silhouettes de femmes fines et rondes en morphologie en h

How to dress with a straight H body shape?

Fashions have always wanted to convey images of the "ideal body" which lead some women to have complexes about their figure, even if this tends to evolve. To be comfortable in your body is first to accept yourself, because each of us is unique.

Know your morphology well

Our silhouette is unique

Our silhouette is unique to us, and it goes beyond fashions, no more cliché dictated by trends and room for the diversity of our morphologies: All silhouettes are highlighted. It is important to pinpoint its strengths and possible faults to learn how to play with shapes, colors and trends.

Finding the cut of clothing well suited to our silhouette allows us to create our own style according to our own criteria. It is no longer true to say that round or thin women have a limited choice of clothes, in addition to the sizes offered. By choosing the right colors and materials and playing with the appropriate cuts and accessories, you can create the wardrobe of your dreams adapted to your morphology.

Identify your body type

Body morphology varies from individual to individual. We all have our own body type. She can be slender, strong, thin or even skinny or obese...

In a society of the "ideal body", few people think they have a well-proportioned morphology. However, even if the imperfections of our body create complexes for us, we must live with them and learn to love them in order to feel good in our body and in our mind. Moreover, our faults are often seen only by ourselves.

Not sure about your body type ? Consult our article to find out which is yours.

What is an H body?

Women with an h-shaped morphology, also known as a rectangle or narrow morphology , have a silhouette that has few curves and an unmarked waist. Your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment. The silhouette may appear flattened, that is to say that the chest and buttocks are not particularly developed or plump.

What clothes for an H morphology?

Knowing how to dress with an h morphology is an art but not impossible: you have to find a style of dress that gives the illusion that the shapes of the body have more volume. Accentuate the build and pelvis while creating the illusion of a woman's marked waist.

Clothes with a flared line are perfect for hiding your low waistline. We are going to turn more to straight clothes for women, close to the body (but be careful, not tight!), and rather low waist. Tunics are ideal for hugging your figure as well as blouses. We also like blouses with a fitted cut or not and knit tops!

It is better to generally avoid anything that could mark your lack of size, such as clothes that are too fitted, too loose or too flared, which will widen your silhouette.

kate moss celebrity model and her h shape

Photos of Kate Moss, example of a celebrity with an H body type. Photos credit: Dave M. Benett, Getty Image / Patrick Demarchelier, Pinterest

What cut of pants for an H morphology?

straight pants

The straight pants are the pants that go to all morphologies. H body types will adopt it in a low waist, which visually lengthens the bust and makes the buttocks less flat. The high-waisted pants accentuate the defects located at the waist. To give an illusion of volume, you can opt for pants with pleats at the waist. Often these pants have center pleats and cuffs at the bottom. These pants worn with pretty heeled shoes, even low, will show you off. For a chic workwear look, choose a pair of derby shoes and avoid women's sneakers.

The pleated pants

The pleated pants are the must have to correct the imperfections of the silhouette. For morphologies with poorly developed hips and flat buttocks such as h morphologies . thanks to its pleats at the waist and belt and the Italian pockets which provide the necessary volume.

Low-rise jeans

Low-rise jeans are chosen slightly oversized, to avoid the tight-fitting slim effect. The more it is flared, the easier it will be for you to modernize it (unless you want a vintage look from the 2000s). In addition, flared models will camouflage all your complexes in the legs, especially the thighs. Low-rise jeans elongate the bust and give the illusion of shapely buttocks.

Wear these jeans with trendy sneakers or wedge heels.

Which dress for an H morphology?

The empire waist dress

The empire waist dress line is inspired by the Empire era when women's dresses had this cut. The skirt goes up to below the chest and is enhanced by a set of gathers and pleats that gives fullness without amplifying your shoulders. The rise in the waist under the chest highlights the bust and blurs the belly, but also the hips and buttocks if they are underdeveloped. You can opt for example for pretty elegant pumps that will give you a royal look.

The straight dress

The straight dress may at first glance only be intended for well-proportioned bodies with aligned shoulders and hips. Thanks to its simple and chic shape, it adapts to all body types when it is completed with accessories. For your morphology in h. opt for example for a slightly loose belt that will fall on your hips or a pretty necklace, a pretty scarf that will draw the eye to your shoulders and your neckline. Thus, the gaze will turn away from your lack of size. Be careful not to tighten the belt too much, especially at the waist, as this would emphasize the lack of a waist.

Flared and trapeze dresses cut at the waist

Cut-to-the-waist dresses consist of a top and a skirt connected by a seam. This allows countless creative possibilities. A flared skirt with a wide top or even a tight top and an A-line skirt. Thanks to this cut, you can play on the shapes by accentuating the top or the skirt on your lower body according to your preferences. Wear for example with pretty low heels or even a pair of feminine sneakers for a more casual chic look.

What top for an H body type?

Empire waist blouses and tunics

If you have an H-shaped body with belly, empire waist blouses and tunics are made for you. The simplest solution is to favor fluid and slightly loose materials at the level of the belly and to wear them over your stockings. Think about the length, the best is that your top comes just below the belly to hide only what is necessary. It's very pretty and it effectively camouflages a rounded belly and your lack of size. If you also have small breasts, avoid turtlenecks, your chest will appear smaller and flatter.

V-neck blouses and tops

Not having prominent breasts does not mean not being feminine if you know how to highlight them. V-necklines are sexy, without overdoing it, through an elegant long blouse or a pretty top. Having a morphology with small breasts allows you to wear plunging necklines while remaining chic. Indeed, the slightly indented round collars accentuate the absence of breasts. It's a nice way to show off your light cleavage and show that even a small bust is just as feminine!

Straight and flowing top hats

Opt for straight-cut tops in flowing materials. They hug the silhouette without being tight. Fine knit T-shirts that are not too tight are very comfortable to wear and ultra trendy. Having an H morphology with a little belly does not prevent you from wearing this type of top since its straight fall allows your chest to be emphasized, regardless of its size, and then falls on the hips by hiding your lack of defined waist. Wear with a long pleated skirt to be ultra trendy.

What coat, jacket for an H morphology?

straight coats

The straight and close-fitting coat helps hide your lack of size. With a morphology in h. Avoid belted coats. We prefer to leave it open to avoid the tube effect. Long coats are very trendy, especially if you are tall, you are lucky enough to be able to wear long coats perfectly and without heels.

Trench coats with loose belts

With an h. morphology, it's the trench coat that will highlight your curves. On the other hand, avoid trench coats that are belted at the waist, as this will only accentuate your straight hips. Belted trench coats are reserved for women with a defined waist, but you can play around by creating a style that has character by letting the belt hang down the sides. Adopt this trendy look!

short jackets

Short jackets stop at the waist. It gives the silhouette a chic and neat look. Opting for this jacket means being able to wear it everyday, in the evening or at work. It can complement all kinds of outfits. The jacket gives elegance. With jeans, it's the city woman side, with a flowing dress, it's 100% glamorous and with a straight skirt, it's a working girl look.

natalie portman celeb with h figure

Photo of Natalie Portman, female celebrity with an H body type. Photos credit: Lifestyle pictures, Alamy Stock Photo / Zuma Press, Bestimage

What materials for an H morphology?

Many fabrics will suit you perfectly!

Stripes to increase volumes

Consider striped fabrics that can give the impression of a marked waist. The faux bias stripes will create the impression of fullness on the sides and a slimming in the center of your bust. The stripes will feminize the silhouette and create the illusion of a slim waist.

Tiles to draw your hips

Checkered fabrics in bright colors attract attention. Used in small doses, they will allow you to draw attention to underdeveloped areas of your body such as your hips and shoulders with, for example, a fitted jacket. Instead of emphasizing the absence of a waist, the checks will give the impression of a high waist and a slim waist. Be careful to wear plain pieces with such an element to avoid having an overloaded look.

Rigid fabrics to create volume

Thanks to pleats or gathers, you can give an illusion of breadth where you want it. Thanks to their stiffness, rigid fabrics are easier to create volumes. Creating pleats or gathers at the waist of a skirt will add some bulk to the buttocks and hips.

How to enhance your H silhouette?

Accessories serve as an asset to your looks for a rectangular morphology. Both useful and decorative, they are an essential complement to your outfits. Their composition must be harmonious and pleasant to look at while enhancing your appearance.

The scarf and the scarf to highlight you

A large scarf cut in a fine, plain fabric and in a relaxing color, worn with a certain fantasy can very effectively hide small breasts or a marked belly. It can easily become an everyday accessory, it conceals broad shoulders. The same goes for the scarves, worn wrapped around the neck in such a way as to imitate the folds of a deep neckline, the volumes formed by the fabrics very effectively hide a small chest.

The belt for the illusion of a marked waist

The main role of the belt is to keep pants in place, but today it is both a useful and decorative accessory. It can radically change the look of a garment: well chosen, and well positioned, it helps structure the silhouette and conceal certain body imperfections. It structures the silhouette perfectly with a rectangular morphology in low waist mode. For an unmarked size, we choose belts falling on the hips.

Jackets to hide the lack of size

We focus on slightly fitted jackets, worn in layers that will draw attention to the waist. In addition, very trendy, the trench slightly curved and worn open creates the illusion of a more marked size.

What colors for an H morphology?

The range of colors that will highlight you will be defined according to your complexion. The colors are chosen according to the shade of your skin, the color of your hair and your eyes, not in relation to your morphology. However, for H body shapes, avoid monochrome looks and all-over prints. This would risk creating a block effect. Darker hues generally diminish volumes while lighter colors give them fullness. If you have a small chest, you can wear colored tops and black bottoms, for example.

victoria beckham celeb with h shape

Victoria Beckham, celebrity with an H body shape. Photo credits: Marc Piasecki, GettyImage / JMEnternational, Redferns / Carrienelson1,

You will have understood it, to dress with a morphology in h, deserves to be studied; a few basic principles will allow you to highlight your assets and hide the small flaws that you want to hide in style.

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