How to choose a women's jumpsuit?

You are invited and you want to get out of traditions as well as your comfort zone with a modern touch? You don't like dresses, but as a guest at a ceremony the tailor looks too professional: Opt for a chic jumpsuit , feminine and ultra-comfortable clothing for all your events and your weddings to be selected as a guest! For women who would not be comfortable in a dress or a skirt, the jumpsuit allows you to be chic and elegant and above all very feminine. If you like the tomboy look, the more structured suit jumpsuit will be perfect for you. It is therefore time to stand out by shaking up the codes of the good old cocktail dress and adopting this piece to go to a wedding.

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What combination for a wedding as a guest?

Invited to a traditional wedding

Are you going to an event with a fairly classic theme and faithful to the weddings we know? We recommend that you wear a jumpsuit in soft and fairly light tones like a pastel pink. The powdery and pale palettes will give you softness and purity, these are the most harmonious colors for a traditional wedding. For a distinguished look, choose a light fabric with a flared cut to wear with small heels for a sophisticated look. If light shades do not suit you, adopt midnight blue, navy blue or red which will be perfect and very elegant. We try to avoid the white reserved for brides of course, especially since the wedding jumpsuit is becoming more and more fashionable in the new collections and is no longer limited to civil weddings.

A romantic style wedding

Doubting your outfit for a rustic, country-style wedding with a bit of a rustic setting? Our recommendation is of course a light floral jumpsuit! What would come closest to this bucolic and romantic setting better than pretty floral prints. Opt for more or less large patterns according to your morphology, in fact round women will favor light and medium-sized prints, the same for women of small sizes. The large patterns quickly flatten the silhouette.

The most traditional fabric is Liberty, it is the most popular pattern that goes with all silhouettes.

Invited to a colorful wedding

A wedding that takes place in the middle of the summer season is of course synonymous with colors and good vibes. The bright colors will go perfectly with your trouser suits for your event. The colors green, pink, yellow, orange or even red are very trendy. You can opt for models of fitted jumpsuits marked at the waist which structures the body. If it is really hot, you can opt for a playsuit, being careful not to have a beach and idleness effect that is not designed for a wedding. If you prefer colors then choose a plain model, but with structured details like an asymmetrical top, ruffles, ornate straps or even puffed sleeves.

A jumpsuit for a glamorous wedding

For guests at a glamorous wedding, it is obviously the evening trouser suit with a few sequins. If you are sure of the glamorous chic character then this model is made for you, try everything, but don't forget that the queen of the party is the bride!

For those who want to be daring, but staying more sober, jumpsuits where only the top is adorned with sequins or other frills are very trendy pieces and totally in line with the theme.

For those who are not at all tempted by sequins, the details of lace and satin fabrics are very glamorous in their genre. More discreet, but just as elegant, a well-cut dark outfit if the ceremony takes place in the evening will be perfect.

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How to wear a jumpsuit for a wedding?


How to associate a combination?

Suitable for all body types

The combinations according to their shapes, can adapt to all types of women. A multitude of models and variations are available, bare back, bustier, princess cut or even very long pants. As you will have understood, this garment is suitable for all body types.

If you are of a chubby nature, jumpsuits are ideal for curvy guests at an event, as it helps tone down the chubby ones. The combination elongates the silhouette and well chosen allows to erase the curves and you start.

The combination model

Depending on the time of the wedding, select a more or less thick material. Jumpsuits for guests are available in a wide range of more or less warm materials. However, make the choice of a relatively fluid fabric in order to be comfortable in it and to have a good amplitude of movement to be able to jiggle on the dance floor. The choice of light details such as a slit on the side of the legs, a bare back or even thin straps are a plus to your outfit. You can also add some accessories.

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How to accessorize a jumpsuit?

The simple black jumpsuit or adorned with various jewels, fine details is obviously the sure look. If you are going for a simple monochrome black model, you can bet on flashy and eye-catching jewelry that will break up the simple look of the outfit. The combination of black and white also remains the basic chic option.

You can add a large shawl to cover your shoulders if they are bare or a short chic jacket that will give you the look. We avoid accessories that are too flashy.

Which shoe with a jumpsuit for a wedding?

Fluid fabrics, monochromatic tones, high heels and voila! No need to perch on 15 cm stilts, dependent for an elongated silhouette a heel is to be preferred. If you are tall and opt for a combi short, a pair of ballet flats can be accepted.

The choice of shoes to combine is important: For a chic outfit, a pair of pumps will be your ally for your event. For a more glamorous look, cut-out stiletto tops will work best.

Where to find a jumpsuit for a wedding?

Many brands offer jumpsuits with a casual look that is not necessarily suitable for an event. However, some high-end brands offer more sophisticated styles. The Anahide Saint André brand offers a selection of chic jumpsuits , jumpsuits or jumpsuits depending on the occasion: Perfect models for a dressy event.

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