kimono en soie anahide saint andre

The Kimono jacket

The Kimono jacket has become for some time the essential piece of your wardrobe.
For two years now, our wardrobe has adapted to new work-at-home organizations. We enjoy working comfortably but there is no question of letting go and staying in fluffy pajamas all day. How do you stay comfortable while maintaining a stylish look? Find out how to wear the contemporary kimono in style and associate it with taste in your wardrobe.
Largely inspired by the traditional Japanese Kimono, now, the women's kimono has invested our style as an accessory garment or essential coat and is part of our daily lives. Flowery, geometric or plain hallway patterns, women's kimonos are very codified in Japan and embody beauty and femininity at all times.
With an oversized shape, it is an easy garment to give as a gift without size error.

women dressed in traditional japanese yellow white and red kimonos

Kimono in homework mode

Chic pajama look

It's the novelty, the new black of the last seasons: We bring in the jacket and the coat for the chic pajamas that have become very trendy in telework. Comfortable and fluid, it can be worn very elegantly at home to work.

The tight kimono with a belt on matching fluid pants in silk satin and a short negligee will be very elegant while remaining comfortable. Patterned, it also goes well with a blue T-shirt or long-sleeved black sock sweater with pants or jeans. It is the ideal garment that will bring a refined touch to your more sober black or blue casual outfit.

The straight-sleeved Japanese kimono jacket has become a must-have for all day wear at home.

The trendy dressing gown

This item of clothing can be associated with the menu depending on your wardrobe.

With a belt on a negligee or a babydoll, this feminine outfit associated with mules or ballerinas will bring a sensual and sexy touch to your outfit but a little too much for a video conference. A last minute Visio? At any time, put on your pretty Japanese kimono over your midnight blue nightgown without anyone noticing for an ultra chic look.

Worn as a quickdraw bathrobe or a light coat over trousers and a white shirt, this set combined with sneakers or moccasins will be very trendy while remaining very comfortable.

Take advantage of wearing your colored Japanese kimono as a jacket or coat over a negligee: an original brand choice that will arouse envy in the evening or for a wedding.

Short kimono in jacket mode

modern kimono jacket for women in silk-lined wool

Wear the short kimono

If you are a petite woman, go for the short Japanese kimono, it will bring an original and light touch to your timeless outfits and will replace women's jackets and coats in a casual version.

Make the choice of colorful prints or large Japanese-style flowers by combining it with a monochrome wardrobe, it will have the most beautiful effect. Navy blue pants combined with a matching tight or straight collarless top and a small pump combined with a colorful and printed women's belted kimono will ensure you an original look without missteps.

If you prefer plains to flowers, in this case treat yourself to an original cut or pretty details in a textured or colored material that will give character to your ensemble.

In crossed and belted version, the short or sleeveless Japanese kimono in cardigan style invites itself into men's collections for every day in winter as in summer.

Chic Casual Open Kimono Jacket

If you are a rounder woman or with a rounded waist, choose to wear the kimono open, it will plunge your silhouette without marking your waist. In a cotton satin or jacquard fabric, it will easily replace your fitted jacket for a little more comfort while playing a more original style and will go well with many clothes in your wardrobe. Its wide sleeves allow layering with a fitted bodice or top underneath.

An ultra fluid Japanese kimono in summer will be the must to wear over a bathing suit at the beach. On a summer evening on the beach, a thin veil kimono allows you to discover yourself without revealing everything.

In more subdued tones, men can also wear the kimono jacket open and enjoy a more relaxed cut than the suit or worn as a short coat in variations of subtle blues or shades of blue.

Women's Crossover Kimono Jacket

The crossed and belted women's kimono jacket replaces the strict safari jacket in a sleek and relaxed style. In fluid version, its loose look offers a touch of cool chic lightness as casual as it is stylish.

Worn over a straight skirt or trousers, this kimono jacket brings a touch of Japanese originality to your outfit. An ideal marriage for a woman who works at home on video without overdoing it.

The novelty in recent seasons: The men's kimono jacket is gradually appearing in blue tones on the catwalks of major brands to enliven the traditional male wardrobe.

kimono jacket dress reinterpreted in wool lined with blue silk with a knot inspired by obi

Trendy long maxi kimono

women's blue wool and silk kimono dress

Wear the long kimono

If you are a tall woman, the long kimono will be the perfect piece to revive your ordinary outfits. To avoid if you are small, a kimono that is too large will leave you looking packed and lost in this large coat. But for the big ones it will be the essential touch that will ensure you a perfect look and all the more strong in floral printed fabric or for example in shades of blue for a wedding or an outing.

The brands interpret the women's kimono in thick fabric widened as an indigo blue coat lined with color or as a bathrobe coat that lengthens the silhouette

Dressing gown: the return

The women's kimono with wide sleeves like a dressing gown has become hype. Worn in floral mode with jeans and a T-shirt. It is the essential feminine accessory garment to put on for any occasion and is available in a very large choice of styles, fabrics and patterns. The traditional Japanese-style women's kimono brings a strong touch to a casually dressed woman's wardrobe

The kimono can be worn open like a long loose jacket in a printed or colored version on a simple monochrome black or blue garment in a bohemian chic spirit.

For coats, the kimono cut makes it possible to play on the materials and interior linings and sleeves printed in contrast and reveal the style of a woman that is both simple and unique. This type of coat inspired by the Japanese IKI concept.

The dressing gown is also suitable for weddings as an over-jacket or light coat in shades of blue or floral print on the wedding day.

Japanese kimono in belted dress

The women's kimono can be worn as a wrap-over kimono dress with a belt, which will give a slight sexy effect to this traditional garment. For more comfort, combine it with a light garment such as a lace babydoll underneath. This version is available in all collections in cotton satin or silk satin on a floral print or geometric pattern but also in more flashy colors or variations of blue and thus mark a contrast with the rest of the wardrobe.

This garment in thin transparent fabric combined with a belt can play on transparency effects to wear alone at the beach over a swimsuit or layered for a layering coat inspiration in winter.

In a red floral print inspired by Japan, the kimono produces a visual effect that combines a spirit of novelty and tradition of incomparable beauty like a gift.

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