Comment accessoiriser sa robe de cocktail pour un mariage ?

How to accessorize your cocktail dress for a wedding?

Have you just received the wedding invitation of the year and are you excited about revealing your sublime outfit for this event ? Once the outfit dilemma is over, the question of which accessory to choose comes into play. Your choice will obviously depend on your age, body type, dress and the weather forecast for the event . In this article, you will find a list of trendy accessories to take into account when you choose your outfit to go to the wedding of one of your loved ones very soon.

How to dress for a wedding cocktail?

Chic wedding

The ideal outfit for a chic wedding comes in two outfits:

  • The first for daytime parties are usually fashionable midi cocktail dresses close to the body with elegant slits. White and black were banned for a long time but are gradually coming back into fashion. For an elegant and refined reception, everything will depend on well-fitted clothing cuts. Nighties with satin highlights are also suitable, combining refinement and elegance .

  • For weddings taking place in the evening , long evening dresses are often in the spotlight. The sheath dress , the strapless dress or the empire dress will sublimate you.

duo of dresses in navy viscose and blue pleated silk for cocktail and wedding

Casual wedding

Dresses for a civil wedding are both chic and classic. The dress with skater skirt and sleeves nicely highlights the waist or the little wrap dress which highlights all silhouettes. These are sophisticated and basic cocktail dresses . You can opt for a simple little dress . For example, a trendy wedding dress with gathered shoulders or a backless neckline. Each guest stands out in their own way. A pretty blazer over a little printed dress that you usually wear to work is perfect! Today, the little light silk dress with a pair of white sneakers tied with ribbon laces are very popular in some weddings.

Short coral pleated short sleeve dress for cocktail and wedding

What accessories for a wedding?

Accessories, to perfect the outfit

You don't know what accessories to pair with your evening dress ? Accessories are essential to accompany the outfit on this occasion . They enhance your dresses and give character to your clothes. We go so far as to say that they complement your choice of clothing. Shoes, handbags, scarves and even jackets. Accessories highlight your clothes. But depending on the occasion , not all items are equal. A wedding in the grass or sand will not show off your best stiletto heels.

  1. Jacket

To attend a wedding what could be better than choosing the blazer jacket, with or without sleeves, which can be found in most stores. Trendy and feminine, this jacket is the accessory that goes with all evening dresses both in summer and spring. Be careful, however, to combine the jacket with your evening dress which has a short and full skirt, this risks giving a too wide look. We advise you to choose capes with length and an easy attachment method, which also have an effect on long skirts which have come back into fashion in recent years, or on a sleeveless jumpsuit by combining it with a cape in the same color or in an associated tone. Women wearing tunics in a backless model or light formal shirt dresses will be delighted to have a small stole or a silk bolero .

  1. Shoes

Be careful when choosing shoes . The location of the reception will be a key element in choosing which pair will be best suited to you. Our advice for a chic and sober style is to wear pumps which are the ally that refines the legs while enhancing your silhouette. However, if you are tall, choose flat shoes like ballerinas with pointed toes which are really very trendy or even moccasins, which will also help you last through the evening . These shoes are the easiest to find in stores. For a more bohemian look or a beach wedding, wedge sandals will look great or flat gladiator sandals for a more romantic look that will perfect your ceremonial beach wear. Some stores offer heels in all styles, bohemian or sexy. It is important to try on your shoes in store for a fit that suits the shape of your foot. Receptions often last several hours, it is important to feel comfortable there!

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry is the little extra that can change everything in your evening outfit . For curvy women , imposing jewelry such as a large necklace or XXL earring will suit you perfectly. With a significant neckline, the necklace allows you to dress the bare neck and highlight the collar. However, you should avoid accumulating too many ornaments. For a chic and sober look we recommend large fine earrings in a plain color which are the alter ego of the iconic little black dress for all your evenings . With a closed collar, lift your hair and combine it with sophisticated XXL earrings that will make your look stunning. If you wear a bustier in summer which will free your shoulders and your back, pull back your hair and enhance your neck with a light necklace which will free your shoulders to give a perfectly elegant look. Long jewelry is very often associated with class, elegance and refinement. Most stores offer jewelry of all sizes, go try it to get a better view of the results!

  1. Hats

The Queen of England will tell you, what's better than a designer hat , summer or winter, to wear even in spring, in a vintage or modern style with solid, simple and classic colors. For a more punchy effect, a large hat in black, red, white or blue with a touch of glitter will be great! For women invited to a ceremony , the best is to opt for fine woven straw hats in discreet and basic colors. These hats usually have a band of fabric that you can choose in a color that complements that of your outfit or that matches the color codes set by the bride . It is important to try on your hat in store to choose the shape and size that suits you best. Indeed, a hat can be very heavy!

hat accessory dress morphology for small and round

  1. Pouches & bags

For a princess style, the satin or muslin clutch are very trendy but be careful of mistakes with the choice of a small lace bag or a bag in a velvet model which will be a has-been . Choosing the mini shoulder bag will be the most practical (and that is priceless!). It allows you to transform the handbag into a clutch very quickly. The clutch is the elegant accessory and feminine par excellence. If you still don't know what your choice is, opt for bags made of fluid, unstructured materials, which are very trendy in 2023 and ideal for carrying objects such as easy-to-use makeup products for a few touch-ups as well as dressings against the lightbulbs! The bag is worn as a piece of clothing in its own right, and more and more in stores we find bags covered with faux fur and imitation ostrich feathers coming back to the forefront.


As a dear guest , consider first and foremost the type of wedding you are going to. Stay in the tone of the reception , whether it is a wedding with a casual, classy, ​​elegant or even bohemian line, use references which will bring their little personal and sophisticated effects which will distinguish you while respecting the themes. Weddings are often themed but staying simple and elegant will take you everywhere! Summer weddings often face two climates, intense heat during the day and cooler air in the evening. The accessories are all the more useful than aesthetic. Jackets and hats will save your life in these moments! In addition, mini pouches , much more aesthetic than practical, can nevertheless prove very useful for containing the essentials! Don't forget to carry a bag , especially for all-day outdoor receptions .

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