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How to dress to go to a family meal?

The daily meal, the festive meal, Friday evening or Sunday lunch with the family or even all those special occasions when we get together as a family. We are going to reveal to you the secret ingredient to leave your loved ones speechless and receive delicious compliments: THE festive outfit for family meals. Whether for end-of-year celebrations such as Christmas or other traditional holidays, these family rituals are essential. These events often put a strain on our stomachs, so it's essential to be comfortable, especially after devouring the Christmas turkey. We avoid overly casual outfits in sweatshirts and super comfortable sneakers. You can stay in a casual look with jeans and a basic t-shirt but combine them with a magnificent pair of heels and some jewelry to accessorize this casual look. Wear a basic look, for example with a long black skirt and a little cashmere sweater. Obviously, prepare yourself according to the event, at Christmas or New Year's Eve, take out your most beautiful, classy and elegant dresses.

How to dress to meet the in-laws?

How to dress to impress your in-laws?

Meeting your in-laws requires preparation, you have to respect certain codes. Your sweet and warm demeanor may not be enough to please your in-laws. Wearing the right dress is very important, as they say, the first impression is often the right one! Finding the ideal outfit to wear for a first evening with the in-laws isn't always easy. First of all, find out about the environment in which you are going to set foot. The idea is to honor your partner, above all not to make a mistake that could make you uncomfortable throughout the party. Stay simple, but be careful, simplicity does not mean lack of elegance: you have everything to please. Counterbalance formal pieces with more casual elements. Forget the clichés about the perfect daughter-in-law forcing you to wear clothes you don't feel comfortable in.

How to dress to go to a restaurant with your family?

Instead, opt for outfits that make you feel like yourself and suit the occasion. A flared dress, with an elegant but not too sexy cut will do the trick. You can also opt for a very business woman outfit, with black carrot cut pants, a blouse and a small jacket for an impeccable look. So you understand, it’s all a question of balance. Don't be too formal, but avoid sexy. Even if your in-laws have a reputation for being cool, don't take unnecessary risks. Know how to stay natural and yourself, don't put pressure on yourself and don't overdo it in front of your in-laws.

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How to dress to go to a restaurant?

Choose your dress according to the occasion

An evening at the restaurant is a must for you, but you don't know how to prepare it? Ultimately, it all depends on the atmosphere of the small restaurant, the occasion and the guests with whom you will share this dinner. You do not prepare in the same way for a business lunch, a romantic dinner, a festive evening with friends or a family meal such as Christmas or other end-of-year celebrations. Here are some tips on how to choose what to wear and what accessories to wear when going to a restaurant. A straight black V-neck dress combined with a belt for a touch of structure will be ideal. The jumpsuit is also a good idea. With pumps and a clutch, your look will be perfect. In practice, women can choose jeans with a blouse or even cotton pants with a silk shirt perfect for Christmas. Men can also wear jeans with a shirt or polo shirt and a casual chic jacket with a little sweater for Christmas.

Which dress for a chic dinner?

Depending on the standing of the restaurant, you can also choose dark, high-waisted suit pants combined with a short white, wrap-around or lace shirt which will give a professional and characterful look to your outfit. The key is to keep it simple without being too casual. And if this restaurant takes place on the terrace, the skirt and the long dress will be your best allies. Sunglasses are of course the essential accessory (until it goes to bed). We recommend a “classic chic” outfit with a skirt and a slightly casual blazer jacket with a flowing blouse or a very trendy dress or jumpsuit or playsuit and a small jacket in summer colors of fuchsia pink, yellow or coral which will give a boost of energy and shine to your outfit. The pantsuit for a chic and different look. We are also fans of the slightly sexier look with the blazer jacket worn without anything underneath or the suit worn with a pair of pumps and a cute silk top. The jumpsuit or the pants, both will be magnified by accessories, shoes and light makeup.

How to dress to go to a gourmet restaurant?

Are you invited for a dinner in a starred address? In this type of establishment there are very often imposed dress codes to which we are not necessarily accustomed. It is better to opt for sophistication without falling into ostentatious fashion. Know how to adapt chic clothes and sober accessories as well as color contrasts. For a romantic or end-of-year dinner, a dress is always the best solution. No need to turn exclusively to the little black dress. A well-cut evening dress with long (especially for Christmas) or short sleeves will make you the woman of the moment. Depending on the standing of the restaurant, you can also wear high-waisted black tuxedo bottoms combined with a white, wrap-around or lace shirt. The jumpsuit is also a good idea. With pumps and a clutch, your look will be perfect. In a business motif in a beautiful starry gourmet, the suit with an elegant pair of pumps is recommended. In any case, even at lunch, avoid jeans and sneakers as well as provocative outfits, especially for a family reception like Christmas.

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Looks to avoid at family meals

Avoid fashion faux pas

First of all, we avoid colored opaque tights in the middle of winter for New Year's Eve or even Christmas with a short sequinned or velvet party dress with ruffles, this choice will give a childish, little girl look to the woman that you are. Of course, transparent clothing should be avoided!! We also avoid the big knitted sweater with Christmas patterns that grandma knitted for us by hand. We also avoid choosing this transparent black shirt with the trendy black triangle bra, not sure if this is the best solution even for Christmas. Plunging necklines that will scare children away are not very suitable either. You risk being judged and that is never pleasant... Sheer clothing is not recommended for a meal with your in-laws, even if it is made from the most beautiful materials. Of course, the selection of outfits that reveals visible underwear is not yet popular among the seniors in your family who will not understand this maddening choice.

Choosing your party dress

You should not choose your evening dress too long or too short. We're not drawing you a picture, you understand, Christmas is Children's Day! You can't wear the same cocktail dress when you're getting ready to go out with your friends as you do at family functions. Suggest a casual style if you are not comfortable with too formal codes. A pretty cashmere knit with discreet printed pants or some delicate embroidery and that's it! However, don't be too casual. Especially if the whole family is invited to the occasion, don't give them reason to think that you are letting go and taking care of your appearance. Remember, you are a working girl!

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Other outfits for a party

If you don't opt ​​for a dress, mix elegance and casualness, you can take out your jeans, wear a bright or nude colored blouse and a pretty belt. With classic colored pants, a t-shirt or a pretty sweater for Christmas is perfect! Be careful that the sweater does not look too childish. A girl's thing, the desire to wear high heels to shape your figure... Mistake! Don't wear heels that are too high, especially if you're tall! Remember, this is a family reunion, not a club outing. Mid-heel shoes are enough to shape your legs without you being overly dressed. And finally, we avoid colorful clothing or styles that are too “fashionable”. Unless most of the guests work for a magazine or a major fashion house, high sportswear socks worn with patent shoes or even monograms and XXL sweatshirts with prints may be a little too much. You can opt for a fashionable side, but you shouldn't overdo it.

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