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How to be chic with a sweatshirt?

The sweatshirt, an essential fashion garment

Sweatshirts and hoodies are the fashion essentials that everyone owns, regardless of generation. Easy to wear and pair, below are our tips on how to wear a hoodie or to wear your simple sweatshirt for a trendy look at a time when sportswear is on the front page of all the new designer collections. So if you left your hoodie in a ball at the bottom of your dressing room (perhaps you didn't know it yet, it is possible to wear it on any occasion) it's time to take it out and create your most beautiful look ideas! Not a fan of too thick hoodies or sweatshirts? The jacket is a perfect alternative!

Trendy sweatshirt style

But how to wear a sweatshirt well and not fall into the total sportswear look? Keeping an elegant look while remaining relaxed deserves some thought. Yes, sport chic still exists and it's been the trendy style for a few years. Today, Friday Wear is every day! With our simple advice and ideas on the best ways to wear your hoodies and dressing well with a simple cool sweatshirt will have no more secrets for you.

Sporty chic sweatshirt, rock and casual look

Wearing the hoodie cannot be improvised. Whether you want to opt for a trendy and fashionable look, choose the sportswear sweatshirt of the moment, stand out with a rock and original look or even stay chic while being relaxed for a total casual look , we give you plenty of ideas here. and associations with a sweatshirt but also sweat associations to ban.

Wear a casual chic sweatshirt

sweatshirt in black viscose and lined in anahide orange silk saint andré

The must for women fashion victim

With the resounding and increasingly pronounced entry of sportswear into the world of fashion and into our daily lives. The hoodie in recent years has become the most worn garment of fashion victim and women who like to follow trends. This is the piece to have imperatively in your dressing room. Comfortable, practical in winter, perfect for small or large budgets depending on the material, easy to wear, it is assigned to all generations as THE trendy and casual garment that can be worn on all occasions while remaining stylish.

The sweatshirt, associated with all your looks

Opting for a sweatshirt means knowing its many advantages: you can combine it with any other garment and create a trendy look for sure. Whether in the freezing cold in winter directly under a thick warm woolen coat or even over your light summer outfit so you can fully enjoy the sunset and summer aperitifs under a light breeze.

Summer and winter sweatshirt

For women, worn over shorts, sleek jogger pants, straight skirts or asymmetrical skirts Matched with trainers or even super cent wool pants, it will inevitably give your look a trendy style and an obviously trendy look. Add a pretty baby alpaca stole to your outfit  terribly soft in winter or a nice pair of sunglasses in summer and you'll look great.

What to wear with a sweatshirt?

For women looking for a more casual chic look, worn over a t-shirt alone or under a jacket , a jacket or a coat it will succeed in transforming your classic starting outfit into an absolutely trendy look. Complete your look with a baby alpaca stole or a trendy choker and you'll be on the cutting edge of fashion.

A rock look in a sweatshirt

The sweatshirt , regardless of its variations, remains for sure a resolutely trendy item of clothing. The hoodie worn under a magnificent leather perfecto will bring a rock touch to your whole outfit. The bright colors of our silk linings allow for a more than original contrast and will accentuate the rock side worn under a leather jacket that will stick to the 90s comeback and vintage trend.

business sweatshirt

For an even sharper look, you can also wear our Equinoxe sweatshirt with a straight skirt such as our filament skirt: guaranteed fashion look! You will inevitably find a model that suits you among our range of Equinoxe sweatshirts and Nomad Sweatshirt lined with silk and that we offer.

Create an offbeat look with a sweatshirt

In addition to its timeless and timeless side, the sweatshirt can also allow you to display a style that is as original as it is offbeat. It all depends on how you like to wear the hoodie and accessories you add.

  • Worn over a tank top or t-shirt which will fall slightly under the sweatshirt , the interplay of these overlays and different lengths will immediately bring a touch that is both elegant and sophisticated to the whole outfit.
  • By wearing a long enough shirt or an oversized shirt under your sweatshirt with the collar of the shirt protruding from the collar of the sweatshirt , you will once again be able to show off your quirky style through these combinations which are both simple and original. To accentuate the casual chic look, you can also wear your sweatshirt under a very long trench coat to give your outfit an offbeat look.
  • For a slightly less feminine but very sporty chic look, you can also have fun breaking up the sportswear side of the sweatshirt by deliberately pairing it with a pair of dress shoes such as moccasins, derbies or brogues. Wear this combination with super cent wool trousers to break the codes.
  • For women, wearing the sweatshirt over a straight skirt will instantly divert the very feminine and professional side of the straight skirt and give the whole outfit a sharp and quirky touch. The combination of sweatshirt, skirt and long black coat as well as a pair of ankle boots, this look is totally in tune with the times and very trendy.
  • Finally, for an even more original and offbeat look, you can buy your women's sweatshirt a little larger, a size or two to follow the big oversize trend of the moment. This trend is to be adopted by the trendiest of you and those who like to be original.

You can also play with volumes by wearing wider pants at the bottom like our SIRIUS jogging pants matched with the EQUINOXE hoodie in printed crepe and silk or even break up the look completely with tight pants that you can combine with your sweatshirt and a jacket. carried over.

super 100 gray wool sweatshirt reversible in silk purple plum anahide saint andré

Create a chic and casual look

The sweatshirt goes with absolutely everything. Very comfortable, and this in all seasons, it is the garment that will accompany you the most on a daily basis.

The shirt, the partner of the sweatshirt

To create a more sophisticated style, you just have to know how to find the right pieces in your dressing room! For both men and women, worn over an oversized shirt, it will be the very representation of the casual chic look. By leaving the bottom and the sleeves of the shirt protruding and this will definitely give your outfit a casually dressed side, the union between the sweatshirt and the shirt is obviously the ideal combo.

Blazer and sweatshirt

One of the other most successful combinations is obviously the sweatshirt worn under a blazer jacket. The black jacket is our first choice for sure but today we find these jackets in an infinity of colors. You can also wear the hoodie very elegantly under a plaid, tweed or even wool jacket.

Hooded sweatshirt and heels

For the most convinced of women, you can in particular opt for a pair of high heels associated with tight pants and a sweatshirt with shoulder pads. You will thus associate different styles by associating dressed pieces with this strong piece of the sportswear type that is the sweatshirt.

For customization, you can opt for embroidery - the most refined and qualitative marking technique to reinforce the elegant and premium side of your look. The sweatshirt and the embroidery, a perfect alliance to personalize and finalize your outfit in a chic, original and unique way!

Which sweatshirt according to its morphology?

For those who would like to look away from their hips or belly, we forget the models with a large front pocket, which will only draw attention to this area. To avoid the block effect of the sweatshirt, you can even be tempted by a model with side slits or bare back, ideal for lightening this strong piece.

We may love the sweatshirt, but its ample shape is not always the most flattering. Fortunately, there are cuts adapted to the silhouettes of each one. If you're petite and don't want to be drowned in this XXL piece, the cropped sweatshirt will be your best friend.

What sweatshirt when you're little?

We adopt short sweatshirts worn over jeans or a high-waisted skirt to lengthen the silhouette. Another possibility: play the optical illusion card with a patterned sweatshirt, a furry swirt-shirt or vertical stripes.

Which ones to ban? We avoid at all costs long sweatshirts that cut the hips and pack the silhouette. If it is difficult to find clothes in your size when you are small, we banish sleeves that are too long, even if it means making alterations.

What sweatshirt when you're round?

The advantage: Strong breasts, plump buttocks and luscious shapes… a physique that makes a lot of people envious, contrary to what one might think when one is plagued by complexes. Favorite sweatshirts: Rather than wanting to hide your curves under skinny sweatshirts, opt for pieces that will modulate the silhouette to create an effect of movement. We prefer batwing sweatshirts and v-necks that will highlight generous breasts. Sweatshirts with vertical lines will give a slimming effect by lengthening the silhouette.

Sweatshirts to avoid:
Say goodbye to cropped sweatshirts and tight-fitting models that reveal the stomach and hips. Exit the marinières and horizontal stripes, we prefer patterned pieces and black sweatshirts that reduce our curves.

What sweatshirt when you're big?

The sweatshirts to favor: A long sweatshirt or even a hooded sweatshirt dress, straight and short to highlight her slender legs. We also bet on the turtleneck to highlight a large neck.

Sweatshirts to avoid: 

As with petite women, it can be difficult to find clothes that fit her body type. Same advice: pay attention to the lengths and avoid models that are too short to avoid the “large stem” aspect.

What sweatshirt when you're thin?

Hooded sweaters to favor: The shirt or cowl neck, but especially the turtleneck, perfect for the smallest among us. To adopt it, it is preferably necessary to have a long neck. Round faces will prefer the loose, falling turtleneck. Another option: a cable sweater to flesh out fine bones

Hoodies to avoid:
Too tight hoodies that emphasize the slimness of the bust.

As you will have understood, the well-chosen sweatshirt can highlight our assets for a very trendy style.

black viscose hoodie lined with blue and orange printed silk for a casual chic look

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