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How to dress casual chic woman?

The casual and chic look has become a must have for women's clothing to have in your wardrobe absolutely in your dressing room. For what? It is a style that combines both comfort and elegance and allows you to wear original outfits without appearing too stuffy, it illustrates by excellence the Parisian style envied by all women in the world: the little nothing that makes everything that makes make the women of the world green with envy. The casual chic women's look is in a way the all-purpose look that looks like nothing but whose combination of pieces reveals an inimitable style and subtly reveals the personality of the women who wear it. But how do you manage to have a casual chic style without looking like it?... Mystery! So how to dress chic and casual? It's easy, you'll find out: We tell you everything about this legendary look that the French decline like no other!

What is the casual chic style?
black coat with orange lining with orange silk knit top and black viscose crepe straight skirt

The casual chic style is a clothing look that is both cool and modern, while remaining comfortable. It has a playful side because we have fun mixing original and elegant pieces with casual clothes: the field of possibilities is endless. It is a style that allows you to remain feminine without being stuffy and above all to remain comfortable in your clothes and free to move. Ideal for work, you will discover that it is a style that gives a certain dynamism and modernity. For the more shy, we can play with a mix of very trendy colors. These days, the casual look has become an essential and easy part of women's wardrobes in town or on weekends, at the office or working from home, it accompanies our nomadic lifestyles.

A casual yet dressy look

The casual chic style is a style that mixes casual pieces with more chic pieces that are a bit sophisticated. The mixture of the two universes creates a contrasting wardrobe: T-shirts, jogging, leggings, jeans and sweatshirts are invited alongside more formal pieces such as trouser suits, tailored jackets or even an ultra chic skirt mixed with sneakers or high heels.

The subtlety consists in mixing pieces borrowed from different clothing styles or mixing a dose of casual streetwear and sportswear, a touch of classic and a powder of ultra chic. The casual side is not difficult to imagine. On the other hand, what is the right dosage for chic? It's about adding a small dose of elegance so as not to look neglected or too sporty. Discover our examples to understand how the casual and chic style works.

What clothes for a casual chic look?

To find the best brands with a casual chic women's style, we advise you, depending on your budget, to adopt a few pieces from high-end brands. Indeed, the casual look is built first of all by choosing pieces of timeless clothing style: you might as well acquire the beautiful basics that will mix with some less expensive original casual pieces to personalize the clothing style that suits you. They give an elegant touch whose quality is immediately recognizable. These are clothes that you will keep for a long time, choose the very comfortable ones to wear them all year round. Clothing and accessories are inseparable, choose some trendy accessories to match according to the circumstances. Jeans and t-shirts are widely used in this slightly sophisticated casual dressing room and can be worn in all circumstances and by all women when they are well matched. More formal, the great revisited classics that make up our wardrobes and whose cuts remain timeless. They easily invite themselves into this casual and chic wardrobe: Suit jackets, white shirts, blazers, leather jackets, or straight-cut leather trousers give an elegant touch which, with a cut without being

How to dress casual chic?

saint andre anahide shirt worn on the terrace of a parisian cafe

The casual chic style is in a way a way of approaching fashion without being a style expert or being a fashion addict: It is somewhat reassuring for those who are starting out without having too much pressure on the result while remaining trendy. In addition, this casual look is suitable for all body types and any woman can appropriate it for her personal style. Some examples:

Dressing for a chic and casual day?

You want to dress cool but stylish for the day, for a weekend or even to go to work. Here are the essential pieces to fit into your daytime wardrobe: It's time to take stock:

The t-shirt is the timeless item to have in your closet first of all a few white and black t-shirts, then decline a few colors to brighten up a more neutral timeless wardrobe such as a trouser suit or even jeans.

The sweatshirt is also one of the iconic pieces to have in your wardrobe for an assertive casual chic style. The house's silk-lined crepe Equinoxe sweatshirt will be the perfect piece to wear with your jeans or to wear with the matching silk jogging pants . In addition to being cool chic, it brings an original touch while being comfortable.

The sweater is the perfect garment for a casual look. For example, wear the sweater over a long oversized shirt that sticks out and it's all done! The wool sweater, in addition to being warm and comfortable, gives you an immediate cool look. The sweater will be your ally, choose loose and fluffy!

The essential jeans: they are part of the mut have of the casual style which mixes with more formal pieces, suit jacket or kimono. The casual and chic Shitagi hooded jacket in super 135 wool lined with printed cotton silk is the perfect piece to pair with your jeans.

Straight pants , wide flowing pants are the essential item of clothing in your wardrobe, worn high or low waisted depending on your morphology and also in the casual chic style trend. More formal, it can be worn with a chic blouse or a colored t-shirt and a jacket, or with a large, very elaborate sweater that is a bit loose for periods of extreme cold.

The skirt also has its place in this casual and chic women's wardrobe. A pretty elegant flared skirt worn with trainers and a color t-shirt in casual mode during the day, it will bring an undeniable fashion and trendy touch. The straight skirt worn in high heels with a sweatshirt and a white t-shirt will give a chic and comfortable touch. Dare to wear culottes, a simple top and sneakers (even if men, we don't know why, don't really like this elegant garment!), accessorize this outfit with a leather banana bag, for example, to give a trendy look cool and feminine while being very comfortable. The designer denim skirt is also an option to combine with a nice t-shirt or top. On the other hand, avoid the little 80s short denim skirt which can quickly turn into vulgar mode.

The dress has its place here: there are a variety of casual dresses in your wardrobe in casual and comfortable pieces for the day or for going to work. Opt for a flowing bohemian or flared dress

Shoes and accessories can refine your look with subtlety: For shoes, a pretty trainer, a moccasin or a derby will be the key assets to discover. Heeled shoes, stiletto type can also be associated with a relaxed outfit, for example jeans, t-shirt and long jacket. A cotton scarf, a discreet choker necklace will perfect your relaxed look.

A casual chic evening

emma dress in cotton satin with cotton silk undercollar

For your evenings, you are spoiled for choice among clothes and accessories to adopt a casual and chic style, just opt ​​for a sought-after piece associated with another much more relaxed one: the contrast of the two will have the most beautiful effect. .

For a cocktail party or with friends, choose the straight pants of your suit matched with a worked top that will dress you just what you need for the evening or a loose knit and sneakers that will bring a note a bit falsely neglected, simple and easy to carry. The chic sweatshirt associated with a blazer will give an immediate cool look. It will pair tastefully with a white t-shirt or a shirt and a pretty blazer with casual rolled-up sleeves revealing a colored lining: casual and chic fashion guaranteed!

The black or navy trouser suit, also mixed with sneakers and a white or colored top, becomes the chic basic for your nocturnal getaways. If you adopt it with a black blazer, play with a falsely scruffy oversized colored shirt. Opt for the black blazer and feminine printed bustier combined with bloomer pants and a small black bag, you will have to hang on, success will be guaranteed!

The silk crepe dress is an option not to be ruled out by avoiding a sophisticated model: Opt for a very feminine model in this material but simple for a guaranteed look. The printed or plain dress is pleasant to wear, in this case is composed with sneakers for a cooler look and possibly a designer blazer. The idea of ​​wearing the dress with sneakers is suitable for a cool look

If you don't want to leave your favorite jeans, you can wear them in a casual and chic way by combining them with a shirt or an elegant top and heeled shoes that will give you a casual but elegant look.

Combining clothes and accessories with your outfit will also allow you to play the balance between chic and casual: choose a pretty leather bag, or a small evening clutch. On the jewelry side, adopt a designer necklace or a feminine choker

You guessed it, casual has taken over our wardrobes and the casual chic women's look is a must to adopt in your wardrobe.

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