange or sunflower Pantone. A sparkling and creative choice that leaves a daring place to your look: the big trend this year in your wardrobe.

Finally chosen with a hint of soft green, lime or fluorescent tones are found in the models of certain houses for a slightly sportswear look. Great trend for casual outdoor or gym wear all year round both indoors and outdoors.

This year, yellow tones are everywhere and play in contrast inside clothes, on color block panels or accessories according to your desires.

What this color inspires

It is a color that is both solar and ambivalent. Very popular in Asian countries, and in particular in China where it represents the imperial color, but also in Latin American countries. In our Western cultures, it has long been equated with the divine and with power. In particular, in antiquity the people considered it sacred, comparable to light, to the divine, to wealth. The Greeks and Romans associated it with religious rites.

It was for a time in the Middle Ages linked to illness, decay and lies and will remain the color of outcasts for a few centuries. Today this color has regained its letters of nobility and is a symbol of joy, warmth and power.

Declined in your very clear and lively tones, it symbolizes life, warmth, light, renewal.

In deeper tones, it inspires optimism, audacity, dynamism.

Supported by a hint of orange, it draws on gold and symbolizes wealth, power and intelligence.

A very lively hue, it symbolizes friendship and fraternity, life and movement. Its most beautiful representation is the Sun which brings together all the connotations mentioned.

In fashion as in decoration or in chromo-therapy, it has a stimulating, dynamic and detoxifying effect. In short, a color full of energy and optimism to approach the spring-summer season.

How to wear this color?

yellow color palette and saint andre anahide sewing scissor

Incorporate fashion colors

The first rule is that a color is perfectly associated with its complementary color, its opposite on the chromatic circle is here purple. It also goes perfectly with its neighboring colors between orange and green. It's up to you to discover and select the right Pantone.

The purple or mauve blue tones in your peri fit perfectly into the fashion colors of the moment. This year, we can play them as accessories or by touches on finishing details. You can choose to wear a color block piece with two tones or a contrasting inner lining.

We also adopt it with the very trendy vitamin citrus colors of the moment such as shades of orange and tangerine or even pink which add a pep atmosphere to wear without moderation throughout spring and summer especially when you are tanned .

In a clear, very pale, almost white version, it blends subtly with black and shades of gray bringing a very chic touch of luminosity. In a theme guided by nature, the earth, wide open spaces, these soft tones can be perfectly combined with all the variations of warm tones such as tobacco or taupe or even the variations of green.

In a minimalist logic in cream, it is self-sufficient on oversize or sport volumes, a safe bet that is both fashionable and timeless that will pass the seasons without a wrinkle.

Color trend and skin tones

It's not always easy to wear yellow on certain skin qualities. To calm things down, we give you some advice on how to play with the trendy color of the moment in harmony with your face.

If your skin is tanned or dark and your hair black or brown , the ranges of blues, purples, fushia and bright pinks, or red in dense variations. Golden yellow or green will also highlight you and add spice to your style.

Your skin is matte or slightly tanned and your chestnut or brown hair , adopt all the colors of autumn and winter, even in summer, starting with the almost primary gold frank tones. The key colors to be nuanced for the summer with golden tones are in particular brown to orange tones.

If you have a fair, rosy or peach complexion? Cool colors are for you. Create looks combining yellow and blue palettes, peri violet as well as bright colors. Wear a color block piece for a look that's bold and noticed for its creativity.

Is your skin light or pale and your hair brown or dark blond? The variations of pink and purple are perfect for you, but also the blue ones. Golden or lemon tones are not really for you; it is then used in small touches, details or accessories only.

Don't like solar colors? Go for the smooth and an ever-trendy almost white muted version to suit your taste; or choose a piece in a color of your choice or in a natural shade and use a gold designer accessory.

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