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Accessorize your ceremonial dress for an event

If the female bridesmaids or the witnesses must wear an outfit chosen by the bride and groom. Finding the perfect outfit (for women), complete with ceremonial accessories and shoes can be an extremely complicated step for a woman... That's why we have decided to help you in this article. By offering you a list of accessories (for women) and mistakes to avoid during a wedding.

The rules: when choosing your outfit?

When you are a woman invited to a wedding. This is an opportunity to party, to put on our 31! We want to have fun when it comes to choosing clothes and accessories. This mix is ​​very important to achieve a complete look. It is still necessary to know how to remain in the “reasonable” way, because making a faux pas can quickly happen. Here are some mistakes to avoid when you are a woman attending a ceremony.

We don't wear white. In principle, this color is reserved for the bride, because it is her big day. We also talk about all the shades like: cream, ivory, ecru… You will have understood that in order not to be like the bride, you are prohibited from wearing her color. However, nothing prevents you from putting on shoes or a small white decorative accessory. Choose a pastel outfit instead: powder pink, sky blue or even “very peri”, very trendy/fashionable in this spring/summer 2022 season.

Wear a dress when you're invited?

  • Coming in jeans is strictly forbidden! In the same category, it is forbidden to come in sportswear. there are "relaxed" and elegant alternatives such as: the jumpsuit, dress pants...

  • Better to refrain from the ultra sexy outfit, save it for another evening. Coming to a wedding with a plunging neckline, a micro skirt... is not a good idea. Opting for a garment with a more adequate length will be refined and more decent for a ceremony of this style.

  • Not following the dress code or the theme of the event is a mistake not to commit. This is an essential indication to take into account. For the bride and groom, the dress code is the guarantee of obtaining harmonization in terms of guests and souvenir photos/videos.

    Plan a shawl, a stole, a scarf or a small vest if the wedding continues until late. All you have to do is accessorize. Knowing how to mix the different pieces will have a considerable impact and influence your final look.

Accessories to banish when you are a guest

Choosing the right accessories is an art! Clutch, bags, jewellery, shoes, hat, flower crown… There is plenty to get lost in. Above all, don't overdo it. Simplicity will be your best ally.

  • Heels, yes! But "comfortable" and elegant like pumps. Have a back-up plan, like a pair of ballet flats or flat sandals. Forbidden to put on flip flops even with the heat of summer...

  • The famous hats, this accessory can quickly do “too much”. There is no question of overshadowing the bride and groom. Sober, chic and discreet are the key words! Ladies, you can also opt for a pretty little flower crown.

  • Beware of the large bulky bag. Favor a nice little clutch or a handbag with the bare minimum.

What look to attend a wedding in 2022?

Outfit ideas for attending a ceremony

Here are some glamorous pieces to sublimate a woman:

  • A silk "cocktail" style dress or a suit and trouser set

  • A long dress with light fabric sleeves, belted or asymmetrical

  • A long sequined or satin skirt with a printed shirt

  • A fluid pleated skirt with a “vintage” style jacket

  • A strapless dress with velvet pumps

  • A short “girly” dress with frills and sandals for a unique style

  • A backless or off-the-shoulder chiffon dress with lace

Accessory trends of 2022

Discover the trendy and hot accessories of the moment for women:

  • The sweetheart neckline

  • Moccasins

  • The wide belt

  • The pearl or steel necklace or bracelet

  • scarves in the hair

  • Rhinestone headband

  • colored heels

  • The rhinestone bag or clutch

  • The little basket bag

  • The phone pouch and the mini shoulder bag

Don't forget to bring and offer a small gift to the bride and groom on D-Day.

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