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Find the ideal style that sublimates your silhouette

Identifying the clothes that fit you perfectly and highlight your figure is not so simple. The first step is to identify your morphology. according to your shapes, we help you and advise you on the type of cut and materials to adopt. There are generally 5 types of morphologies that we will decipher for you. This guide aims to give you fashion guidelines without defining in an imperative way what suits you or your morphology will pass, you must also take into account your tastes: Depending on your moods, your desires or reverse the trends depending on the case, the important is to feel good in clothes that suit you.

Recognize your morphology
women body diversity

Glamour, your body has an X morphology

Your shapes, also called hourglass, are harmonious and particularly sensual and feminine. Your shoulders are aligned with your hips and your waist is marked: like the glamorous models of the 80s! It's up to you to define your glamorous looks.

A balanced morphology, ideal for dressing

You have an h morphology Your shoulders and pelvis are aligned, but your waist is not marked. Your shapes, called rectangles, allow you to determine tips for dressing easily. Your mirror will be amazed.

Morphology O, beautiful rounded curves

You are o-shaped. or round: A rounded chest and buttocks, rounded shoulders. You are round and voluptuous, it is a morphology that supports many styles. You can create awesome looks.

Sporty, a V-cut morphology

All in muscles, your shoulders are wider than your pelvis, your morphology is also called inverted pyramid or inverted triangle gives you a rather athletic look. Your goal is to highlight your body by refining your shoulders.

A-shaped trapeze woman morphology

You are shape A: Thin shoulders and more marked curves at the bottom, your trapezoid or pyramid shape is the most common in women. The question will be to highlight your silhouette and your difference.

Morpho X, a luscious silhouette!
silhouette of a slender woman raising her arms in front of the sun

Discover the perfect clothes for this morphology

How are you going to show off your pretty shapes?

We bet on pieces that highlight your voluptuous and feminine shapes. Depending on your desires, you can play with tight shapes or also adopt high waists that let the skirts slide over your hips and hide the belly without molding it.

If you don't want outfits that are too fitted, V-neck or crossover dresses highlight generous breasts. A-line or flared stockings or skirts will also put you to your advantage. For a petite hourglass waist, you can opt for a bodysuit at the top and fitted or ball-shaped bottoms. If you have a small chest, select a looser shirt, a plunging neckline if you dare and high belted pants

High-waisted trousers, sheathing or not at the thighs and flared at the bottom, lengthen the legs while highlighting the buttocks. Belted flare jumpsuits will also show you off. High belted jeans with wide bootcut legs will be very chic. For structured pieces, coats and slightly fitted top pieces will be perfect to mark a more slender and balanced morphology.

On the accessories side, heels and a pretty discreet necklace will end up delighting your ideal outfit.

Bet on the ideal Look

Slightly tight dresses and tops and flared bottoms. Likewise the skater skirt. The pants worn high and the bottom in width or The flared leg jumpsuit and belted pieces to emphasize the waist. Structured top pieces will pair perfectly.

Avoid tight cuts

Anything that is too tight is to be avoided. Dark colors also unnecessarily soften shapes.

Morpho H, a balanced woman!
silhouette of a woman in front of the mountains

Your best assets for your morphology

The H morphology is that of many models and movie actresses. You are a slender and lanky woman. Overall, you can afford just about anything except for clothes that emphasize your lack of height.

Slip dresses, straight or three holes will suit you perfectly. Skirts are worn low-waisted, whatever the length. A straight coat or overcoat, extra-long raincoats will be perfect but not belted. Bomber jackets are also good for bundling up.

The pants are low or mid-rise in straight form and for the slimmest Slim or skinny. On the jeans side, adopt a slim and linear style. Combined with a suit and knit top or blouse in casual mode, it is the perfect trendy look. If you are luscious, reinforce the focus on V-neck type necklines or a raised or empire type waist. Prefer trapeze skirts and a light, slightly flared and fluid blouse.

If you are petite and have small breasts, dare to have plunging necklines. For tall and thin girls, tunics, socks or triangle lingerie chasubles will look great on you. Select slightly fitted open jackets

On the accessories side, our advice for a more slender look, wear shoes with heels. We look at her loose belt and falling on the hips.

Discover style tips

Cover shapes or tighter under the empire type chest. Trousers worn low, combined with a long tailored jacket. Straight or masculine top pieces. As for accessories, your morphology supports small shoes with heels and fine jewelry.

Caution Avoid the following looks

Do not wear clothes that are too tight, such as belted wrap-arounds. Loose or overly flared looks that will unnecessarily widen you. For the h. we never wear the belt tight at the waist.

Morpho O, a balanced silhouette
silhouette of a woman catching the moon in her hands in front of the sunset

A morphology to sublimate

How to sublimate her buxom morphology?

Let go and affirm your appetizing stature and your personality by playing with monochrome outfits and dark tones that hide your wrapped woman's morphology. Choose to sublimate yourself with clothes that make you grow and refine you, you will be at the top level. Whatever your desires, knee or midi, the fluid outfit is the essential feminine piece.

We favor straight skirts that are not sheathing but not tight, combined with a blazer with fitted shoulders. Elongated or three-quarter blazers that hide the hips and belly will be perfect even with a slight bend. For pants, the high waist is essential, whatever the Slim, straight or flared style, whatever the width, it will lengthen you advantageously. Strictly shaped top pieces are preferred, the three-quarter sleeve will add a touch of femininity to your look.

The V-neck is the must-have for wrapped women: it will draw attention to your chest and lighten your figure. In general, necklines highlight the upper body. For the more wrapped up, a flared V-neck top associated with a simple flowing bottom without pockets and especially no darts will be perfect for dressing.

On the accessories side, do a test with flashy but not too garish necklaces: they will look at your upper body. A shoe with heels, round toes and comfortable will help enhance your look.

Morphology fashion advice o.

You have to know your morphology, trust and choose a V-neck garment, stockings worn high and with aligned cuts. Straight coats, three-quarter sleeve.

Style to avoid

Avoid sequins and shiny fabrics, tight or frilly outfits, pleats and any invasive composition that creates volume. Avoid dressing in stripes and large patterned prints. Anything short or cropped is not recommended because it brings out the hips and thighs: No minis, as well as low waists, baggy and pleated pants or cropped jackets and jackets.

Morpho V, sporty silhouette
silhouette of a woman running at sunrise

Know your figure

Whether you're chubby or lean, with an inverted triangle body shape you need to balance your upper and lower body, building volume from the hips. A great opportunity to play with shapes and be at the top level, some examples....

Crossed outfits, wraps at the top and slightly wide that hide the belly or linear in light and fluid materials but also trapeze shapes will rebalance your appearance. We do not hesitate on the minis. If you have small breasts, a collarless blouse or a tied tie collar, a round neck T-shirt. If you have a nice bust, opt for a V-neck top or crossover blouse.

Ideally with this silhouette, you should favor a blazer cut that is superior to those of the jeans you choose. Adopt low-waisted pants whether straight, wide or eph. or a jumpsuit worn low on the waist, it will flatter your morphology. Jeans and trousers will also be suitable, with a fitted jacket it will give the idea of ​​a slightly marked waist.

If you have this morphology, the colors, the accessories will feminize your wardrobe. On the accessories side, bet for discreet fine jewelry.

morphology wardrobe idea v.

Choose a garment with pockets, bottoms and low-rise jumpsuits. Wrap-over shapes, crossed shapes associated with flared cuts or even miniskirts.

Looks to avoid

Forget all the pieces that widen the build or the shoulders: off-the-shoulder styles, tall collars and boatnecks, or horizontal stripes.

Morpho A, the most common silhouette!
silhouette of a woman in front of an orange sunset at the sea

Knowing his morphology

If you have this morphology, also called a pyramid, you will bet on the opposite outfits of women with V morphologies. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips. For example, favor outfits that draw the eye to the bust. To respect a certain harmony, choose boat necklines which reinforce the build or a V-neck if you do not have too large a chest.

For tops, a blouse with gathered shoulders or puffed sleeves, a colorful or patterned top to give fullness to your bust. Straight or flared pants will elongate your figure and can be paired with a shouldered jacket to reinforce the build. Ideally, a jacket should be cut less than those of the pants.

The empire, trapeze or flared shapes are well suited for all outfits, whether short or long. They emphasize the waist without marking it too much. On the accessories side, favor flashy jewelry that will distract the eye from the finesse of your top.

Idea: clothes for a morphology a.

Our advice: flared or straight pants associated with jackets with shoulder pads, tunics and skirts flared from the hips or generous printed or colored blouses.

Features to Avoid

You have to avoid horizontal stripes, straight lengths at the hips, a total look that is too tight. Details that thicken the hips: side pockets, pleats.

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